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Sapphire Radeon HD 6570

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2013 06:54



      a good card for HTPC or general computing, but for gaming look elsewhere

      you might be tempted seeing as it's only a modest price jump to go from 1gb to 2gb, but don't bother- if you're thinking about gaming with it, but a faster card not more memory- the card won't be able to use the extra memory quick enough to make it useful anyway.

      This card is especially useful for HTPC's- it comes with a low profile adaptor if you have a half height case. You can route the audio through the HDMI output, so it's just one cable between your computer and amp, and if everything else is wireless or internal then you can run just 2 wires into your computer (power in and hdmi out)- very neat!

      I'm usually used to high end gaming cards, so the small size and average build quality didn't exactly thrill me- but it looks pleasant enough and the heatsink is made of metal- a few years back budget cards were much more plasticcy- so things have certainly improved.

      The fan is near silent

      I haven't gamed with this card, but i'd not expect it to be much use- if you want to game then look at a higher end card from last generation, these cheap cards are never designed to be much better than integrated graphics


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      29.11.2012 21:13
      Very helpful
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      A great budget graphics card

      Bit of a change here from my usual movies and music reviews to review the Graphics card that I got a couple of weeks ago. My old NVidia GTS 250 graphics card was a good graphics card although a few years old now and actually I was not buying a new graphics card for the graphics but more because I needed a HDMI port available in the computer. This was due to needing to connect the computer to an AV receiver that I ordered. I had two options, one was to update the sound card to a card with an optical output or the other option is the one I chose to update the graphics card to one with a HDMI output. I will review the main features of the new card and also at times compare it to the GTS 250 to get a direct comparison.


      The Radeon 6570 has three ports. As I mentioned above one is the HDMI and this is the most advanced out of all three. The reason it is the best one to use is that through one cable it provides both the video transmission and the audio. This means for example if you connect your computer up to your TV via a HDMI to HDMI cable that you will only need the one cable to also output the sound through your TV. To do this however you will also need an HDMI slot in your TV. It is also useful in my instance for connecting the computer up to my speakers via the receiver. This all True Dolby 5.1 surround sound which an optical cable cannot provide although they are both digital connections so overall sound quality will only be slightly different.

      The second port is the DVI connection and this in fact provides the same video quality as HDMI, but the key difference is that it does not provide audio. So going back to the TV example even if your TV had an HDMI slot, and you used a DVI to HDMI connector then although you would be able to transmit the video signal to the TV, you would not be able to hear any sound. The third port is the one that will be the first to disappear and that is VGA. This provides lower quality display and unless you use DVI and HDMI on a regular basis, then you may not notice the difference, but with VGA it is a lot less sharp. Most work places are transferring through to DVI and it is just a matter of time till VGA become obsolete.


      This was very easy and although I have a fair bit of experience with opening up computers, I still think it is something anyone can do. Just open up the screws for your casing, literally pull out your old graphics card and replace the new graphics card in its place. It really is that simple. If you are not sure which card is the dedicated graphics card well then my tip is to look at which piece of hardware has the ports coming out of the back of the unit that your monitor was previously connected to. If you are going to attempt to do this yourself don't forget to switch of the power and take out all connections.

      Once you put on your computer you will notice there is basic graphics as you need to install the drivers for the graphics card. Now this is where one of the beauties of Windows 7 comes in. The package did come with a CD to install the drivers, but as long as you have a connection to the internet established then Windows will automatically download and install the drivers, which in this case was 17MB and with an average internet connection this won't take more than a minute. From here you reboot your computer and mission accomplished you now have the Radeon 6570 as part of your arsenal.


      The fan is very important and these days with graphics card there is such a high range, and you even get self-cooling graphics card which do not need a fan. My old GTS 250 card that I replaced was a large card and had a massive section for a fan. Needless to say I did not realise till it was replaced how loud this fan was. With the Radeon 6570 it is very quiet and don't underestimate how important this feature is. You want your PC running smoothly and efficiently and quiet fans are a part of this. The Radeon 6570 has a smaller fan but I am a lot happier with the quieter PC especially with the new power supply I purchased earlier this year.


      My previous graphics card is the GTS 250 which had 2gb dedicated graphics compared to this graphics card which also has 2gb but this was purely based on the reason to do with the HDMI port. I was not buying a graphics card for games but have tried a couple of games out on the Radeon 6570 and know enough on graphics cards to give a fair review. With 2GB graphics you cannot expect a lot as this is on the lower end of the scale however it should be capable at playing most of the latest games but with the most demanding games the minimum requirements is where this will fit in with recommend graphics better standard than 2gb. However if you are intended to play a game along the lines of Black Ops 2 then my advice is do not touch this graphics card and get one of the more advanced Asus graphics card. If you are looking at video playback then there are no faults here and it does not struggle handling 720p files or 1080p.


      At the moment you are looking at about £45 on Amazon for this but the price does go up and down by a few pounds so expect to pay between £40-50. It is a fair price and much better than the on-board graphics. I was determined not to spend too much as I was only buying it for the HDMI port and this fell right in to the price category. There were even cheaper cards like the GTS 610 which are under £30 but I wanted slightly better graphics that at least come close to my previous graphics card so I have no complaints in terms of value for money.


      Overall this is a great budget graphics card and in direct comparison with its NVidia GT 430 there is not much that can separate them so I guess do your research and make a choice between the two. I wanted a card that came close to matching the graphics on the card that was getting replaced as well as having DVI and HDMI ports. This card ticks both of those boxes and combined with the quiet fan, easy installation and great price I have little choice but to give this 5 stars.


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