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Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case

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Brand: Dolphin / Type: Guitar Case / Guitar Accessories

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 16:38
      Very helpful



      A good case at a fair price

      ~Don't call me Jumbo as I am no white elephant!~

      Having recently updated the guitar collection and purchased another lovely new electro acoustic the issue of a new guitar case reared its ugly, bulky and pricey head once again. With the price of a good quality guitar usually costing an arm and a leg it is always wise to invest in a sturdy and well made case if you are going to be transporting your gear from one place to another. Some of the guitars I have are on stands on display, whilst others are in their carry cases which is where the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case comes into play.

      Whilst on the phone to the very helpful sales assistant at Dolphin Music I asked what sort of case might suit my new guitar at which point the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case was mentioned as being one they knew would fit the guitar with some room to spare. The Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case was a new item at the time so there was no picture to go on on the website so the purchase was made blind, trusting purely on the advice of the assistant. As the case has been in use for sometime I felt it was worth reviewing here so a product suggestion was made to allow me to share my thoughts. The case is still available to buy on line with a display picture and some information.

      ~A Jumbo Dolphin you say!~

      When the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case arrived it came in a huge and I do mean huge cardboard box that dwarfed almost everything in its sight and once out of the box it was covered in a protective slightly padded material that had to be taken of so that the case could be fully inspected. Once that was off the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case was there in its full glory looking almost as huge as it did in the box. Although I was told it would be a roomy case I had no idea it was going to be quite so big and I was worried it may be too big for the guitar in question.

      Once the case was opened the inside was inspected and once I was happy that there were no rough edges etc, I tried the guitar in the case for size. The inside of the case has a really nice fluffy black fur kind of finish to it rather than the velveteen material some guitar cases use. The furry inner layer has a good degree of padding underneath it which makes for a nice and cozy soft base on which to place the guitar safely. The entire inner surface has this black fur on it and it all seems to be glued or stitched in place well with no parts that have come away.

      The outer materials used for the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case are very sturdy and strong with the materials used being in a thick black vinyl which stands up really well to knocks and bumps. The hardware on the case is made from a silver chromed effect material and the hinges work well keeping the lid in the right position when the case is left open, so as to not fall down and crush my poor little fingers. The locks on the case have a set of 2 keys with them and 1 of the locks on the case has not worked correctly since purchase.

      I know I could have asked for a new case but I decided not to send the whole thing back as other than that is is well made and works well. The other lock is working and the snap over fasteners that clip down over the case do manage to hold it firmly shut at all times, so the 1 faulty lock is not really a problem. The handle on the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case is well made and offers a good amount of comfort when the case is being carried. The case it bulky and although it is not overly heavy it does need a good strong handle such as the one it has.

      ~The fit and feel of the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case~

      The Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case is a guitar shaped case that offers a good deal of protection to the guitar that sits inside, it although it was not a completely snug fit it was easy enough to sort out the case and get a better fit. With the inner plush material being in a plain black all that was needed was a furry covered piece of foam that was long and slim enough to sit under the bottom of the guitar rather than under it, which would sit around the outer edge of the case. Once that was sorted out the guitar inside had the best fit possible with this case and I would say that depending on your guitars size and shape a little adjusting such as this may be needed yet is not hard to do.

      ~Rating and price~

      Other than the small issues mentioned I feel that the Dolphin Basic Jumbo Guitar Case has worked as it should and the materials used have held up well. The inner section of the case has a compartment for storing other items within it which although common in many guitar cases is a nice feature that can be useful. With the price of the case at full price being £89.49 it is a mid range case that offers good value for money. Over all I feel that the case does what it should and the only real downside is that it is a little larger on the outside than I expected it to be so it does take up a fair amount of room. Over all I feel that the case should get a 4 star product rating as it is very strong and durable and will offer a good deal of protection to many types of electro acoustic/ acoustic guitars at a fair price. I feel Dolphin Music offer a good range of products such as this one that are backed up with good customer care and fair prices.


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