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Fender Squier Bullet Str. RW

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Brand: Fender / Guitar Type: Electric Guitar

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2011 20:55
      1 Comment



      Really great guitar for a begginer, good price and easy useage

      I got my fender squier bullet strat guitar around a year ago from a friend who no longer took interest in playing. The guitar is a baby pink colour, good for someone like me who is quite girly. The guitar has a sturdy body and neck, and is not too heavy to hold or too have around the neck for long periods of time. Apparently my friend got it for around £149 which is really excellent for a Fender. The guitar has a beautiful sound and is a great begginers guitar. For me, being a begginer, I found the guitar easy to hold and play. Tuning the guitar is also very easy due to the pegs being along the top of the guitar. The guitar also has volume and tone wheels so it is easy to turn down the volume instead of using the amp. I find the sound comes through great using the amp.


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        07.06.2010 16:57
        Very helpful



        Great Sounding Learner

        Well I've had the guitar just over a year now, It stay's very in tune well and has a pleasent sound. note all guitars are different. They like woman-men, line a group of quads up and there all have some differences..

        They may look the same, but can be very different. I got mine from a store and never tried it before I took it home. But it was fine, the action was ok and packageing was ok too. I also got the cheaper one and thats only because it's pink (lol). Yes pink ones are a lot cheaper.

        The single windings on the pick ups do gererate noise(not really that bad), but that is to be expected on all single coil pickup.

        The only problem I've had is the jack socket nut comes loose and I keep meaning to Super glue it next time I do it up. Better choice would be to use Lock tight from Halfords or something simular.

        This has to be one of the better, if not best under £100 Electronic guitars on the market. Pink one seen today for £63.87... RRP 153.51

        Got to be this or a Yamaha. Both top notch.

        Note the action can be fine tuned on this guitar, if it should be needed. It should on basic setup be about 5mm on the 12th fret (one with 2 dots on it), this is the gap between fret to string center. but this is a personal thing and no stead fast rules here. Just what makes you happy.

        All said and done its made me happy and my wife hates it lol. I got mine in local Cat store.

        Further information! As there were no instructions on how the switching worked, as reguards to pick up selection. Its a five position switch I will try and draw a diagram now lol..(the manual is on the website for it though)

        Right handed version.. This is with switch flipped towards the Jack plug and if your a lefty its the diagram under this one marked lefty!

        00001 this selects only the pick nearest to the Jack plug..
        00010 this selects both the middle and pick up nearest the jack plug..
        00100 this selects only the middle pickup..
        01000 this selects both front and middle pickups..
        10000 this selects only the front pickup..

        Lefty version..

        10000 this selects only the pick nearest to the Jack plug..
        01000 this selects both the middle and pick up nearest the jack plug..
        00100 this selects only the middle pickup..
        00010 this selects both front and middle pickups..
        00001 this selects only the front pickup..

        The Lowest tone control works Jack plug pick up tone!
        The top tone control works the fret end pick up tone!

        Remember its made of wood and will take some time to settle, due to water content in the air etc, this can cause it to change tuning, but should settle very quckly. Like most guitars its made of wood and hydroscopic.

        It comes with Fender strings, which I find had a really nice tone, but for me were noisy on slides on the bass e string, I have since used Earnie balls super slinkies on it and they are a better on slide, although the tone changed a bit, but still very nice! I only switched strings as I broke one of the fender ones, but your suppost to change them regular any way as they do tarnish and the tone and sustain does change with this!


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