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TomTom One XL v2

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Manufacturer: Tomtom / GPS Type: Automobile / Form Factor: Fixed / Input Method: Touch Screen / Trip calculator: Shortest distance / Included Software/Maps: Western Europe Maps / PC Interface: USB / Battery Life: 3 Hours / Weight: 0.19 kg

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2009 22:34
      Very helpful



      good sat nav better than naviman

      I am a good driver, a great map reader however driving and navigating at the same time I have no clue! Bring on the sat nav!

      The sat nav is suppose to be the idiots guide to get to places, ummm it helps you however if you have no common sense than there is no point getting a sat nav, if you take instructions literally , then not point getting at sat nav!

      The Tom Tom One XL V2 in my eyes is a god send however you still need a brain!

      The XL is an updated design of the Tom Tom One, before I purchased this sat nav (with my Tesco club card points- not even money!) I had a Naviman for approximately 2 weeks because she (I liked to give my sat navs names Vera) got thrown out the window. Vera kept tell me to turn right on a motorway- correct me if I'm wrong if I had done what Vera had of said I would have died- instead Vera met a unsightly end. Thank fully this has not happened with 'Jane' - Tom Tom One XL V2

      The benefits of the newer tom tom are the The XL has a significantly larger screen and some extra features but to be honest I don't really use the extra features. There are the usual settings to fiddle with brightness sound, volume and choosing the voice for your sat nav.

      It is easy to use even with long nails like mine! You switch on wait for the GPS signal (which is a lot quicker to get than my previous Naviman) the signal locks on and your read y to plan your route. The easiest way of doing this is post code or full address. Tap the navigate to follow the instructions, type in post code and away you go.

      You can also pre-program you home address so where ever you are to get home just hit the home button.
      This new updated version has traffic information and estimates other routes and how long they will take to avoid hazards.
      Placing in the car is easy; there is a sucker on a cradle which sticks to the windscreen. I have found with the 3 Peugeots I have own this can be tricky because of the curve windscreen sometimes it takes a while to stick.

      Overall this sat nav is the easiest on I have owned however like all GPS gadgets it can slip up. As I have stated before you do need a brain. It's a good idea to have a route in your head roughly already incase the battery goes, or focusing totally on the sat nav- as I think this is a distraction. I always have the sound on otherwise you find yourself looking at the screen.


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      10.08.2009 08:03
      Very helpful



      An excellent Sat Nav if used as a guide.

      Satellite navigation has been with us for over 10 years now, but despite its longevity and familiarity, it is still quite a contentious subject. Many people swear by it, loving the fact that it helps them not get lost. Others believe that 'Sat nav' is killing the art of map reading. Some statistics show that using a satellite navigation device whilst driving can increase the chances of an accident.

      I fall somewhere in the middle: whilst I would never give up my trusty road atlas (I like to know where I'm going!), I appreciate the help that it gives me in making sure I stay on the route. I feel that, as long as the sat nav device is easy to use and not intrusive, I'm just as safe driving with it as without.

      The key factor for me is that the satellite navigation device should be easy to use. In this regard, I find the Tom Tom One XL V2 suits me perfectly.

      The XL is an updated design of the Tom Tom One; already a well designed unit. The XL adds a significantly larger screen and some extra features which make the XL easier to use than its older brother.

      When switched on, the XL's screen is dark blue until the GPS signal is acquired. At this time, the unit also connects to the traffic information service.

      Once the signals are 'locked on', the sat nav is ready for use. Planning in a route is simple; as long as you have a post code or address. Tap the screen to activate the menu, click on 'Navigate to', then type address or post code, it's as easy as that.

      Many remote places do not have a post code, however. I often have to find the latitude and longitude of the place and input those into the XL. This works well, but an incorrectly inputted number could find you a hundred miles off course, so I always check that the route is correct by reviewing it on the screen.

      It's always worth, before setting off, setting your 'home' location. In this way, you can always get directions to your home.

      Other preferences that should be set include the brightness of the screen and the loudness of the voice. Unless you have a very quiet car, it's worth setting the volume a bit higher than you might want so that the voice is not drowned out by traffic noise on the higher speed roads.

      To use in the car, the unit is placed in its cradle, the cradle stuck to the window with its sucker, and the radio aerial installed into the unit. Here, a problem is evident. The Tom Tom one has a cradle that's more than adequate to hold it. The XL uses the same cradle, and being larger and heavier, does not look stable. It has fallen off the window once when I've used it, fortunately onto the dashboard, but I now test that the unit's secure by pulling on it before setting off. It does wobble a bit whilst travelling which adds to the feeling of the cradle being too insubstantial for the size of the XL.

      One of the most impressive features of the Tom Tom One XL V2 is the traffic information. Here, not only is your route planned, but any traffic incidents or road works are shown together with an estimate of how long it will take to get through. The unit can be set to avoid these automatically by setting the 'minimise time' option, or of course, another route can be planned when an obstacle is reached. This is a genuinely useful feature, but it does rely on the traffic services knowing about an incident beforehand.

      Another useful feature is the 'Help me' section. Here, you can find out exactly where you are, be directed to the nearest doctor, hospital, or dentist, etc. The unit will also phone the nearest hospital, the AA, or the police for you. The XL also has a first aid guide and a maintenance and repair section in case you or your car gets sick!

      Having used several satellite navigation devices, I find that the XL is the easiest to use. I plan a route, knowing where I'm going, and rely on the voice to tell me which direction to take. A quick glance at the screen at each junction to confirm that I'm taking the correct exit is the only attention I pay to the display, concentrating on the road ahead. In this way, I can rely on the sat nav, without taking my eye (or brain) off driving.

      Having an idea of the route is always a good idea when using the XL as it's not infallible. On several occasions, I've been directed to turn into a one way street (the wrong way!), as well as make a 'U' turn on a busy main road! Obviously, if a road has been modified, and the map has not been updated, then the XL will not have the correct information (one interesting journey, on a new road in Scotland had the display showing my driving over a field; the poor thing got really confused!).

      Despite these mis-directions, I've benefited from using the XL and can forgive it the occasional lapse. I use the sat nav as a guide, rather than religiously following its directions and have never had any serious trouble. On the other hand, it has found me alternative routes when accidents have blocked my original plan, something that I would struggle to do whilst driving.

      Overall, I can recommend the Tom Tom One XL V2 to anyone wanting a Sat nav. It's ease of use and extensive features mean that it is a real aid to the driver. If you use it as a guide, as I do, then it will get you where you need to go, avoiding accidents and road works, so that hopefully, you arrive at your destination as quickly and safely as possible.


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