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Club 3D GeForce GTX 560Ti CoolStream Edition

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2012 11:05
      Very helpful



      A great mid-range graphics card!

      So, I used the Club 3D GeForce GTX 560Ti CoolStream Edition as part of my job and have good experience installing it as well as using it. I will start by talking about the installation.


      The Club 3D GeForce GTX 560Ti CoolStream Edition comes in a medium size box with adequate packaging. Once you remove it from the box, it is very easy to install (clear instruction manual and CD). It does not have many sharp points and is of a compact size allowing it to fit in the vast majority of desktop PCs. Despite being easy to install, I would not let children install it, primarily for safety reasons as you will be working with potential static electricity etc.

      Rating: 9 - Fits most towers and lacks sharp edges.


      The performance of the Club 3D GeForce GTX 560Ti CoolStream Edition was reasonably impressive. It is not a top-end card but it is still a reasonably high-end card for most average PC gamers. It will run all games on lower settings than the maximum definitely. For example, very demanding games like Metro 2033 have to be put on medium or even low graphics settings in order to attain a good frame rate. On less demanding games such as Call of Duty, or Dirt 2, you will receive a good frame rate even on the highest graphics setting. Obviously, if you are playing games such as Call of Duty online, then lower graphics settings will actually be prepared in order to gain the best frame rate possible.

      Rating: 8 - A really solid performance.

      ---Overclocking potential---

      This card does have a more expensive overclocked edition, known as the OC edition. However, it is not worth paying for the upgraded version because it is only a very small overclocking. You could take it to a computer specialist if you can't do it yourself and get it overclocked far better for around the same price as the OC edition. The overclocked version is 200mhz faster than the original edition. I found that I could overclock the card to around 1000mhz faster if I replaced the power supply.

      Rating: 7 - Good potential but a poor upgraded version

      ---Coolstream Edition---

      Coolstream is the unique fan system which is used in this graphics card. Graphics cards get very hot especially during long gaming sessions and during the summer. The addition of the Coolstream is very helpful in reducing the overall heat of the graphics card and makes it a lot easier to overclock as you require less extra fans. One negative is that there is a reasonable amount of noise from this Coolstream but it is not excessive.

      Rating: 8 - Any serious gamer will know that the more fans the better.


      The Club 3D GeForce GTX 560Ti CoolStream Edition is a very usable graphics card providing a good frame rate on the vast majority of games, even modern ones. It is easy to install, and comes with the very nice touch of the Coolstream fan which reduces the overall heat of the card during use. Overclocking potential is good, but I would not recommend the upgraded version. However, the noise of the fan is a mild disadvantage but if you have a headset on then, you will not even hear it. Despite this, I would strongly recommend this card which can be picked up for around £165-£200.


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