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Hagstrom Deluxe 2H

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Brand: Hagstrom / Guitar Type: Electric Guitar

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2008 02:37
      Very helpful



      For the price its a stunning guitar...!!!

      And so the end of an era...

      Having played in a working, Pub, Band for the last 10 years I kind of know I should change my strings before bits of finger tip become ingrained in them, but I still play them till they die and will change them when It feels to upsetting to touch them...!!!

      With two gigs coming up one weekend, and dying strings all around, I set of for two sets from the local mu-so shop.

      As usual the mu-so staff are chillin behind the counter drifting in and out of consciousness, so I wait to get the strings and head over to the racks and racks of guitars with the usual thought, it was time to upgrade my tired old Squire Strat and Epiphone Gibson SG. I look at all the Fenders and Gibson's and I admit, I drawl like a kid in a chocolate factory and then wade in....

      But what to buy...? (If I had the money....!!!)

      I have just about played them all with genuine lust when the strings come back to mind, ah well I think to myself time to go....

      'Hey man' comes a voice I recognise as I place the Gibson Les Paul I have been caressing back in its right full home.

      'Anything you like' he drawls, 'All' I reply with a sigh, just to much dollar...

      'Did you try the Hagstrom' he asked, I explain, that to be honest, I had spotted it as it was one of those guitars that make you glance twice but I had headed for the names that I new and cherished more.
      He looks at me smiles a little, 'try it'.
      I succumb way to easily.... LOL

      I used a Marshall VS 100 H head on clean and Marshall 1965 Cab.

      The Hagstrom D2H:-

      The body is made from solid Mahogany, 40mm, which adds a bit of weight which I like as it feels like a guitar, if you know what I mean.
      The colour, Amber burst, is rich, even and deep and holds well, with a horizontal grain effect that marries with the light and deep amber effects perfectly. It really looks stunning when polished.

      There is no finger board which did give me a concern as the finish is so good, but it does not seem to have faded or scratched during playing so the varnish must be deep.

      There is cream pipping separating the amber from the dark (black) rear of the body.

      One gripe, the bloody front strap lug came of at a gig...!!!
      But a little super glue fixed it, hopefully forever.... LOL

      The whole effect is perfection and I score this 9 out of 10, due to strap lug.

      Body Mechanic's:-
      The tail piece is fed from the rear which can be fiddly with my big sausage fingers, as its a bit like threading a needle when you need to change a string, especially as the eyelets are in two rows, one set forward one rearward.

      There might, or it may be the last two sets of strings I have used which I did not get from my usual supplier, be an issue around the tail piece, as I seem to be unwinding or breaking strings there. Will need to make sure I don't have a burr.

      The strings feed over individual brass blocks which stand on a long travel Tune-O-Matic bridge, I like this a lot as it holds the strings well and can be easily adjusted as the end screw's are BIG and easy to move when setting the guitar up.

      The strings are then fed over the 2x Hagstrom Custom 60 Humbuckers. These I really like they give a true sound with great tone and sustain that goes on and on and on. I usually upgrade the pick ups on all my 'cheaper' guitars to achieve this, but I won't be doing that on this one as there is no need.

      The pick up selector is a three way toggle switch which I find less messy than the Fender 5 way, although perfectly functional, I do tend to hit it to the treble position when I get excited during a gig (LOL) so the position my not be the best.

      And finally there is a volume and tone control which are both well attached, solid and functional.

      All in all I would score this 8 of 10, mainly due to the toggle switch and breaking strings which may be a little unfair.

      The neck is mahogany again with a resonator finger board this is edged with a solid cream trim.

      There are large, 5mmish, dot positions on the face and small black dots on the upward edge of the neck.

      Easy to use and true sound scores 10 out of 10

      The headstock is black with twin ebony pipping running around the edge, and Hagstrom in signature font is also in ebony, and DH2 in plain font. There is a serial number on the back.

      The machine heads are Hagstrom die cast ones which are solid and have no play, and do not tend to drift during gigs, so tuning is held well.

      It looks good so 10 out of 10

      So that's it, a beautiful looking guitar with a very high class finish that sounds and plays like a dream.
      I use it to play Rock and punk style stuff and it is easily at home with these styles and more.

      Would I buy another...???

      Damned right I would...

      Would I recommend it...???

      To be honest I would say its a £1,000 guitar for around £400 So yes as its a bargin....


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