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Paul Reed Smith CE 22

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Brand: Paul Reed Smith / Guitar Type: Electric Guitar

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2010 00:28
      Very helpful



      A beautifully made guitar that exudes class and is oh such a nice change from Fender & Gibson

      So, I would like to review a guitar that I picked up a while ago and have enjoyed playing.

      The PRS CE 22 is a 22 fretted typically Mahagony guitar made in the US. The CE, I believe standards for Custom Electric. It is fitted out with two pretty mean sounding Dragon II humbuckers. As far as I am aware the model has now also been discontinued, so this may or may not affect retail price (possible end of line reductions) and may alter their second hand value (depending upon how desirable they are to other players).

      So the PRS is supposedly a fusion of a Fender and a Gibson and gives you a sound somewhere in between, unfortunately having never played a Gibson for a period of time I can't say but will instead focus on what I do know.

      Firstly, the workmanship of the guitar appears second to none, I am often pretty heavy on guitars when playing and the guitar has stood up to this well. Th guitars apparenty have pretty intensive manual workmanship upon them and are finished with high quality glosses. PRS are known for pretty intricate fret detailing with birds, however these models have the more traditional dot inlay, however to add class they are Abalone/Poa dot inlays that really look good and catch the light (similar to the deluxe fender stratocasters).

      The guitar has locking nuts on the tuners, these are simple to use and make restringing the guitar a two minute job, easily do able between songs during a gig!!!

      The guitar plays beautifully as well, PRS have a wide fretboards that can come in two thicknesses, I thought initially that I would not like this and struggle playing but have found that I am actually much quicker moving around the fret board. Barre chords prove no problem, but as is common those with shorter fingers may struggle, even more so with this. The thin neck however may resolve this. To wear, this guitar is light and extremely comfortable. Good for those of you who find Gibson's weigh a tonne. I also find it more comfortabl to play than any of the fenders I have ever owned.

      The sound produced is heavier than that of a Fender but can produce clean tones, not as trebbly as a Fender Strat or Tele. Switching between the neck and Bridge pickups is either via a dial or a switch, depending on what was installed in the factory. Awesome sound out of the bridge pickup and the Dragon II humbuckers really do hammer out the volume. Switch on dostortion and you have a really nice dirty tone. It has been suggested that the guitar isn't suitable for metal but I think Creed's guitarist would probably disagree and for a thin guitar it has pretty good sustain.

      All in all I am thoroughly pleased with it. The guitar is beautiful to look at and an absolute dream to play (which is the important bit). It is definitely a change from the stock Fenders or Gibson's that seem to litter most music shops, so you get to look a little different to the crowd.

      As with all guitars you need to have opportunity to try them out before commiting yourself. Play it for as long as you can on a nice clean channel so you can hear what on earth the guitar sounds like. Also play other guitars so you can ascertin what kind of sound you would like from a guitar. These are exspensive guitars and it i worthwhile making sure you like it.


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