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Tomtom Start 60

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    3 Reviews
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      04.03.2014 13:11



      Generally good at doing what it is supposed to

      I am usually driven to decide between products depending on price so I looked for something on the cheaper side when looking for a sat nav. I am now completely dependent on it! The main problem I had with my previous sat nav was not getting updates which eventually lead it to be pretty out of date and often taking me the wrong way or on roads that didn't exist. This sat nav updates for free and seems to keep up to date, although the speed limits and camera information is not always correct. It uses a voice to guide you and you can choose the accent, I personally turn the volume right down as I find the voices incredibly annoying. The signal is usually quite good and It is pretty slick and is about 5-6 inches in length. Generally it is great at getting me where I want to go and I have stopped using maps completely.


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      04.03.2014 12:35



      good value

      I bought this as an upgrade from a tomtom one v3. The maps were woefully out of date and I thought it I would be better off buying a new one rather than get the maps updated. I instantly noticed a difference with this model as it would get me to my destination without any errors whereas the old satnav would make mistakes. The screen size is also a lot bigger and clearer. It also has the ability to sit on top of the dashboard with the 3M sticker plate. No more reattaching the satnav to the windscreen when it falls off after going over a road hump. I have done hours on the motorway and local traffic and it has not fallen off once yet. I was slightly disappointed with the lane indicator as this only applies to major or motorway lane diversions. It does not indicate inner city lane diversions


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      25.09.2012 22:26
      Very helpful



      For the price it isn't bad, perhaps there are better out there, but I like my TomTom

      When we were looking to buy a sat nav, I instantly thought of tomtom. It's a well known brand, and it's pretty catchy too, tomtom. Tomtomtom...

      I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the sat nav and I wanted something that I could take with me when we go camping abroad. Not that relying on my wife to navigate with a paper map isn't fun, but it would probably be more fuel efficient if we went from A to B without visiting C D E and F first.

      I acquired my little tomtom for the princely sum of only £120. This seemed to be a reasonable price for a TomTom, with some going for over £200, so I considered I'd found a good deal.

      I instantly liked the nicely sized 6 inch screen, plenty big enough to see even while driving. It doesn't look top of the range, but it's sleek and black and not to clunky.

      The main feature that attracted me to this tomtom was the inclusion of European maps. We like to go driving through Europe camping and I felt this would make it much easier, plus the promise of frequent (and free) map updates. My last satnav had no updates and wouldn't even recognize half the postcodes in the UK, no matter navigating me through Europe.

      Like most Sat Navs, it comes with voice guidance, which like most Sat Navs can be rather annoying, especially when it keeps repeating itself over and over again until you wish to throw it out of the window on the Motorway.

      It also tells you where the nearest car park i.

      Speed camera information is very thorough, not that I would even consider speeding, but it's always useful to know, just in case my foot gets a bit heavy.

      ~Good Points~
      The screen is clear and isn't too reflective even in sunlight, so you can see what you are doing.

      It finds signal pretty quickly and the screen seems reasonably responsive.

      It seems to recognize most addresses, I've had one or too problems, but nothing major.

      It's easy to use and set up, you can literally use it out the box and mostly it gives clear and concise instructions.

      The voice could have been a bit louder, sometimes I find it hard to hear what the voice is saying when I have chatty people in the car with me.

      Sometimes the speed limits are out of date, especially on certain sections of the motorway, I haven't tried to update it yet, but I've heard it can be complicated, so I've been putting it off.

      Occasionally I've been led astray by my dear TomTom, down one way streets, onto pedestrianized areas, straight over roundabouts as if they didn't exist. Luckily I don't trust it completely, and due to quick thinking haven't got myself into too many scrapes - apart from perhaps driving through the odd pig farm in remote Wales.

      There is no manual. Some people do like a bit of paper with instructions written on it, why do companies seem to forget something so vitally important? There is a manual, but it's hard to find and definitely not easy to understand.

      It does the job, it (usually) gets you from A to B, without too much faffing around in between. It has it's problems, but for the price it isn't a bad bit of map.


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