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Johnson Travel Guitar

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Brand: Johnson / Guitar Type: Semi-acoustic Guitar

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2009 00:33
      Very helpful



      This is a good travel guitar that will make the person who takes the risk happy

      Johnson, hardly an awe inspiring name is it, not up there with Gibson or fender etc, so lets get the name out of way. It's pretty much a generic Asian made guitar, but this is no bad thing at all, the exact same guitar will often be sold for a lot more money with Ozark on the headstock instead.

      Now this guitar is designed to be compact, and it certainly is that, perfect for some camp fire strumming for sure.

      The construction of the one I played was good, don't get me wrong the quality of materials was hardly mind blowing, but then I have seen worse on guitars costing more money, and everything thing on this guitar was done to a decent standard.

      The fret work was nice and tidy, ok there was one or two sharp edges on a few frets but it's hardly the end of the world (and I have played £2000 Gibson's with worse). The action was decent enough, though maybe the string spacing is going to prevent any serious finger picking, though that is down to the size and spacing of the strings rather than the set up.

      The nut was well cut giving a medium action, and the bridge was well placed with innotation being fine (if not spot on). With a laminate construction the sound was springy and of course the size means you lose some of the base, but again not a bad thing.

      Volume wise, this is pretty decent, it's not got the boom of a dreadnaught, but then you wouldn't want or expect it to. It's close to a nice chimey parlour type guitar, with a nice bit of top end on it.

      This guitar is worth the money but I feel without a big name on the headstock people will over look it for something that plays worse but has a better name on the headstock.


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