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Gibson EDS-125 Doubleneck

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2002 04:56
      Very helpful



      • "that's all!"

      The Gibson SG twin neck be up there with the Marshall stack in the running for the title "Rock Icon". Made famous by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, he used it live to get all the sounds he required for Stairway to Heaven without mid song guitar changes. The main details you need to know are these: Firstly, the top neck has twelve strings, and the bottom neck has six. You can have one "on" at a time, or you can leave both on to get some very strange sounds. It has four humbuckers, the standard ones you get on a Les Paul or SG, for each neck. The tone is pure Gibson , very warm yet with lots of power. They pickups are also very responsive. The neck profile is very much like an SG, a slim D-profile, so strat users might want to give it a go first! Personally, I think Gibason necks are the greatest out there; they allow for fast playing, accurate chord placement, and they just feel right to me. This guitar weighs one hell of a lot! I cannot describe the difference to a guitarist who has never played one of these, just how much of a difference the extra weight makes. You have to change technique, and so due to the fact the the whole thing is very neck heavy, you actually have to hold it up if you are using a strap. My advice is play it sitting down, and that is when this guitar becomes a really versitile and playable guitar. It is great in the studio, becuase is leaves you with a multitude of humbucker sound options with 12 strings or 6. Live, it can save you having to change guitar mid song. Also, not everyone thinks they want a 12 string, but I have a feeling once you have played one, you'll want one! The cost is not really all that much. for the £1300 you will have to pay for a new one, you could only just buy a Standard LP, or SG. You get two necks, a twelve string to add to your arsenal, and people will remember your pub band if your guitarist has a twin neck. It just looks superb. I don't know why mor
      e people don't have twin necks, when they make a great deal of sense. I would buy this guitar if you are a Gibson fan in need of something a little different. It sounds fabulous to my Gibson tuned ears, and is an instant talking point. Go and try one, and maybe you will see why everyone who has one of these won't part with it.


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