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nVidia inno3D Geforce 2 Ti

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Powered by nVIDIA GeForce2 Ti;

Second GenerATIon Texture and Lighting (T&L) Engine;

NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR);

6.4GB per second memory bandwidth;

AGP 4X with AGP Texturing and Fast Writes.

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2002 20:41



      This is anohter one of those cheap graphics card made by Inno3D based on the nVidia chips. Which basically means its as cheap as its going to get and you get the best perfromance possible. The chips in this one have the Ti bit, basically means there newer chips whioch can do lots more tricks like lighting and textures (everything looks sharper and runs faster). Due to this it is the top of the range for GeForce 2's and has a very similar bandwidth to that of of the GeForce 3's the only really difference between those two is that the GeForce chips run at a higher MHz. I recently built a new computer and put this card in with a Athlon 1800 and i could fault the performance at all on games about 1 or 2 years old it wouldn't move from the maximum fps the mointor could take (72). Also as this card has chips form nVidia Windows automatically picks up a driver for the card but the one that comes with AGP on the CD is much better by being compatible with OpenGL. The difference between this AGP and other GeForce 2 Ti's is that this one doesn't come with other video outputs just the bog standard monitor one which if thats all your using for is fine or you could just buy a cheap output PCI card if you got space for it in your comp. and that would probably be cheaper to. Due to this AGP only having one output Inno3D have done thing which annoyed be and havent bothered to change the back panel bar thingy, so instead of just having the monitor output hole it still has a video out hole but with nothing filling it (so its got a hole in the back when you put it in :/ but hey it will help with circulation!)


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