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B.B. Blaster BB10 Amplifier

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2 Reviews

Brand: B.B. Blaster / Model: BB10 / Power: 10W / Type: Mini Amplifier

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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2012 17:20



      Okay if you're on a budget, but poor sound quality isn't really worth it.

      This was my first amp, and hence I have many good memories of this one. I bought this amp when got my first guitar, and it was very cheap (at £50). The sound quality isn't great, it can sound very rough at times and the distortion on it is especially grating. This is to be expected because of the price really, and I would not hold this against it much as it is probably the best quality for the price range. The harsh distortion can also make this amp great for playing more grungy songs, which was great for me when I went through my Nirvana phase!

      The amp is very small, and as a 10 Watt amp, it is not very loud. This means that it is great for home use or for taking to friends' houses, but it is not great for playing live anywhere as it's not particularly loud. The amp has a few different settings which are very confusingly laid out (Beef = gain, Tweak =tone and Enjoy = volume) and as such does not have a great range of sounds available.

      This is a perfect starter amp because of its price and its size, but past buying a starter amp I wouldn't recommend this for anyone really, as the sound quality isn't great and there are far better amps out there for a small increase in cost!


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      12.02.2011 20:31
      Very helpful



      A basic beginners practice amplifier

      ~A basic starter amp~


The starter sized B.B. Blaster BB10 Guitar Amp that I have was bought as part of a small starter pack which had everything in it for the budding guitarist to get to grips with. The set came with an budget priced Encore guitar as well as this little amplifier, plus a few added extras that meant you could literally just take the components straight out of the box and play guitar. Having bought the set some time ago the BB Blaster that came with the set has been in my collection for the last few years and it is still going strong. Although it isn't used as much as it was when it was new due to its limitations it does have its uses at times for certain lighter music styles. The amp is a small sized 10 watts which is reasonably good for use as a beginners mini practice amp as it won't blow your ears off even at full blast although it can buzz too much at higher sound settings which isn't very pleasing to listen to.


~How does it sound?~



There is a standard 1/4 input jack built into the amplifier for plugging in your guitar which works as it should, with the input giving you the chance to use this little amp with other instruments which use the same kind of fitting. The small size of the amplifier case combined with its built in headphone input make this a reasonably good choice (if bought cheaply) for children to begin learning with as it can be set up almost anywhere. The amp has many of the basics on it that a beginner setting out to master the guitar might need, although it will begin to feel a little uncomfortable to listen to when turned up too much for heavier playing styles. This mainly due to the fact that it does lack a certain amount of clarity at higher sound settings and works best at lower sound settings where it buzzes far less. For lighter pieces and at lower settings this little amp works well enough although I feel it should be seen as a stepping stone on to a better, more versatile amp in the long run.

      In use the sounds that come from this little amp are very basic in form and there is some buzz to be heard during use that seems almost unavoidable at times. I have found that for basic use at lower levels the amplifier is able to deliver some pleasing sounds although my over all feeling is that the amp does lack any real refinement meaning it sounds muffled and buzzy on higher settings. As a basic small sized practice amp this little unit does work well enough and it is a fair option if bought as part of a starter set for a beginner to learn to use. There are better amplifiers that can be bought for just a little more than this one sells for on its own, so I wouldn't recommend this if you are thinking of going for a new practice amp on its own.

      ~How does it look/ work?~

      The amplifier is small and neat to look at with a simple black tolex style textured covering to the main body of the casing, with a front grill that has a deep black powder coated metal grid style cover on the front under the control panel. The controls on the amp are easy to get used to and over time you can easily become accustomed to the settings required in order to get the best out of it subject to its limitations. The features of the amplifier are rather limited yet are enough to get you started and the main controls comprise of a series of twist action base, treble, volume and gain controls.

      The push in/ pop out clean or overdrive option is something that the makers of the amp are calling a 'blast' effect as far as I can tell as the sales blurb calls it a 'Zap Button' and says 'Push this little button to get lots more ZAP and blast'. This may sound quite exciting however in reality the effect given when using the so called 'Zap button' is very basic in terms of the types of the over drive sound it can produce and in this case it can be painfully buzzy.


~Neat, compact and portable~


      The size of the amplifier is compact at an over all width of just 305mm, a height of 310mm and a depth of 175mm. The finish of the amp is neat and smart . The control panel has a simple on and off switch set at the front that you press down to power up your amp. The built in power cable is placed neatly at the back of the amp making it is easy use, although it does have rather a short length of cable fitted to it. This means that you may need to budget for a small extension cable if you find that there is no space for the amp close a power outlet. Once you have finished using the amplifier you can store the power cable with its attached plug inside the space at the rear of the amp, being careful not to mess about with the connections of the speaker when doing so.


~Rock steady Eddy!~


The base of the amplifier case has a series of 4 small rubber feet set onto it which are there to allow the unit to sit safely on a flat surface and I have found that these feet work well at making sure the amplifier stays put when in use. The top of the tolex case has a small carry handle built into it that can be easily pulled out when transporting the amp from one place to another. When the handle is no longer required you simply push down on the top of it and it will lay fairly flat on top of the case. The corners of the amplifier case have small plastic bumpers on them which are there to protect the case from knocks and bumps when it is in use and these are strong enough to provide a good amount of protection when needed.

      ~Rating and price~


      When I bought this amplifier it came as part of a complete starter set up that I bought blind online so I was unable to test it out in the flesh. Having owned this for some time I feel it is really only suited to a total beginner as it lacks any real punch, can be muffled and buzzy at times and doesn't give a particularly good clean sound on some settings either. There are ways to maximize the more pleasing sounds that the amp can offer, such as playing at very low levels in order to rule out interference, although this does limit playing styles. All these factors make this amplifier one that is best suited to a younger player who may want to practice their skills taking advantage of the built in headphone input rather than at full blast with the so called 'Zap button' switched to the on position. Prices for this little 10 watt amp on its own sit between £40 to £50 which is a little high for a basic amp as you really only need to pay a few £s more to get a much better practice amp. I don't feel I would have been happy with this had I bought it as a stand alone item although as part of a set such as the one I bought, I feel it was a reasonable buy. My over all rating for this amplifier as a basic practise amp is 3 stars which I feel it more than fair based on its abilities.


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