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Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2009 14:48
      Very helpful



      This is an excellent product to boast up your PC performance, highly recommended.


      Sapphire Technology is one of the prominent hardware manufacturing companies based in Hong-Kong. It is widely famous for producing Graphics Cards for personal computers and work stations. Sapphire's products are equipped with ATI GPU, and they are the prime supplier for ATI-based video cards worldwide. Sapphire technology has been extensively praised for their excellent quality and powerful hardwires. They have their ISO9001 certified manufacturing plants in China.

      Sapphire technology is the first company to launch the graphics card with HDMI connectivity. They have released the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 November, 2008. Its successor of the HD 4850 designed by them, having two dual GPU works concurrently for maximum output performance.


      This graphics card is exceedingly powerful for two simple reasons. There are two GPU in this single hardware, almost similar concept to the dual core processor, so both GPU will work simultaneously for maximum output for your system. Another reason is, HD 4850 X2 provides the multi-monitor facility or crossfire mode in 3D application to deliver hastened output.


      This graphics card has an amazing ability to perform much quicker for high spec games and 3D designing. It is brilliantly manufactured in 55nm size, relatively small with lower heat consumption capacity. Two 512 MB memory has been fabricated to speed up the performance. There is another model available, equipped with higher memory size of two 1 GB fabricated in. The memory clock of HD4850 X2 is 993 MHz and the core clock is bit lower than expected of 625 MHz.
      It is particularly suitable with DDR3 ram, although it also supports DD2 as well. The reason behind performing better with DDR3 is that, DDR3 have much higher bus speed starts from 800 MHZ where as DDR2's maximum bus speed is 800MHz. High bus speed allows this card to work faster with system.


      1. The Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 card
      2. CrossfireX bridge inter-connector.
      3. Composite and component Adaptors.
      4. DVI-to-HDMI dongle
      5. DVI-to-VGA connector
      6. Useful software supplied with installation software such as Cyberlink Power DVD, DVD Suite and 3DMark Vantage.


      1. Dual GPU, works much better and faster than before.
      2. Two coolers on top help the card to perform faster without being over-heated.
      3. Supports latest Avivo technology, resulting higher quality video display.
      4. Built in UVD for enhanced and supreme quality encoding for HD and Blu-ray videos
      5. Supports all kind of media file to play in system without creating much pressure on CPU.
      6. HD TV output.
      7. Built in 8-channel audio controller with full HD support.
      8. High-quality HD video post-processing supported by scalability.
      9. two years of warranty, first year covered by the retailer and after that Sapphire provides the extended warranty period.


      1. Works really well with windows Vista, creates some problem while running with windows XP.
      2. Because it is a dual core GPU, but AMD still did not officially released compatible driver, instead user have to go the Sapphire website for driver download.
      3. Kind of noisy because two coolers run simultaneously to keep the hardwire cool.
      4. Very expensive comparing present day market.
      5. Only works on maximum level with high spec system.


      There is no hesitation that, Sapphire HD8450 X2 is a brilliant graphics card with supreme performing ability. It's come with dual GPU that means it will perform twice faster than any normal graphics card. We the normal PC user have a false perception that, graphics card is only much useful for gamers and web developers. That is completely untrue. Because, a graphics card has broader range of capability. It helps the PC to produce higher quality of video output, very high graphical presentation and much faster processing speed. It eases the pressure from processor, and our pc can perform much faster and smoother than before. Yes it is also true; it is much more helpful for 3D animation designers, web developers and hardcore gamers.

      Only problem strikes me that, both of the cooler makes such awful noise, which much unexpected from Sapphire. It is so much loud that will remind you the PC's from old days. Constant sound comes from coolers, which is a huge downside. I sincerely hope that, Sapphire Technology will look after this matter and sort out the noise problem in their revised edition. AMD should provide the compatible software to the consumers, so that we can smoothly enjoy this graphics card in our system. It shows excellent performance in certain games such as FARCRY 2 and stalker. It supports high resolution up to 2500x1600. Which is outperforms Geforce GTX280. Yet it is very costly for most of the consumers. Since we can buy a decent configuration PC or laptop within £400, so what is the point of buying a graphics card that costs more that £270. Well my opinion is, this graphic card has supreme configuration and higher performance ability, and if you buy it then it will worth your every penny by serving you right. It has HDMI out, to allow you enjoy the HDTV in your system.


      The reason I said the next generation hardwire, we the consumers are still using the single core GPU based graphics card massively in our system. We still have not adopted the concept of Dual core GPU graphics card widely. On the other side, dual core concept is not heavily promoted by the suppliers. AMD is not even able to provide the required softwares to the consumers to get the maximum output from this magnificent graphics card.

      I love playing games on PC. As a programmer and also devoted PC game fan, HD 4850X2 unquestionably fulfills my needs. I certainly find this product exceptionally helpful .So, please think about what are your requirements from your system, and if this one satisfy your necessities, then you ought to buy it. It will worth your every single penny you spent.


      ***Also posted on CIAO under the username Gladiator007 ***


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