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Dewalt D28113

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Brand: Dewalt / Product Type: Angle Grinder

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2012 23:46
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      It'll grind most things smooth with no trouble at all

      I like to do a bit of DIY and over the years I have amassed quite a collection of tools to make my DIY life a little bit easier, and choosing the right tool for specific jobs is crucial to do that very thing.
      When choosing my tools I have to decide over many options, such as power, performance, size, weight, durability and also price, but sometimes one option has to take a back seat when the other options make a certain tool the one I want.
      So recently I have been swapping some of my older tools, the ones which are starting to fail me a little, for more modern tools and in my look out of the tools which fit the list of options that I am looking for I have started down the road that is DeWalt, mainly due to these tools being some of the best tools I have ever used, and I've had the honour of using tools from well known companies called Bosch, Black and Decker and others too.

      So why have I headed down the road that is DeWalt? Well, DeWalt make some rather fine tools, not just for the building and engineering industries but also for the likes of you and I, the humble DIYer who enjoys nothing more than to spent a few hours, (or maybe day, which sometimes turns into weeks, months and years, depending on how wrong things go), tackling a few jobs around the house and garden. And one particular tool from the DeWalt range that I have been using for a while now is the D28113 angle grinder.

      Firstly, let's have a peek at what it looks like first...

      It is the usual yellow and black colouring that DeWalt are best known for and comes in a cylinder shape, sort of, with a 900 watt motor inside, albeit chunky, being about 290mm long and around 80mm in diameter at it's 'chunkiest' part, (not including the disc area), weighing in at just over 2KG, which is light enough to work with even in one hand.
      To turn it on there is a slider on/off button on the side the get the grinder going and you can also 'lock' the grinder when it's on by pressing the on/off button after you've slid it forwards into the on position, this is so that you can let go of the on/off slider and the grinder will carry on spinning. To release this option you simple press the back of the on/off slider and the slider comes back under your control.

      At the rear there is a 'dust extraction system' which, as the name states, helps get rid of the dust that is created when you're grinding away. But do be warned, when grinding metal you will create sparks and sometimes hot metal 'flakes' can shoot out of this extraction system at the back
      Also, at the back, there is the vents which help the heat from the motor get out of the plastic casing and into the atmosphere, helping keep the motor nice and cool whilst it spins around at its 10000 rps. There are vents on the side and also right at the back which are in the right place so that your gloved hand, which is gripping the grinder, is never covering the vents so that the heat can always escape.

      There is a removable side handle, which screws into the grinder and is there to help give you even more control on those longer jobs, so that your arms don't ache too much after hours of one handed grinding. But as this handle is detachable you can take it off if you nee to get into, let's say, smaller areas.

      As for the actual grinding section, the front where the grinder does the grinding, which is just ahead of the detachable handle and therefore keeps your hands well away from the spinning parts, can take a maximum disc size of 115mm.
      There is a spindle lock which when pressed helps detach the grinding wheels and the guard, with the guard itself being a sort of semi-circle being positioned so that any sparks hit it and fly away from the person who's holding the grinder, whilst allowing the grinding wheel to do what it's paid to do.

      Sounds a bit complicated and may put a few people off using such a device, but this is one of the easiest tools that you could ever use, it's just a matter of a bit of practicing and you'll soon be grinding, cutting and even sanding with this powerful little hand tool.

      So what can I use this machine for then..? I hear you ask.
      This grinder can take such head attachments wire brushes, metal cutters and diamond wheel, grinding wheels, abrasive discs and sanding discs, so this tool is a bit of an all rounder when it comes to cutting and finishing. But everything really depends the actual discs that you fit onto the tool.

      But, before you start cutting, grinding, sanding or even before you turn this grinder on, make sure you've got the right safety gear on, such as goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, as with this tool there will be a lot of that, and even good quality gloves, especially when working with metal.
      All good quality safety gear can be bought from DeWalt in fact... (another cheque in the post for me then).
      Right, so you've got the safety gear on and your ready.

      So, depending on the discs of course, this has the power to cut through metal, such as screws, steel rods and even sheet metal, with no trouble at all, although cutting through metals will create a lot of sparks so do be careful.
      Grinding and sanding are more or less then same things, and are both achieved very easily with this machine in no time at all.

      My Opinion...
      This grinder is without doubt another fine addition to my toolbox and I'm glad I bought it, nay, invested in it.
      It weighs next to nothing really and, even though it has more power than a Ferrari Testarossa coming off the production line, which means that I can spend plenty of time actually using it without feeling the need to put it down so I can rest my arms.
      The on/off switch is easily reached by my thumb so that I can slide it on or off without stretching, even with gloved hands, and the lock on/ unlock option is even easier to achieve as it's all there on the same button.

      It's got some power in such a small body yet it's so easy to control and has very little vibration as it spins, although the vibration rate does tend to change depending on what you're actually grinding, but the initial power of this beast is remarkable.
      Changing the 'discs' is a breeze, with it just a matter of a few twist, a pull, a push and another twist... job done and you're ready to get going.
      As for the selection of 'disc', there is one for every job you'll ever need, from cutting steel to sanding wood. Slicing through brickwork to 'buffing' that brass knob, the 'disc' is there to be had at a reasonable price.

      I particularly like the detachable handle, which screws onto the sides, as when I need that extra bit of pressure, or stability, such as getting at that deep rusting patches on metal or slicing through my wife's home made loaf of bread, then it's there to be used. But if I need to get into a smaller area I can simply take the handle off with a few twists.

      I do have to say that I have managed to make many rather large little burns holes in the lower part of my shirts due to the fact that I sometimes forgot to move away from the back of the grinder when I was grinding down metal. So when the hot metal fragments came flashing out of the 'dust extraction' on the rear. So do be warned, when you're grinding metal it's best to stand slightly to the side or you'll end up with jumpers that look like a sieve, or even worse, if the 'sparks' hit your 'nether' region and you don't notice until the pains start.... Ouch.

      As for the price of this grinder/cutter/sander, well, it is selling for around the £100 mark, give or take a few quid either way, although I have seen it on sale for around the £70.00 region.
      But either way, even for the £100, if you need something grinding, especially getting that embedded rust off your old banger, then this is a must and is well worth the money.

      In all, a must for the budding DIYer and a brand that you can trust, even if it does resemble a banana that's gone off.


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    • Product Details

      Angle Grinders Type: Mini Angle Grinders/115mm Disc / Features - Dust ejection system removes majority of debris from the air which passes over the motor, preventing abrasion and tracking - Anti vibration side handle to improve user comfort - New guard design allows guard fitment, adjustment or removal without the use of tools, for incresed flexibility - Fully leaded stator windings for increased motor durability - Small girth allow comfortable griping resulting in superior ergonomics - The low profile gear case allows access in confined area

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