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Sapphire Radeon HD 5830

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      24.08.2010 16:35
      Very helpful



      It's great quality for the price and I would reccomend it highly.

      So this is one of many graphics cards that I have tested over the years. This was the latest one I tested and I infact had the Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Edition which actually comes with the a copy of the game. It's presented in a slightly different box to the standard one. The box includes the infinity logo that indicates support for three monitors, ATI Premium graphics, support for direct X 11 and also states that it is a full HD 1080p card.

      The first problem I had when installing it was that the system I was trying to install the card into was just a mere 300w PSU. Ofcourse you will need a 500 watt power supply in order to get this to run stable enough for quality gameplay. I did install a more powerful PSU in the end just to test this card. You will also need 600 Watts if you are running 2 of these cards via crossfire.

      Inside the box there are two 6-pin power connections with extensions to connect up with your PSU, a CD that enables you to install the correct drives for this card, the game and manual for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
      Ofcourse included is also the bridge connector along with VGA -> DVI adapter.

      The apprearence of the card is rather cool looking. The actual card is blue with a black back which in my opinion indicates a high quality of production. On the back it has 2 DVI outputs for your display monitors and 1 HDMI port. On the back also it has some ventilation to let the hot air flow out easier. On the top of the card there are heat pipes that are tucked away neatly underneath the casing which I think is a nice touch. Also the side has the 2 PCI-Express 6-pin power connectors inputs.

      This card lies between the HD5770 and the HD5850 so it bridges the gap and it is priced somewhere inbetween which I think is great because before with Saphhire you only really had low-end and high-end HD cards, but then this was released and it finds a happy-medium between the two. It has a very low fan speed that's nice and quiet and performs really well for what it's priced.

      I was able to test the card with Modern Warfare 2, here are the results that I was able to collect:

      (1440x900 High Settings 4AA)
      min 102fps, avg 168fps, max 274fps

      (1680x1050 High settings 4AA)
      min 74fps, avg 144fps, max 253fps

      Overclocked - min 92 fps, avg 142fps, max 259fps

      Overall I think that the Sapphire Radeon HD5830 is a terrific card. It has a great fan and doesn't produce that much of a noise. It's great quality for the price and I would reccomend it highly.


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      11.07.2010 17:01



      Spend a bit more or save and go for the 5770

      The 5830 is a bit of a strange beast, probably one you should avoid.
      Performance falls between the 5770 and the 5850, the problem is when you benchmark it, its far closer to the 5770 than the 5850. If you read into it you realise why. It is essentially a overclocked 5770, it has a wider bus 256bit vs 128bit but the same number of ROPs (16). In other words dont think of this as a slower HD 5850, instead see it as a factory overclocked 5770.
      I know that was a bit technical, but if youre hunting graphics cards you want the best bang for your buck. Dont get me wrong its a fine card and you are getting something for your money, I noted 5-10 fps faster than the 5770 in most games, but I would recommend either spending a bit more money for the 5850 or a bit less for the 5770 and running a heavy overclock.
      Beside that all the usual refinements on the ATI 5000 series eyefinity, HDMI and (the reason I bought this particular card) a blower cooler that exhausts the hot air from your case, rather than as on the cheaper cards with a flower or exposed style cooler that throw heat around your case.


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