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Club-3D GeForce 7600GT

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2009 23:15
      Very helpful



      Will play 2005, 2006 and 2007 games without much problems

      Hey all you gamers, as we know, looking for graphics cards can be very tedious and somewhat annoying work, trying to find the best value for money, one which will work and not be too much of a drain, one that will last for the next few years before that next expensive upgrade.

      The geforce 7600 series was launched around 2006, I can't really give an exact date as they may be different for AGP and PCI versions. However, this is a mid-high range card from the 7 series.

      So is it good today? Well, yes and no. I have one installed in my current pc as I upgraded from my older card. I have the older agp card slot which as you pc gamers know is a dying or even dead slot, being replaced by PCI express etc. So if you, like me have an old agp slot, this is probably one of the best cards performance wise you're going to get. I think that there is an agp version for the 7900 but its much more expensive and for very little difference isn't really worth it. The tech details have been given so I won't run through them all but in all this card has:

      A relatively fast clock speed, good RAM featuring DDR3, pixel shader 3.0, so as you can see it still has some pretty modern features. However as technology moves so fast it's soon to be outdated.

      So what games can it play on full or near to full? Well I'd say games released around the 2005, 2006 period, with some from 2007 but that's the wearing limit. It ofc depends on your pc's other specs but lets say you have a good cpu and plentiful RAM. I don't buy modern games on pc myself as this card would very much struggle to play them on high, but would still work on low settings. It does however run games like fear almost perfectly.

      Is it worth buying and how much is it? Again, it depends. If you are looking for a top end card capable of playing all of today's games on max lasting for the next couple years then no. If you are looking for a good card upgrade to play games made about 3, 4 years ago then definately. The card requires extra powersource ie by a lead leading to the PSU so check you can do all that. You can buy a 7600gt for around 70, 80 pounds, so it won't break the bank for the ability to play some games.

      Is it reliable? Well, the fan on my first one didn't spin properly so I had to replace it, but I've had no problems with my second one. Overall it's a good card if it suits your needs. My ratings will be based on todays standards of graphic cards ie processing quality, rendering etc.


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