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ATI Xpert 128 (AGP)

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2D and 3D card, PC compATIble, AGP 2X interface, 16MB video RAM

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2001 03:25
      Very helpful



      When I first got my ATI card a couple of years ago, I thought, "Great, a card that will run games smoothly". And at that time, it did - graphics were excellent. However, with the world moving swiftly on, the Rage 128 is beginning to struggle under today's pressure. It will manage 800x600 in OpenGL in Counter-Strike, but it isn't as smooth as one might like. However, a good point of it is the amount of hammering it takes; I have used it non-stop, every day all day for over 2 years. It has never failed to provide excellent graphics for everyday applications. Furthermore, when I recently upgraded my monitor to a 19" one, there were no problems whatsoever in attaining a high resolution; 1600x1280 at 80Hz is good enough for me! It is a well-supported card that does have support for 3D graphics, as long as you don't strain it _too_ hard. For the very latest in gaming, you want something better than this. But, for anything other than the very latest games (i.e. you can run 1280x1024 on slightly older games, and get excellent results) then this is the card for you! Then again, if you are a domestic user, that maybe enjoys a little gaming, then this card will fit your needs. Its technical specs are; - 16Mb RAM - DVD playback - 2x AGP - Support for Linux (runs without problem using the XF86_r128 or XF86_svga servers under X) - Runs warm enough to need a heatsink, but doesn?t come with a fan. This card can be snapped up at a low price now, and is perfect for anyone looking for a card that will do everyday things and excel at it; and do games well as long as you don?t push it too hard. :) cyberdude.


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