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PNY GeForce GT 430

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 12:18


      • Reliability


      If you want to buy a video card in this price range, this model is currently the most cost effective

      My experience with this video card can be considered good .
      She has bought one years , and until now has served me very well.
      With a decent computer with it, you run any game smoothly.
      It is not a card that will run games of last generation in full , it is made for lighter games ,
      however, all the games I wanted to play with it until today ran well, some had to leave the setting at least
      but always got an average of at least 30 fps, you need to run the game without any lag .
      At the time I bought it , I researched a lot, and really this model was the best value I found.
      It consumes very little power , does not need a powerful source of power , and also not overheats , never
      happened to me at least , has always been very stable .
      As I said , got her to 1 year , and never had any problems , current road games with at least settings , and games 2 or 3 years
      with the settings in the middle, and some older in full , all with 1920x1080 resolution .


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      07.10.2011 18:42
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      David in a market of Goliaths

      Up until last week, my new computer (or 'rig', if you will) was furnished with a Radeon 9600 which was doing just fine. However, it did less fine when it decided to fall to bits beyond repair. Humph. PC went back to the shop. It came back with a GeForce GT 430 in its stead, and for a budget graphics card it is quite surprising.

      My PC is not particularly great. With only 1G of RAM, it is a bit behind the big boys when it comes to handling graphics-intense games. However, the GT430 somehow makes up for this in spades. I can now play Oblivion with HDR lighting, max decals, maximum draw distance and, hell, maximum EVERYTHING at 1920 x 1080 widescreen and it doesn't bat an eyelid. Whereas the Radeon 9600 would whimper and run away if I tried to put on anti-aliasing, this just sucks it down and comes back for more.

      It is also very stable. I've had no problems with any graphics-intense programs crashing to desktop at all. Its 1G of built-in DDR seems capable of handling anything I throw at it, whether it be Quake 4 or a messy bit of 3D model editing (it can't make up for my lack of skill as a modder, though). However, I don't have any very new releases, so it will probably struggle when I install Skyrim or RAGE this Christmas.

      The only gripe I could have with it is its 'plug and play' status. I've had one or two programs struggle to automatically identify it, and have had to manually set up graphics options. Not that this really bothers me, as I suspect it is shortcomings with programming rather than the hardware.

      Basically, if you want a half-decent graphics card that isn't going to cost the earth but won't flake out either, then this could be a winner. Although there are much beefier graphics cards out there, such as the monstrous 4Gig NVidia Quadro 5800, this can hold its own at a fifth of the price at about £40. It also handles Blu-Ray and HD just fine, and I have watched numerous films on my PC with no problem. In fact it looks better than our TV.

      Budget gamers, this might be worth checking out. But if you've got the money to spend, better is out there.


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    • Product Details

      GeForce your PC for the ultimate performance upgrade! Tap into the horsepower of the GPU for visually-charged boost on your favorite applications. Edit your photos and HD videos and push the limits of your web experience with a GPU-accelerated browser. Level-up your game with the gaming architecture built from the ground up for DirectX 11. Take the 3D movies home with Blu-ray 3D and GeForce.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: PNY GeForce GT 430 graphics card - GF GT 430 - 1 GB
      Device Type: Graphics card
      Bus Type: PCI Express 2.0 x16
      Graphics Engine: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430
      Memory: 1 GB - DDR3
      Core Clock: 700 MHz
      Effective Memory Clock: 1.6 GHz
      Memory Interface: 128-bit
      Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
      Interfaces: DVI-I (dual link)
      API Supported: DirectX 11, OpenCL, DirectCompute 5.0, OpenGL 4.0
      Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years warranty