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Music-Man Stingray 3-EQ RW

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Brand: Music-Man / Guitar Type: Bass Guitar

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2008 03:30
      Very helpful
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      This is a must have for the serious gigging player!

      The musicman stingray is a true piece of beautiful machinery. I started using one around 5 years ago and I've never looked back. Once you've set up your bridge height and pick up to suit your personal style, (unfortunately they don't come set up from the shops), you'll be enjoying the benefits of the musicman's active control capability (powered by 9v battery) which allows more punch and texture to your playing. With the correct amount of tampering to your bridge settings along with using the 3 tone pot's for treble, mid and bass you can achieve a beautifully aggressive grunt, which adds to an already naturally 'buttery' sound. Perfect for funk players yet easily capable of lending itself to any style of music, use it in the studio or live! this thing will blow your socks off!
      The sound in the studio is impecable, and any sound engineer worth his salt should be able to make you sound great, due to the positioning of the peizo pick up close to the bridge, picking out all of those lovely high end frequencies.
      When used live I feel the stingray really comes into it's own. Depending on your amp set up, this bass is perfectley audible and is just as effective when going straight into a P.A. system. When using lower to mid priced basses, you can often lose attack and bass power. Whereas the musicman cuts through perfectly into the live mix adding a certain phatness and presence to your stage sound.

      Right, it's not all fun and games with this thing! You've got to remember that this beast is so finely tuned that little things like changes in temperature can affect it. From experience I know that exposing this bass to well above or below room temperature can warp the truss rods inside the neck of the guitar. Which in turn will screw up the amount of sustain (amount of time you can hold one note for) you can achieve. So I suggest a good solid case as a home for it when it's not in use, away from radiators or open window's.
      Apart from that one downside, I cannot find a reason to be mad at this piece of kit! If your on the look out for a new axe then definately give this a thought, you won't regret it!


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