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TomTom Navigator 6

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Automobile GPS, Handheld , 65k Colors Display

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2010 12:44
      Very helpful



      Absolutely brilliant - I can't recommend it highly enough

      Having used Tom Tom Navigator 5 for a year or so I heard good reports of Navigator 6 and spent around £100 to purchase it back in 2007. There was not a huge difference between the 2 versions but Tom Tom 6 had a nicer display, showed more information e.g. current speed and location of speed cameras

      The Tom Tom Navigator software is designed to be used with Symbian mobile phones and you will need a separate GPS receiver to get it to connect to any satellites. These cost around £30 at the time and are connected to the phone via bluetooth. The receivers work well but once I upgraded to my Nokia N95 I wanted to use the internal GPS receiver that came with the phone rather than carry round a separate device. Unfortunately there was no option for this and Tom Tom did not seem keen to sort it out. A crack eventually did appear online but this meant that you had to keep the screen in the most basic view or the software would crash after a few seconds.

      Before starting you need to check that your phone has enough memory. The install programme is small but the maps are hefty and as a result you need a 2 gig memory card as an absolute minimum. Installation is simple to do. I simply connected the phone to the USB 2 port of the computer and ran the installation cd. Installation took around 5 minutes and then I just needed open windows explorer and drag the map folders to the route directory of the phone. This part was time consuming as the Western European maps were around 700mb and took around 40 minutes to copy across.

      The software is a little slow to load up. It takes around 30 seconds to open and select your maps. Typically it can then take anything from 3 minutes to 10 minutes to get a satellite connection - this is significantly slower than a 'proper' Tom Tom. Then when you try to search for a destination you type in the 1st letter of the town and have to wait a frustrating minute or so for the towns you are tryng to look for to show up. Also make sure that you keep your phone steady - if you accidentally switch from portrait to landscape view the screen will just go white and you will have to exit and reenter the application.

      Once you are in though the programme is fantastic. You have all the options of a standard Tom Tom device but have the advantage that you can use the keypad on your phone as shortcuts to get around the menu. Sure the screen is small but it is good enough and the voice comes out clearly. Another thing I like is that I can connect a bluetooth headset to the phone at the same time. Then when I receive a phone call the Tom Tom voice automatically goes on mute...if only Nokia maps did the same thing!!

      The menus are intuitive and will take you no time at all to work out. There are options to look for the fastest, quickest or walking route, you can search for all kinds of destinations from roads to museums to hotels to supermarkets and can recalculate routes to avoid roadblocks, toll roads or simply to go via another town. Tom Tom also offered the possibility to connect to their website and download additional updates but I found that map updates were costly and took a long time to download. I did once pay around £50 for an updated Western European map but at that price I was not tempted to try it again.

      I used this programme with Western and Eastern European maps and never had a problem with it. It was reliable, had all the destinations I was hoping for and since it was on my phone was very convenient to carry round. I used it on two trips from the UK to Poland and back and never once got lost. It was slightyly disappointing though that they did not do end to end Europe wide maps. To drive to Eastern Europe you had to look on a real map to work out where Tom Tom was likely to take you, then pick a point in the Tom Tom Western Europe that was right on its Eastern border. When you got there you had to go through the menus to switch maps to Eastern Europe and plot in your final destination

      Advice to get the best from it
      It was worth investing in a car charger for your phone as it is pretty juicy. 1hr30 from full to empty was about the maximum time I could get from my phone when I was using it and this was a lot less if I received a phone call at the same time. If you are using the 'uncracked' version with a separate GPS receiver then it could be a problem if the receiver and phone both had low batteries. Most cars have one car charger in easy reach of the driver and it was often difficult to keep both devices charged at the same time.

      Since Tom Tom is on your phone you are likely to carry it with you at all times,even when you are out of the car. I used it several times while walking but found that by holding the phone and GPS device I stopped it from connecting to satellites. Walking around with a small child and pushchair meant that I had somewhere to put them down and I could therefore get around the problem. On other occasions I found the only way to get it to work was to hold the phone and GPS receiver on the edge of my finger tips.


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      17.10.2007 14:24
      1 Comment



      My final decission is to use TomTom because of its simplicity. The maps are huge but good and the sy

      I use TomTom Navigator 6 with my mobile phone - MDA. I have also tested nearly all other software for navigation so i will try to compare.

      TomTom has the best menu navigation - it has only 5 items menu so it is possible to browse in menus when you are driving even if you have got a small display on your PDA. The menus are simple and it is very easy to adjust something very fast. Maps for TomTom are made not by countries as it is normally done by the others but by packs of countries so you dont need to switch maps so often. On the other hand if you choose igo2006 for example you can have all the maps at once and then no need to switch anything - there brings TomTom some difficulties when you are passing borders between two map sectors. One more thing that is not a plus for TomTom is the space required for maps. The other software has got a maps requirinch much less space on your memory card. TomTom is also not very fast when planning a route. If i compare with other software the planning in TomTom is the slowest, but it doesnt matter in the most cases.
      My final decission is to use TomTom because of its simplicity. The maps are huge but good and the system is the best one for use while driving alone.


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    • Product Details

      TomTom Navigator 6 is easy to install and use. The simple installation with TomTom HOME will get you on the road in minutes. The intuitive user menu gives you the perfect navigation experience.Detailed maps on DVD provide door-to-door navigation in 20 Western European countries. Choose from a combination of regional maps or install one connected map of all of Western Europe on a 1GB memory card (not included). Easy to follow route instructions and crystal clear 2D or 3D maps lead you from door-to-door whether you travel by car, by bike or on foot.

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