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Jim Dunlop Instrument Strap Button

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Brand: Jim Dunlop / Type: Strap Retainer Button / Model: 7100SI

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 16:36
      Very helpful



      A useful replacement item

      ~Need to fit a guitar strap? Then get one of these!~

      There are a number of reasons why a person may want to buy one of the Jim Dunlop Instrument Strap Buttons from the range available, as whilst you may think that all guitars of all types come with a set of strap buttons pre fitted, very often you find that some types of electro acoustic and acoustic guitars only have the one strap button at the back end of the guitar body, leaving you with a limited choice of tie on type guitar straps should you want a strap fitted to your guitar.

      There are other options that will allow you to use a normal guitar strap by using a strap hook just under the nut of your guitar at the neck which do work well, although for some a more permanent option like one of the Jim Dunlop Instrument Strap Buttons shown here is a better solution. When wanting to fit a new or replacement Strap Button to your guitar at the heel which is where you would normally find a pre-fitted strap button, a certain amount of care and consideration ought to be taken prior to fitting. After all one wrong move with a drill bit could make a dreadful mess of your guitar body.

      ~Fitting and ease of use~

      To use one of these Instrument Strap Buttons is easy enough once the site has been prepared and drilled into, as the screw in part of the strap button can be fixed in using a standard screwdriver with only minimum effort and pressure needed to ensure a secure fit. The other part of the fitment is where the button hole of your guitar strap is pushed over on to, allowing your guitar strap to be firmly attached and ready for use. The area where the Strap Button is going to be placed does need to be marked prior to drilling and care should be taken to use the right sized drill bit. I have found that sometimes the screw itself will benefit from a little wax in order to help it screw in with ease.

      Main issues of concern when installing the Strap Button would be where the neck bolt is placed if your guitar has a bolt on neck, as fitting the strap button in a hole drilled too close to that may compromise your guitar. I have had two guitars that were in fact electric guitars which had to have new strap buttons fitted as both ended up with loose strap buttons, which in one case meant I had to replace the existing part with a Jim Dunlop Strap Button as I lost the original fitment. Before fitting the new re sited Strap Button the previous hole had to be sealed up so that it could be re drilled for use.

      The new Strap Button which was fitted to one of the guitars has stayed in place well as I made sure to make the new drill hole just the right size to take the fitment and added a small amount of super glue to the inside of the hole which was then allowed to dry fully before screwing in the Strap Button. By adding the super glue to the hole prior to fitting this Strap Button in place you can make the space left for the little Strap Button to screw into more snug which gives a better, longer lasting, more secure fit.

      For times like this when the existing drill hole has become overly large you can easily plug it with a slim wooden dowel and then once the glue has dried re drill that and insert the screw of the Strap Button. Another solution I have used on an older Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar was to insert a small sized wall plug which I glued in place and allowed to dry before re fitting the original strap button. This second system worked really well and as the wall plug was the same colour as the body of the guitar it didn't look out of place at all once finished.

      However you chose to prepare the site for the fitting of a new Strap Button like this one on no account should you fit one of these to a guitar where you have freshly glued the hole that has been made, as wet sticky glue will stick to the strap button screw and make adjusting it a problem later on. The same goes for applying glue to the screw itself as that will again cause problems if you need to adjust the fitment later on. Other than that these replacement Strap Buttons are an easy fit item that can be used on many guitars to make a firm base to fit your guitar strap onto.

      ~Price and rating~

      As these Strap Buttons are make from a durable silver nickel metal material they should prove to be long lasting and durable when in use. The cost of buying a new Jim Dunlop Strap Button is as cheap as chips with them being very often no more than 99p each and they will last well if placed correctly. Another option that can be considered and is perhaps worth fitting are a set of good quality strap locks which make taking off your guitar strap easier as you can disconnect the strap from your guitar with ease, without having to fiddle with the button hole fitment every time. Over all I feel that the price you pay for one of these is fair enough and if used correctly this product should perform as well as any other similar strap button would, so my rating for the product is 4 stars.


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