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Asus V 9520 Home Theater

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2004 23:48



      I recently purchased the V9520. So far, I've regretted that mistake. I was looking for a card that would allow me to transfer some VHS tapes to DVD. According to the advertisements, this card makes it easy. So far, that's been a BIG lie. My first experience with that product was that if I tried to use any packages that could capture video from a WDM device other than the software that shipped with the product, the programs wouldn't recognize the card. I contacted Asus tech support and was told that I needed to download the current WDM drivers from NVidia, not the ones on their site since they aren't current. Apparently Asus doesn't believe in keeping up with the driver updates for the product lines they sell. Great way to run a business. Once I finally got the current drivers, my capture software recognized the card. I used a program called VirtualVCR to do the capture. The program keeps statistics such as dropped frames, etc. I did that because all the attempts I made to capture movies with the bundled software results in the audio being severely out of synch with the video. The VirtualVCR package statistics revealed that about 10% of the frames from the movie were being dropped. If I had a low end PC I could understand this. If it was only happening on 1 or 2 tapes, it could be blamed on tape quality. If I was using an old VCR, I could blame it on that. However, none of these things is true. The PC being used is a brand new 3GHZ P4 hyperthreaded with Windows XP Media Edition at the current service pack. The computer has 1 GBT of memory and dual 160 BGT Serial ATA drives. If that's not enough hardware to keep up, and I'm running the capture by itself, I don't know what is! I also tried several different tapes - same result every time within a percent or 2. Since I didn't want to keep hauling a VCR back and forth fro my TV room to my office, I bought a brand new VCR for this too.
      In summary, I'd have to say this product completely sucks. If there are settings in the drivers that need to be done to correct this, why isn't that made readily apparent to the users of the product? For that matter, the very fact that users can't even rely on Asus to keep current drivers on their website shows their complete lack of attention to their product line.


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