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Rockcase RC-10606 B Case

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2 Reviews

Brand: Rockcase / Type: Guitar Accessories - Case for electric guitars

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2011 14:15



      good protection

      Buying a guitar is a difficult choice and finding the right one can be a long job. Keeping it safe should be a priority for most people, but many forget and accidents happen. You may chip or crack your brand new guitar. So buying a case for your guitar should be an obvious choice.

      This case, the rockcase, is aimed at people who want premium protection at a medium price, these can be bought for £40-60. The design and construction is very sleek, with black material covering what I'd assume be a wood frame. The black design has some stripes at either side with the company logo off to one corner. Whilst this isn't the most original design it does the job and looks fine.

      Most guitars should fit into the case with the exception of stranger design shapes such as flying V and explorer types. Inside a smooth lining ensures no scratches to your guitar there's even a compartment for picks, whammy bars leads etc.

      I have personally dropped this case with a guitar inside and not only did the guitar survive unharmed but so did the case, although the outer material was scuffed a bit. Also if your going gigging the case should be fine stuffed in the bottom of a van with a dozen flight cases piled on top also.


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      19.05.2011 22:45
      Very helpful



      A good case for a fair price

      ~Get ready to lock, rock and roll with Rockcase!~

      Having spent many hours picking out a guitar that suits your needs from the many wonderful variations you can buy both online and in store, the idea of picking out a suitable case in which to keep and transport your new purchase is something that does need a little thinking about. The choice of case of course is highly dependent on the style and type of guitar that the case needs to house and with all guitar cases being far from equal, I find it is best to seek advice about which types of case will best suit your choice of guitar prior to purchase.

      I have found that this simple yet sleek looking black toned guitar case made under the Rock Case brand, which sells as model number 10606B/SB offers a good deal of protection to your electric super strat type guitar when it is stored away safely. In use I have found that the case is easy to use, with a strong sturdy frame that keeps the guitar inside safe and secure. The outside of the case has a neat and smart appearance with a strong and reliable carry handle that can be used when transporting your guitar from one place to another, although my feeling is that the handle could have had a little more padding to soften any hand strain when carrying the case once fully loaded.

      ~Super sleek black tolex~

      The slightly textured black tolex outer casing that tries hard to mimic leather, does fall a little short in the durability stakes, as over time it can scratch and tear slightly and I have found that I have needed to repair the tolex in places where it has become torn and has come away from the wooden inner frame of the case. This was easily helped with a light application of glue from a small glue stick which was used to coat the back of the tolex lightly, so that it could be re stuck where needed.

      I have found that the repairs made in this way have held firm so far and in the main the small areas that were damaged were on and around the base side of the case where it had been knocked around during general use over time (meaning that they do not detract from the neat and simple look of the case now they have been repaired). The simple black tolex used for the main body of the case is complimented by two stitched white/ light grey seams that run vertically down the ends of the case both back and front, which I feel gives the case a small yet subtle detailed look that makes the case look both neat and minimal at the same time.

      The small manufacturers logo is set neatly on the bottom edge of one side of the case which again adds to the neat smart appearance of the case and so far this has remained in place with no scuffing or damage. None of the stitching or trim details used to finish the case have come away over time and the over all look is still quite neat and smart. The case locks via two simply operated chromed silver metal locks that can be opened and closed/ locked with one of the two keys which are supplied with the case. The locks and keys are simply executed and are adequate and up to the job and I feel that the case as a whole is mostly easy to handle, transport and use as required.

      ~Silver chrome catches and latches~

      The series of silver chrome metal latches that run along the top edge of the case are well spaced and with there being a total of four latches in situ, the case is able to be quickly opened up or securely closed when needed with very little fuss. The ends of the case have silver metal trims which help to protect both case and guitar from knocks and bumps and so far these have remained in good condition. The hinges which hold the case open or closed work well and have had no issues with squeaks or slackness, with them working as well now as when the case was new.

      The base of the case has a series of four rounded silver metal raised fitments/ feet on it, which allows the case to be set down on a floor or flat surface without having to place the black tolex material used for the outer layer directly onto the floor. These metal fitments/ feet do seem to help to extend the life of the case by protecting the tolex outer material from serious damage, although they can cause scratching to flooring if the case is pushed around heavily when set down, which is why I would recommend a little care is taken as you place the case down when opening or closing it up.

      ~He ain't heavy ... he's my Rockcase~

      The case weighs in at just over 13 lbs when empty and will of course weigh in much heavier depending on the weight of the guitar placed in side it. I have used this case with a Schecter guitar which has a similar shape to the Ibanez S series electric guitars and have found the case suits the guitar well when in use, yet it can also be used with many other super strat type guitars too. I have found that there is more than enough room to fit the guitar in place, with there being a fair amount of interior padding to the case which offers a good level of protection. As far as I am aware there has been no damage to the guitar since it has been used in conjunction with the case, which I tend to use to store the guitar in when not in use and have also used to transport the guitar from A to B when needed. As mentioned the carry handle is well placed but could have had a little more padding to it to make carrying the case when fully loaded a little easier.

      ~Black velveteen...oh what a bad machine~

      The inside edges of the case have been strengthened with foam rubber for added protection and the outer covering is made from a silky black velveteen type material that has proven to be durable and smart looking and although I have not had to clean it off as yet, it appears to be made of a material that could be lightly sponge cleaned if required. There seem to be no rough edges to the inside of the case that would harm the lacquer or finish of a guitar if accidently knocked against the sides when taking the guitar out of the case etc and I have had no issues relating to this type of thing.

      The additional neck cushioning used inside the case seems to offer a good deal of protection to the guitar once set in place and the fit and shape of the inside of the the case works well with the guitar. There is a storage compartment to one side which offers space for a trem arm, spare strings, plectrums, etc and a smaller shorter guitar lead, although if wanting to place a longer lead in the case the fit may be some what snug. This type of case is sold as a super strat type case although it will suit a number of guitar styles within it as it is roomy enough to do so.

      ~It's a frame up~

      The 5mm thick wooden frame used for this case seems durable and stable when in use and I feel it should protect your guitar well enough if the case is well looked after. The padding on the inner parts for the case seems able to cushion a guitar well enough if placed into the case with care. At the time of purchase there was an option to buy this case in either black, brown or snake skin tolex or as a tweed style finish. As I have not used the tweed style case I can say it looked rather nice and although I am unable to comment on the durability of the material used I would assume it ought to be at least as good as the tolex material used for the other finishes.

      ~Price and rating~

      Prices for this case can and do vary from £40 to £60 depending on where it is purchased making it a well priced guitar case that is both functional and smart at the same time. The sharp and neat finish and long/ low rectangular shape of the case make it easier to store away when not in use than many guitar shaped cases are. I have found that these types of case can easily be slotted in behind furniture, or stored in a large cupboard etc when not in use if space is a problem. Over all I feel that the case does what it should for a fair price which is why it ought to get a 4 star product rating.


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