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TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition United Kingdom & Ireland

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 23:53
      Very helpful



      The greatest thing since slice bread.

      I finally purchased my first sat nav and for you understand how much of a big deal this is I once followed signs to the Channel Tunnel instead of Dartford Tunnel and didn't realise till I nearly got to Dover and I wanted to go to London. I now! Bad! I have no sense of direction and think that part of my brain was removed at birth.

      My previous experience of using a sat nav was a Navman I bought my dad and to his annoyance kept using. I loved it although it had loads of little annoying glitches. The reason I went for a Tomtom although more expensive was reputation and it's considered a solid brand name.

      I'm not going to copy and paste the manual for you because you can look at the technicals yourself. What I hope to do is give you my first impressions and the positives and negatives so far. I've only had it for about a month and have used it for a handful of journeys so I hope to to do a follow up review once I've used it for a 6 months.

      My First Impressions:

      Like the design and the XL is the perfect size not too big and not too small. It seems that everything that use to annoy me about the Navman has been rectified almost as though someone out there has been listening.

      What I love about my sat nav:

      The maps are clear and easy to understand with road names showing not just on route but around the area you are travelling in.

      You are given directions in plenty of time and again just before you are due to turn but it's not constantly repeated.

      The sat nav is so accurate and almost real time so when it tells you to do something it is normally spot on.

      Just before you are due to make a turn an arrow will map out the turns you need to make so even if you miss judge the voice command the route is there for you to see.

      The lane guidance on the motorway is spot one and very clear and kicks in just before your junction allowing you plenty of time to get into the correct lane.

      The sat nav finds your location really quickly, sometimes within seconds.

      The sat nav will recalculate your route very quickly again sometimes in seconds when the you've taken a wrong turn.

      The suction device that attaches to your windscreen is first class and folds into the sat nav allowing it to be compact enough for you to put the whole thing in your pocket.

      The suction device allows you to lock it on the windscreen and it won't come off.

      You can un clip the sat nav from the suction device which is great if you need to quickly pop into the shop and take it with you.

      What I don't like about my sat nav so far:

      When you try to maneuver the sat nav it un clips too easily from the suction device which is quite annoying.

      A couple of time the sat nav has frozen up on me or lost the signal.

      It has not recognized certain post codes even though they are not new addresses.

      It has asked me to take a turn where it is not possible i.e. no entry.

      My Opinion:

      I'm probably being really nice because I love my sat nav and I'm currently going through a honeymoon period. I think they're brilliant little devices and I don't know how I lived so long without one. My verdict is so far so good and it is worth every penny I paid for it.

      Look guys it's not perfect but you're only paying £130 for this superb technology and not £1,000. You need to use a bit of common sense and if the thing is asked you to turn into one way traffic it's simple just don't do it. Those people out there like me who suffer from Don'tknowwhereI'mgoinghalfthetime disorder need get one of these little bad boys because it's brilliant.

      Guess What? This is my 100th review since 14/02/10 so I really hope you've enjoyed it. I've been with Dooyoo for less than 3 months and absolutely love this site. Please grade this review and please comment. Quick questions to all those masters out there. How do you get a Crown? I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


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      25.08.2009 17:14



      Be careful what you use this product for

      Having just passed my driving test, I bought a Tom Tom as I had to collect my car, approx 100 miles away from my home. Upon opening it, i expected it to instantly tell me where I was and how I should get to where I was going, however, this product needs to search for satillite signals which can take up to 5 minutes, so I would advise switiching it on for a few minutes before starting your journey.

      The TomTom has been fairly useful to me on long journeys, for example out of the city and on the motorways, however, i would not recommend this product for those who want to use it for city driving. Having tried to use it around London, I often find myself getting frustrated by it and switching it off. It is constantly telling me to turn left into 'no left turn roads' and asking me to turn into roads which do not exisit.

      For those this long journeys and motorway miles I think this product is great, however, if you drive in the city, I would suggest sticking to the road markings.


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