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Asus ENGTX560 Ti DC2/2DI/2GD5

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2012 05:56



      Great card for pc games today including battlefield 3

      This card is made for overclockers! The card comes with a sturdy metal heat sink and it is absolutely huge! This heat sink allows the card to be overclocked without raising the heat so much. You should make sure you have room in your computer case as this may not fit the smaller atx cases and depending on your motherboard it is likely to cover the slot for your second gpu. The card is capable of running in sli if you need it to, given that your motherboard has room and two of these cards will out perform a single nvidia 580 card at a much cheaper price.
      I bought this card mainly to play battlefield three and i am currently running a single 560ti in my set up, which is returning around 40fps with settings on high/ultra. I can see 60fps if i move to high/mid settings but the frame rates have never dropped below 20fps ever other than when i have had a system crash for issues unrelated to the card. With battlefield three in particular though there has been screen tearing issues with this card, other games such as batman arkham asylum and dc online run on full with no issues what so ever and so this is am issue with the games compatibility rather than the card. There has since been an update which has removed the issue however if you enable AA then you will still see the same screen tearing issues as before. The best option is to simply turn it off.
      Being an nvidia card you of course also get physx unlike the competing card alternatives.
      After overclocking the card i have seen a constant 60fps with no issues on the high/ultra settings for battlefield 3.
      The dual outputs are very easy to use and the nvidia control panel will allow you to easily adjust the settings for single or double screen monitoring.
      There is also a mini hdmi slot however the card seems to have trouble with setting the image appropriately using a hdmi leed. The is no so trouble for the dvi slots as they work perfectly however being dvi they will not provide your monitor with sound and instead you will need to take a line from either your on board sound card or your pci/pcie soundcard.
      The fans are not really noticable until the card gets hot, at 40% speed they cool the unit very well when the card is not overclocked however after overclocking the fans automatically speed up to cool the card. They get quite loud at 60% speed and after manually engaging 100% fan speed i can safely say that they are much to loud and invasive at that speed. I game using a headset and so this is not a problem for me, however if your using monitor speakers or satellite speakers you may want to consider a different card if you plan to overclock. Overall the an excellent card for the money and i would highly recommend it.


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