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MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC

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    3 Reviews
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      02.12.2013 19:59



      an overall great card that is perfect for those wanting to overclock....

      the Radeon 7850 is a mid range graphics card from AMD, it is a mid-range graphics card coming to around £150, making it one of the more expensive 7850 cards. there are reasons for this price point though: a notable one being the MSI Afterburner tool bundled with this graphics card, which is an amazing overclocking and over-volting tool, with his software you can safely and efficiently get the very best out of this Graphics card, without the risk of blowing your new card up, the card on its own is very capable and can play most games on their high - ultra settings, but with the MSI afterburner, you can make it ultra any game on the market, including those next gen titles around the corner...

      MSI Afterburner is capable of:
      - Full Benchmark
      - triple over-voltage
      - an overclock of up to 93%
      - tools to monitor your temperatures before and after overclock
      - Predator video capture, a software similar to Fraps or Dxtory

      i would warn though, if you intend to overclock more than around 30%, be prepared to buy some decent water-cooling, as the manufacturers fan will simply not do

      Another good thing about this graphics card is: the AMD eyefinity technology on this graphics card, allowing for more than one monitor to be run of this Graphics card, which is good for those perhaps wanting a multi-monitor setup...

      so to conclude, this is a great graphics card and i definitely recommend you buy if you intent to overclock at some point, if not, perhaps it would be a good idea to go for one off the cheaper models of the 7850, as nthyey will give similar performance at base clock...


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        19.02.2013 15:25
        Very helpful
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        Thanks For Reading

        If your looking to buy a graphics card for a new computer or to upgrade your existing model, you have three tiers of options namely "budget" "mid-range" and "extreme" cards. This "MSI HD 7850 Twin Frozr AMD Graphics Card" is a mid-range card which offers good performance at good value.

        Technical specifications of the card include 2GB of DDR5 RAM, a GPU of 4.8Ghz, PCI Express v3.0, Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8, CrossFire compatibility as well as bundled software and utilities. In terms of display ports on the back plate of the card are a DVI, HDMI and 2x mini display sockets to connect to monitors and such. A few adaptors are included in the packaging such as a DVI to VGA adaptor for older monitors.

        In terms of performance the card doesn't disappoint. It was able to cope with any game I threw at time regardless of setting or resolution of my monitor. It represents colors well and has no problem with 3D acceleration. It has a quick response time, and using the HDMI output is great as the picture quality is just as good if not a bit better than my TV can offer. For a point of reference cheaper cards would and have struggled to playback my games in the past at a decent resolution.

        One major advantage to this card is the attached cooling. A effective full length heat sink and two temperature controlled fans mean that the card does run colder than many others on the market. This has the added advantage of keeping noise down to minimum levels and most times the card is near silent.

        Installation was easy with my computer case (which is pretty large), it's worth noting that this card is pretty long in length so will simply not fit into some cases (mainly mini ATX or micro ATX) so please check the dimensions before purchasing (and that your case can fit a full length graphics card). Also ensure that even if you have a case longer that your hard drive or SATA ports won't block it's installation.

        Build quality is excellent and the card itself is solid. It came reasonable well packaged but I would have expect there to be more protection such as bubble wrap on top of the card in a static bag arrangement.

        Once my operating system started up, Windows loaded a basic display adaptor drive which allowed me to install the bundled driver. This was pretty easy and straightforward but it did require a restart after both the driver and the utilities such as over clocking options.

        The bundled software isn't great. The utilities for the card itself are good, but also included that are unlikely to be of much use is an outdated trial edition of Norton Internet Security and an old version of Adobe Acrobat reader. I have used the over clocking software to push the card a bit but I'm not confident enough to really tweak the card. Windows Index did report a slight increase in performance and I guess every little helps.

        I would have liked to have seen a second DVI port to at least have the option of using a second display without having to use an splitter or another source, but this isn't a major omission as I don't know of many people who have more than a single monitor display.

        The current market price is higher than many other HD 7850 cards such as the Asus variant, however you do get those extra features and highlights for the extra outlay. Is there much difference performance wise between different manufactures of the same model? I personally doubt there is much if any (online benchmarks and reviews may prove me wrong.) However if you are looking for a cheaper model of this card then there are some out there.

        As a mid range graphics card the MSI HD 7850 works well and should provide you with everything you need for several years at least without having to worry about an upgrade. A few minor points to consider that I've mentioned above don't do much harm to an otherwise great graphics card.

        (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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          29.08.2012 19:30
          Very helpful



          A great card which has an uphill battle to reclaim Nvidia's reputation share

          Many years ago, ATI's main rival Nvidia slipped off their pedestal as graphics card manufacturer of first choice, as ATI's cards represented better value for money when put side by side. Then the pendulum swung back into Nvidia's favour a few years ago and it seems that the collective favour still lies with them, if not so dramatically. Coming from an Nvidia graphics card back to an ATI card, I do feel that I would have benefited from remaining under their umbrella, thought my sentiment is derived not from performance, but stability and usability.

          Currently I have the MSI 7850 Twin Frozr, based on the ATI 7850, as featured here. The performance characteristics of a graphics cards closely correlate with cost, so you need only define your budget to predict the outcome of your equipment. I am not obsessed with underlying facts and figures, nor do I purchase games the moment they are released with an aim to playing them at their full prettiness, so I am unfortunately not going to comment on that. I expect upper-middle performance for a card costing nearly £200, and that is what I have witnessed from the 7850.

          The physical construction of the card is certainly appealing to the eye. It's no secret that great care is taken into the visual appeal of components to press every little button in a male-dominated consumer market - and it works. It features a complex heatsink construction on the main face of the board, complimented with twin fans, hence it's namesake 'Twin Frozr'. Low volume operation is pushed as a selling point for this card and it does not fail to deliver. Using this card, it would be hard to judge if my computer was even turned on were it not for the power LED. It does not assert an audible presence like my old Nvidia card, which is something to consider if, like me, you value a machine that tries to blend in.

          Most recently I have enjoyed playing Transformers : War for Cybertron at maximum detail, which is a 2010 release. I was impressed and pleased at the smooth delivery of frantic and busy visuals constructed without a flaw or falter. Borderlands, a 2009 shooter which scrums many stylised effects into the frame, performs without a hiccup. Based on the level at which I can play these sophisticated and gratuitous games, I can be confident that the games that myself and friends are anticipating in the coming couple of years will not leave the 7850 wanting, even if I may have to compromise on some releases somewhere far over the horizon.

          So why do I still feel like I may have found the Nvidia equivalent preferable? The main reason, though small, is the controller software, the ATI Catalyst Control Centre. Personally, compared to Nvidia's display panel, I find it to be less intuitive, needlessly fragmented and not as tidy. Nvidia's control panel, in my eyes, lays everything out without compartmentalising everything, whereas ATI's Catalyst Control Centre goes out of it's way to pigeon hole many things meaning I have to flick between tabs to keep on top of my settings. This 'problem', if I can call it that, applies to all cards based on the ATI video cards, and is something that third-party manufacturers such as MSI, who are responsible for the 7850 Twin Frozr displayed here, cannot do anything about. On older games I like to override the settings within games and increase smoothing and image enhancers such as the edge-reducing anti-aliasing and other common processes, and I find it more finnicky in the CCC than the Nvidia display panel. Just a small gripe, but it doesn't take a lot to influence preference in this field. I may simply still have an elevated view of Nvidia considering my old card, an Nvidia GTX 260, did so well for so long.

          As an upper-middle card, the 7850 is in the hotspot of value-for-money cards that sit in-between highly priced top performers and lightweight cards. For now, I have no worries that the 7850 will deliver the raw hardware performance for future titles, if in time I can learn to love the universal ATI control software as much, too.


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      • Product Details

        Propeller blade on Twin Frozr III

        MSI afterburner overclocking utility

        All solid capacitors

        AMD Eyefinity technology support

        Technical Data

        Product Description: MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC graphics card - Radeon HD 7850 - 2 GB
        Device Type: Graphics card
        Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0 x16
        Graphics Engine: AMD Radeon HD 7850
        Memory: 2 GB - GDDR5
        Core Clock: 900 MHz
        Effective Memory Clock: 4.8 GHz
        RAMDAC: 400 MHz
        Memory Interface: 256-bit
        Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
        Interfaces: DVI-I (dual link)
        2 x Mini DisplayPort
        VGA - with adapter
        DisplayPort - with adapter
        API Supported: DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.2
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 3.8 cm x 19.7 cm x 11.1 cm
        Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7