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TomTom Go 750 Live

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3 Reviews

TomTom GO 750 LIVE - GPS receiver - automotive

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    3 Reviews
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      21.12.2011 19:51



      brilliant product, i would reccommend to everyone to relieve the stress of navigating whilst driving

      For my 17th birthday like every boy i couldnt wait to get in a car and go, the sense of freedom, the sense of independence, the dread of not passing your driving test. but that dread very quickly disappeared when i got into the car for my first time and realised this is it, it is happening. a few months later i had passed my driving test with only a few minors and as a present to say well done i received the TomTom GO 750. i was exstatic to say the least as i often got myself lost and realised navigation was not my strong suit. the TomTom GO 750 is very simplistic to use, has a user attractive layout that can be customised to the users wants or needs with various different voice outputs to make that initial car journey as comfortable as possible. the maps them selves are incredibly detailed yet simplistic enough where you dont need to strain to look ahead and know where your going with very clear, consice and accurate route guidance with enough time to implement your driving needs. on the display you will see the route intended to take which can be manipulated to avoid routes of bad traffic, particular motorways and even tolls, whilst selecting the shortest journey time for you. you will recieve live updates of traffic information well in advance to allow you to adapt your route and avoid those long queues, and has an time of arrival estimation located at the bottom which in my experience is incredibly accurate. there is a notification symbol that shows you the next change to your route and the distance of which this will occur, which to be honest i use more frequently than looking at the map itself. the TomTom GO 750 also has various other features such as bluetooth for hands free calling, and also allows you to access you music library to play directly through the speakers of your car.
      the unit itself is very well designed with a 4.3inch touchscreen that is sensitive and easy to use, anti-glare screen which can have the brightness adjusted or swapped to night mode as the sky lights dim, to make driving all the more easier. and an adjustable, screen/dashboard connector to allow you to truely angle and place it at a vantage point that is ideal for you.
      the only negative to this product is that its to good, too useful and very attractive, which makes it immediatly a theft risk, and so i would advise storing it away and wiping any marks on your wind screen/dashboard as this will entice people to come have a closer look, which unfortunatly happened in my case. but i learnt from this experience and promptly bought another TomTom GO 750 as the product itself was remarkable and i cant say a bad word against it.


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        19.07.2010 19:16
        Very helpful



        Does its job perfectly

        As I have passed my driving test about 3 months ago and don't feel too confident in driving long distance in the car, I decided to buy the TomTom Go 750 which really is a great piece of equipment and has helped out massively.

        For me buying this device was more of an investment than anything else, when the new football season starts I intend to drive all around the UK following my football team as this device is aimed at the UK and Europe. In the long run I may drive into central europe so thought this tomtom to be the best option. I managed to buy my tomtom second hand on the amazon website which only cost me an amazing £200, at first I was sceptical because of the price I paid as new ones can cost you up too £300 but this one is as good as new.

        The device comes with a booklet which helps you set the device and explains in detail all the functions. I suggest you read the instructions carefully as they contain important information.

        The unit is very easy to use and once switched on will locate the satelites and then you will need to put a route in from where you are and to where you need to go. There are a few options for instance you can enter the town and postcodes and then the device will do its job an locate the easiest and fastest ways possible via road.

        You will need to read the instructions as some of the hidden features really can help you out such as the nearest ATM, service station and so many more main features, the maps and route are only a fraction of what this device can actually do.

        You can add lots of services to the device via subscription but you will have to pay for these monthly, in all honesty the device is great just how it is and if you are looking for a good Tomtom with extras added then this could be the one for you.

        A great device indeed.


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        10.04.2010 23:34
        Very helpful
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        Very good bit of kit,

        My girlfriend had been pestering me for ages to get a sat nav for her car, and a few months ago i took the plunge to treat her.

        As we are planning on driving to the south of France later in the year, I wanted to make sure i got one with Europe maps on. I had uses Tomtom before so I knew it would be from this brand. After much looking i decided to get the next one down from the top spec Tomtom, the GO 750 LIVE. UK, ROI & Europe. The only difference between this and the top model, is that the top model has USA maps on. I am not planning on driving to America any time soon so just the Europe was enough for me. I paid £249 for the unit from Amazon, and this had free delivery.

        This thing has a great spec and also has a five hour battery life. It has an anti glare screen, a impressive 4.3" in size! It includes Bluetooth hands free, live traffic updates, eco route planning & much more. It even tells you the weather forecast!

        When you open the box you get the pretty much the norm, a huge instruction book, a car charger, docking station and a USB cable, all seems fairly up to normal here, and starting to think I had just wasted £250, for this money I would of at least liked a free carry case.

        When you turn on the unit, it is instantly recognisable as a Tomtom, it has the excellent use friendly menu system with everything clearly labelled. The screen is nice and clear and the touch screen is very precise. The first thing i noticed was that it had found five satelites within 15seconds of turning it on and was ready to navigate straight away.

        When you go to plan a route, you simply enter your postcode and hit go. On a normal Tomtom it will show you the map and give you directions. On this unit, you are shown how many speed cameras there are on your route, the cheapest petrol station on route, and most importantly, how much traffic is heading the same way you are! You are given infomation on the delay times, how many accidents there are, and how far until you reach the traffic.

        The Tomtom Go 750 uses IQ routes technology, when you are choosing your destination, the Tomtom will decide the best route for you. All Sat Nav's will do this, but the GO 750 will decide using more detail, for exampe it will avoid school run's or rush hour traffic. I have used this to take me to the same destination a few times, and it always uses a different route depending on the time of day.

        As well as having IQ routes, this unit has ECO routes. When selecting your destination, the Tomtom will chose the most economical route for you, supposedly saving you fuel. This feature I don't nessecarily agree with, It doesn't ask you what car you are driving, so for example my 2.2ltr diesel car is more suited to motorways where as my girlfriends 1.3petrol is more for town driving. The Eco routes seems to be more calculated from averages rather than to your own requirements.

        The tomtom uses HD traffc, this is a subscription service costing around £100 a year. This includes live traffic updates for all major roads, this is updated every three minutes and is excellent for avoiding traffc. It automatically changes your route to make it as quick as possible. The fuel prices & speed camera functions i mentioned earlier are all included in this subscription too. Whilst driving the tomtom will flag up accident blackspots which is always good when you are driving unknown territory.

        Tomtom uses Mapshare technology, this is an excellent feature, all Tomtom users with the mapshare feature are able to make a note of road changes on their tomtom, for example in a town centre, if a road has changed to a one way system, I can make a note of the change, Tomtom verify it, and can then change the map for everyone subscribed to the live updates. This feature helps keep your map as up to date as possible.

        The unit will tell you if you are over the speed limit and gives you an audible warning for this, luckily this can be disabled as it was annoying on motorways, everytime you crept past 70mph you would hear a bell!

        On some roads, it is hard to know what lane you should be driving in when approaching exits, the Tomtom Lane guidance is perfect for this, on the older units it wasn't always clear as to what exit you should be taking, with this one it actually tells you what lane to drive in.

        This Tomtom enables you to go onto Google! Type in anything you are looking for, e.g Indian restaraunt, and you will be shown a list of all the places close to you. You can select the Tomtom to navigate you there and also bring up the phone number for the restaraunt to book the table. If you have your phone connected via bluetooth, it will even dial the number for you.

        Tomtom seem to have made many new features to keep driving at its safest. This Tomtom has voice control, there are over 100 functions that you can do without even scrolling through the menu screens. The unit will tell you when you should have a break from driving. There is an emergency setting where there are features like 'Where am i' If you ever break down or come into difficulties, this feature tells you exactly where you are, this helps the emergency services find you. There is a comprehensive first aid manual on there too, including what to do if you arrive at the scene of an accident etc...

        The bluetooth hands free is very good, although we both have built in blutooth, using this kit is perfect when using a hire car, you can scroll through your phone book on the display and also answer or reject phone calls. The sound quality is very good and plenty loud enough.

        As well as uing this as a Sat nav, you can also load your photos on to it, this isn't something I will be doing personally but I suppose its a nice feature. The weather forecast is always very good, when we go camping, we can view the weather for the next five days where we will be staying, it usually seems pretty accurate too.

        I could keep talking about this all day long, every time I use it I end up finding another new feature on it. They have created a sat nav that really works, it is perfect in every way.

        The only downside, for me, is the subscription for live services, it is only £7.99 a month, so if you are on the road a lot it is worth it, if you only use the product once a week then it becomes very expensive.

        If you are only going to be using this at weekends then this is not the unit for you, if your work involves a lot of driving, this could save you hundrends of pounds a year and pay for itself in just a few months if you use it correctly. I cannot wait to drive down to France using this Sat Nav, it makes life so much easier, it puts my cars navigation to shame

        4 stars from me, only because of the subscription


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      • Product Details

        TomTom GO 750 LIVE combines TomTom's leading IQ Routes technology? with a fully optimized user interface. In addition, the TomTom GO 750 LIVE comes with an expanded LIVE services offering?, completely integrated in the device to deliver the ultimate navigation package on the market today.

        Full attention has been paid to the integration of TomTom's routing technologies into the user interface of the device. This makes it more intuitive and easier to operate; giving drivers all the information they need about their journey before they set off, at a glance. HD Traffic, safety alerts and fuel prices are all clearly displayed on the screen via the LIVE snapshot. Once on the road, drivers automatically receive real-time updates on what's ahead, so they remain informed throughout their journey.

        The TomTom GO 750 LIVE features more maps than ever before, including Malta, Greece and Turkey for the first time. In addition, it offers TomTom's unique Map Share technology which allows users to make instant changes to the map and share these with others through TomTom HOME, TomTom's free desktop application.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: TomTom GO 750 - Live - GPS receiver
        Product Type: GPS receiver
        Display: 4.3" colour - 480 x 272 - widescreen
        Touch Screen: Yes
        Recommended Use: Automotive
        Preloaded Maps: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Greece, Czech Republic, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, Gibraltar, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania, Montenegro, Lithuania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Malta, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine
        Interface: Bluetooth
        Internal Memory: 4 GB flash
        Speed Camera Warning: Yes
        Voice: Navigation instructions, street name announcement, voice command recognition
        Functions & Services: Speed
        Included Software: TomTom HOME
        Card Reader: SD Memory Card
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.7 cm x 2.3 cm x 8.5 cm
        Weight: 224 g