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ATI Xpert 2000

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ATI XPERT 2000 - Graphics adapter - RAGE 128VR - AGP 2x - 32 MB SDRAM - TV out - OEM

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2001 21:12
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      I got this card to replace an aging graphic card on my friend's PC. I haven't used any ATI card before this. I have heard of ATI, and the card was cheap so, I bought it. As a 2D card, it is quite good. The screen is sharp and everything works. As a 3D card.... not so good. Some software works, others don't. Updating the drivers does not help much either. Only after much tinkering did I get to work with most of the 3D games I played. 3D speed is average. Please don't compare this card to a Geforce because you can't. However, if you are not concerned with maximum FPS then this card will suffice. If you want a card to do mainly 2D work and occasionally play 3D games, this could be the card for you but because other cards do a much job and have so much better drivers, I cannot recommend this product.


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    • Product Details

      The XPERT 2000 uses ATI's acclaimed Rage 128 graphics core, a fast chip that provides plenty of 3D acceleration for a smooth gaming experience. The XPERT 2000 has the resources needed to handle 32-bit color and high resolutions in 3D games. The 3D features and effects of both OpenGL and DirectX are supported, including fog, texture lighting, video textures, reflections, shadows, spotlights, LOD biasing, MIP mapping, Z-buffering and texture morphing. Single-pass multi-texturing allows the XPERT 2000 to render special 3D effects such as reflections and translucency in a single cycle, so as not to incur a serious performance hit.

      If you've invested in a large monitor for your PC (for graphics creation as well as for DVD movies, a large monitor is almost essential), you'll appreciate the high screen resolutions and image clarity. For day-to-day applications like word processing, email, and Web browsing, the XPERT 2000 delivers crisp, clear screens with fast refresh rates that help prevent eyestrain. Many graphics cards claim to support DVD playback, but most of them perform the actual MPEG-2 or DVD decoding using software. The XPERT 2000 provides hardware-based DVD decoding, which is much more effective and does not require as much power from your processor. Having one card for both computer graphics and DVD decoding works out to be quite a cost-saver.