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Rockbass Corvette Basic 4

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Brand: Rockbass / Guitar Type: Bass Guitar

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2011 01:00
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      Great bass for rock

      I bought the Warwick Rockbass 4 years ago as a back up bass for rehearsals and gigs I originally went looking for a 2nd hand bass but came across a new Rockbass for £180 which was a bargain compared to the retail price which was around £350 at the time.

      The Rockbass is Warwicks answer to the Fender Squier range or G&L Tributes which are licensed by the companies but built elsewhere usually from cheaper parts to keep costs down giving entry level players the chance to own an instrument from a well known brand at an entry level price. Rockbasses are designed and licensed by Warwick but unlike the real Warwicks which are built in Germany the Rockbasses were originally built in Korea then production was moved to China.

      The build quality of the bass surprised me I had read reviews which said the China built basses were lower quality than the earlier Korean models but I could not find fault with my bass the frets were perfect and there were no flaws to be found anywhere on the bass. The bass has a pretty good spec for the price unlike many lower range basses the Rockbass Corvette has an Alder body the body on mine is black but the finish is translucent so you can see the grain of the wood under the colour topcoat and the finish is perfect.

      The bass was well set up when it arrived the action was quite low with no fret buzz anywhere so only needed tuned up and it was ready to go.I'm not sure if this was the way it came from Warwick or if the shop I bought it from gave it a quick set up but it was one of the first basses I have bought that did not need any adjustments straight out of the box.

      The bass has 2 J/J active MEC pick ups with 2 way active electronics the sound is perfect for rock music
      although this might not be the ideal bass for a jazz band for Rock Metal Blues or Punk it sounds fantastic. The only downside is the active electronics require a 9 volt battery which can die unexpectedly especially if you forget to unplug the bass when you finish playing this caught me out a few times as every other bass I have owned has had passive rather than active electronics.

      The Rockbass Corvette is a 34" long scale with 24 frets a bolt on Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard for me personally I found the neck on the Rockbass is quite chunky and took a bit of getting used to after playing a slim Jazz neck but like any other bass if you play it enough you will get used to the neck. I wasn't too keen on the stock roundwound strings on the bass but that's purely personal opinion i have always played with flatwound strings so after 2 weeks with the Warwick Red Label strings I changed them for TI Flats which for me made the bass near perfect.

      The one thing I hated about this bass was the Warwick straplock system which failed on me several times I'm not sure if I was unlucky and got a bad set but it's never pleasant to watch your bass heading towards the floor as the quick release straplock decided it would release itself without warning. The straplock consists of a pin you attach to your strap with metal washers which then locks into the straplock on the bass then you only need to press a button to release it. This is a great idea in theory but sadly it didn't work for me in practice and left my bass with a 2 inch score on the back of the body where the bass caught the corner of an amp in an unplanned quick release moment.

      The Warwick Rockbass Corvette is a great bass for any player it would be ideal for a first bass but also great for experienced players who like the Warwicks looks but don't fancy the price tag of a German built Warwick. It's an excellent bass with the perfect sound and looks for rock or metal players I've played several gigs with this and endless rehearsals and apart from the occasional battery dying it never let me down. I always fancied trying a German built Warwick after owning this bass but in all honesty it would have to be amazing to make me want to pay the extra over the Rockbass although if I was buying another I would probably go for the passive version rather than the active one.


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