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Sweex Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2009 14:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Fantastic Product

      The Nvidia GeForce 8500GT is a very competant graphics card. I have used this card in my computer for over a year now, my PC is not the greatest or fastest in the world, single core, 1GB of RAM and this was my main reason for purchasing this card. The fact that it ships with 512MB as standard was what really made it stand out. Many new computers ship with an onboard graphics chipset and these are usually inferior unless you invest in a fairly expensive system or even a custom built unit.

      For this reason i would like to review this product and provide you with my experiences using it.

      First off, this card can games at a very good frame rate, even new games such as Call Of Duty modern warfare. This was my benchmark when comparing this card to other cards i have used. The 512MB provided by this card frees up much more system RAM and makes games run much smoother than they otherwise would. I suffered no major drops in framerate while playing Modern Warfare, however, i could not run Bioshock what so ever. This is interesting to me as both games have similar specs, i put this down to the superior programming of the developers of modern warfare (infinity ward) and not due to the abilities of the card.

      However, this is worthy of note because it is proof that there is no substitute for a powerful computer. Do not purchase this card thinking it will enable you to play the latest games if you do not meet the specifications of the game title, however it will certainly boost your gaming experience if you can run a game already.

      I found on my low end system i could run modern warfare with all settings maxed out and on the highest resolution offered by the game.

      Any game pre 2005 can be run at full resolution with maximum settings using this card and highly recommend it.


      Value for money

      Fantastic performance

      Quite and cool


      Can be fiddly to install


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