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Asus HD7850-DC2-2GD5

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2013 14:13
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      A great Graphics Card for casual and competitive gaming alike.

      the 7850 is a great card, the Asus model coming to around £125, making it one of the more mid priced 7850 models out there, Asus are known for reliable and powerful hardware, including their motherboards as well as their GPU's, this card is no exception, giving reliable power to your computer and being able to play most games on their near highest settings at great framerates, this card can play battlefield 3 on ultra settings and still get around 40 fps, meaning if you want more framerates, you will have to sacrifice graphics for better performance, but I guess that is to be expected from a £125 graphics card...

      below are the Advantages and Disadvantages for the graphics card:


      this card is very powerful, being able to play every game on the market at its high settings at a moderate framerate, and is very energy efficient, being part of a new generation and being more powerful and more energy efficient than the previous AMD generation of graphics cards. it also supports the 4K resolution, which means it could possibly be a good choice for those preparing for this resolution. this card is nalso fully DirectX 11.1 compatible and is an overall great card.


      the price to performance ratio is a little off, but not by too much. the card can also get a little loud when its at its maximum capacity, but not enough to warrant being a nuisance, as a headset with noise cancellation should easily resolve this. a more notable issue is that it can block a second expansion slot, making SLI a lot harder for this graphics card, and the Asus version of the 7850 doesn't have much in the way of overclocking, so i would recommend getting the MSI 7850 and using the MSI afterburner tool if you intent on doing any overclocking...

      but overall this is a great buy and I would recommend to anyone who is serious about PC gaming, especially now that the next Generation of consoles are out, as this means these cards are going to be needed so much more to stay ahead...

      On a more personal note, I am running this with an AMD FX-6350 CPU, and i have done a 10% overclock to this card and the temperatures are still fine after i boosted the fans, i have only had the graphics card for about a month now and it is rather cold around mine, so it could be a possibility that in the summer i will have to put the card back to base clock, but at the moment the card still seems rather stable...


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