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Epiphone Sheraton II

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Brand: Epiphone / Guitar Type: Semi-acoustic Guitar

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2011 13:43



      Good guitar but faces heavy competition in this price range

      The Epiphone Sheraton is an original. Not a gibson copy. It is a semi-hollow guitar so lends itself well to jazz/blues/fusion and occasionally indie and light rock, this is not a guitar suited for heavier genres like metal, the hollowbody does not contribute the tonal qualities associated with those genres.


      The sound of a semi-hollow is rather mellow, with a definitive focus in the mids and bass. With the neck pickup selected you can get some warm jazzy George Benson style leads, whilst with the bridge pickup selected you can get into the tonal area of 'the kinks' 'white stripes' and other heavily british sounding guitarists. Put the pickup selector into the middle and dial some overdrive in and add a tubescreamer and you have a classic blues tone with a good breakup point, in my opinion these are the qualities that this guitar excels at.


      As stated in other reviews the electronics can be quite poor, on receiving mine I immediately noticed a volume pot was crackly. A simple squirt of contact cleaner was all that was needed to fix this little problem but I have had several other more severe problems (pickups not working) that needed the touch of a professional guitar luthier/repairer. I highly suggest you do your own quality control (since epiphone doesn't seem to do its own) by sending your guitar to a nearby guitar shop and getting it looked over by a professional, this will save you time and money in the long run by fixing the problem(s) at the source.


      I was surprised with the quality and ease at which you can play lead and easily hold a barre chord. The guitar had quite a light action (strings closer to the fretboard) and this made playing a daudle although it is also believed that a lower/lighter action sacrifices tone. One thing that I was dissatisfied with was the back of the neck, the back of the neck is lacquered and so quickly accumulates that gunk and sweat off of the palm of your hands, add 3-4 hours of playing daily into that equation and you have a horrible feeling guitar which is sticky and now awkward to play. If you're just a casual player who picks it up for a strum then I wouldn't worry about problems like this, however, if you plan to take this more seriously then I suggest either taking it to a luthier to get the lacquer sanded down or to do it yourself with extremely fine sandpaper (1500 or higher)


      In general this is a wonderful guitar that suits popular genres of music. The price does not break the bank but the repairs could do.

      Watch yourself, but be glad you got a beautiful looking (and sounding!) guitar.


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      02.07.2009 03:50
      Very helpful



      Great value for money and could be your number one guitar with pups swapped

      Here we have the Epiphone Sheraton II, unlike most Epiphones this isn't a cheap (er) Gibson clone. The Sheraton is an original Epiphone model, though it is quite obviously aiming for the same kind of market as a Gibson ES335.

      The build quality of the Sheraton I had was of a high standard, with only a sligh bit of glue run around the trim of the F holes. The gold hardware on won't stay gold for long, and the bridge quickly wares, though this looks fine and makes the guitar look played and loved.

      The feel of the neck is nice, it's chunky with out going into the Gibson 50s profile, it's how you would want it to feel to be honest. With neatly finished trapezoid markets (mother of pearl) and a nice vine inlay on the head stock. However the pickguard is a horrible thin plastic and the guitar looks a lot better without it.

      How it plays, well it's big. It's semi hollow so you really get a full sound, the action is nice, not high and not low, lends it's self lovely to some blues thanks to the nice size frets.

      The only downside to the guitar is the poor electrics, the pickups are generic and weak, and while ok with a little over drive they do tend to let down an other wise quality guitar. however some money spent on pickups and pots and you have yourself a really nice guitar for a lot less money than a Gibson.


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