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eVGA GeForce GTX550 Ti

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2013 11:36
      Very helpful



      If you want awesome performance without spending a lot, I would definitely recommend this

      If your looking for a decent video card capable of playing the latest 3d
      games without breaking your wallet, I strongly suggest the EVGA gtx 550 Ti Sc.
      Priced around 120 Euros this Direct X 11 capable card was able to play some of
      my favorite graphic intense games, like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, and even
      Far Cry 2 at decent playable framerates around the 30 to 40 margin. But
      if you really want to max out those framerates I would suggest buying 2
      of them.

      Inside the box includes a cd with the geforce graphics driver, a Dvi to Vga dongle
      for a more vibrant display, and a 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCI express power adapter, that
      connects to your power supply. The card is fairly small compared to other cards in
      its price range and features an elegant black, matte color with green stripes. The
      card is cooled with one huge fan in the middle covered by a plastic shroud. Installation
      of Nvidias drivers was a breeze and gave you many choices including lots of graphical options
      such as the ability to use SLI. SLI means using 2 of the same graphics cards to increase
      performance up to 2x. By itself this card is fairly decent but when SLI is enabled, you
      got yourself an awesome gaming rig that will make the graphics on your screen look like
      liquid, (fluid and fast).

      With this card, characters on your screen become lifelike and makes you feel like your apart
      of the action. But it doesn't stop there, This card is also awesome when it comes to Cinematic
      performance such as playing HD movies and encoding video files. While playing some of my high
      resolution movies such as (Avatar) the cpu priority never exceeded the %10 percent range. On my previous video card this number was in the high 30's sometimes 40's when watching this movie.
      This card is also 3d capable if you have the right gear and accesories.

      If you are thinking about purchasing this card, I would recommend that you go for a SLI
      setup like I did. Alltogether I paid around 240 euros for the setup and I dont regret it
      one bit. My rig outperforms even higher priced video cards that are in the 3 to 400 dollar
      range. Any SLI setup will outperform a solo video card setup anyday.


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      03.11.2012 13:50


      • Reliability


      A fast graphics card for a great price.

      I've got this graphics card in my Gateway desktop, and have had it installed for nearly a year. I must say, it is very good, especially for the price. It's fast, quiet, and very well rounded. Games such as Battlefield 3 and Skyrim run well on it at 1440 x 900 resolution, and it has the ability to run numerous other games as well.

      The GTX550 Ti was also relatively easy to install. Just delete the old drivers from your old graphics card, put it in, put the install disk in, and you're off to the races. It took me about 15-20 minutes for it to have the most up to date drivers, and it uses a really intuitive software called XtremeTuner HD. It allows the user to control fan settings, VRAM, etc without having to do much technical work.

      The graphics card would be a highly recommendable card for anyone who wants to either upgrade their computer or build one from the bottom up.


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      14.10.2012 14:30



      If you are looking for a good value, robust graphics card, i would reccomend you this one up.

      I have used this card in my Hp Pavillion desktop computer for the past two years. It has allowed me ot play every game at rather high specs without and major drop in frame rate. Currently i use this to support my two monitors running at both 1440x900 and 1920x1080 resolution. This graphics card can run my copy of Battlefield 3 at maximum graphics settings on my smaller monitor at a steady 30fps in ourdoor areas and roughly 45fps in large open areas. On my larger monitor, these both drop by roughly 10 and i have to reduce the model and texture qualities to medium but it is still perfectly playable. I have never had any trouble with this card, it has always stayed below 40 degrees even when under intensive use. For the price, i would reccomend this graphics card over any competitors on the market for its performance to value ratio.

      This product is a must if you are attempting to get in to computer gaming.


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