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Stagg SG-A108BK Acoustic/Electric Guitar Stand

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3 Reviews

Brand: Stagg / Model: SG-A108BK / Type: Acoustic/Electric Guitar Stand

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    3 Reviews
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      27.07.2012 16:23
      Very helpful



      a cheap, handy, guitar stand

      I adore music and have a number of instruments in my house. My electric guitar used to be hidden in its case and place out of the way. However, my brother bought a Stagg SG-A108BK Acoustic/Electric Guitar Stand and it was perfect to show off his pride and joy. I was starting to create a music room and thought to copy him to add a bit of style to the room and show off the guitar.

      The Stagg stands alone with two legs crossing together to support a guitar above the ground. Two metal hooks keep the guitar in a upright position and provide a great display. The metal hooks/arms are covered in a soft foam. This foam is ideal as it protects the guitar from scratches and wear. The entire frame is made of metal that is sturdy and difficult to knock over by accident. What is great is that the top part is hinged to allow you to fold the legs together making the stand easy to store away. Four little rubber stoppers sit on the legs. These a very handy as they prevent the stand from sliding and stop any scratching from the metal frame on the floor.

      I found the Stag stand at my local music shop (Ape Music) for a reasonable price of £16.99 that seemed good value to me. Having looked online you can get it cheaper down to £8.99.

      For the year I have had the Stagg I have never had a problem. It props my guitar on the display and makes it so easy to have a quick strum. It allows me to provide a constant music to my developing room. £16.99 for me was a great price, but when it is even cheaper online I can't find any excuse not to buy this.


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        10.03.2012 01:10
        Very helpful



        A cheap but reliable guitar stand

        Not too long ago I had guitars sloppily placed all over the house - some were rested against wardrobes and cupboards, and others could be found leaning against the walls, often resulting in chipped paint. After getting out of bed and sending my Fender acoustic crashing down the stairs whilst on the way to the bathroom one night, I decided that enough was enough, and I went out to buy a guitar stand. The one I chose wasn't bought after extensive research to see which was the best - it was simply the only one they had at my local music shop. The product in question is the Stagg SGA108BK, which can be used with either electric and acoustic guitars.

        Price, Availability, Design and Specifications
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        As well as being readily available in music stores (as my previous paragraph demonstrates), the Stagg stand is also sold in many online shops. From Amazon, the device retails at £7.99, although the recommended retail price is £14.99.

        The stand takes the form of a black metal a-frame which is fairly small and unobtrusive. There's no assembly needed - just pull the two top sections apart and it's ready to have a guitar placed upon it. The arms that the guitar sits on are covered by a soft rubber foam substance, which means there will be no chance of your favourite instrument getting scratched. The stand is supposed to be universal, and the base is adjustable so that it will fit most standard guitar shapes. When it's not being used, the stand can handily be folded flat - and it's not too heavy either, so transporting it around isn't an issue. The legs have rubberised feet to prevent slippage, meaning that it will happily sit on carpeted or tiled floor.

        Performance & Final Word
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        In my experience of using the SGA108BK, i've found that it holds my guitars firmly and without any chance of them falling onto the floor. The rests that the guitar sits on do have a little flex (which I was slightly worried about at first) - but they've proved to be stronger than they appear, and have been reliable over the years. For the price, the Stagg is excellent - there are a number of pricier guitar stands on the market which may feel a little sturdier, but this particular one does everything that I need it to do - recommended.


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          22.01.2011 00:21
          Very helpful



          A well made and durable stand

          ~A Stagg-erinlgy good stand~

          The Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is one of a range of guitar stands that I have had in use over a number of years and I am happy to say that this compact and neat guitar stand has been helpfully holding a large bodied acoustic guitar safely in its arms for at least the last 5/6 years with no problems at all. If ever there was a simple to use, well made guitar stand that would suit a wide range of guitar shapes and sizes at a fair price then it has to this Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand. When wanting to review the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand here on Dooyoo it wasn't listed so a product suggestion was made in order to allow me to share my thoughts about it as it is still available to buy.

          The all round abilities of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand make it a reliable place to store/ stand your guitar when it is not in use and for those who prefer not to keep all their guitars in cases this little stand is something that can easily cope with the weights/ dimensions of many large bodied acoustic/ electro acoustic guitars as well as a wide range of electric guitars. At the moment I have a thick bodied acoustic on the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand and I have found that it sits well with no rocking or movement that would cause any damage to the guitar, as long as I make sure the guitar is seated right when I place it into the stand.

          I feel that the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is a well priced and well made piece of equipment that has lasted really well and has not rusted or seized at all. The metal, plastic and rubber parts of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand are all in A1 condition and I feel that I certainly made a good choice when buying this particular product. When in use the stand sits nice and steady on a flat surface and I have no worries that it will tip over when a guitar is placed on it, as it is well balanced with a locking mechanism which makes sure that what ever setting I have picked, the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand will remain rock solid.

          ~A little more about this Stagg stand~

          The Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is a simple A frame type guitar stand that offers a good amount of strength when it is safely locked into position. There are three settings that I can choose from which allow me to adjust the height of the stand and the distance between the legs of the stand at the same time. I find that this is very useful as sometimes when wanting to move music equipment around I find that space can be at a premium. I have found that having the option of standing the guitar stand with the support legs a little closer together means that I can also fit more guitars into a row for display and storage purposes if need be and as I only have a limited amount of space available this has been a simple feature I have made use of.

          The way that the three settings works is that there are three small holes/ spacers near the top of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand in the black plastic covered section which are placed to allow you to slide the support legs further away or closer together by pressing in the metal stud/ button that is positioned on one of the legs. By pressing in the button you can choose which of the three settings is most suited to your needs at the time and to set the stand and lock it in the desired position all you do is let go of the button. Once the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is locked into position the only way that the sturdy A frame shape can be altered is by pressing the metal button back in. This really makes for a safe and secure base for your guitar with minimum effort in order to get the set up right.

          ~Main features~

          A frame foldable guitar stand
          Main frame made from steel construction
          Two foam padded cradling hooks/ arms
          Back rest with small soft rubber covered section
          Spring loaded lock pin mechanism to keep stand in position
          100% portable guitar stand
          Black powder coated finsih
          Adjustable width from 20cms to 34cms
          Total weight on its own is 1.5Kg

          ~Can the stand be folded away when not in use?~

          There is a fourth spacer/ hole at the end of the three settings which will allow the stand to be closed down completely which will make it as close to being flat as it can be. This is useful as it means that the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand can be stored away if wanted when it isn't needed and will take up very little room. The metal parts of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand are finished in a black powder coated type paint effect that gives a neat and unobtrusive look to the stand, meaning that the thing that catches your eye when the stand is in use is your guitar rather than the actual stand. The steel used to make up the main body of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is reasonably light yet strong and the rubber fittings that sit on the leg bases fit securely in place with enough texture to make for a firm base.

          The cradle arms of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand are shaped to allow a good variety of guitar types to sit safely in the stand and whilst they may look ungainly the fact that they are shaped this way really does mean that they offer a good degree of stability for your guitar when sitting pretty on the stand. The cradle arms are covered in a black soft and foamy covering which protects the parts of the guitar that come into contact with it, which makes for very little chance of scratches and knocks to the lacquer or finish on your guitar base. The tips of the cradle arms have plastic end stops on them which mean there are no rough edges that you can end up catching a guitar on when taking the guitar out to use it.

          ~How else will the stand support my guitar~

          The back of the top section of the A frame used to make up the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand has a simple black plastic cover on it which stops fingers or anything else that comes into contact from it from becoming trapped. The plastic cover has a dual purpose make up as it also provides support for the back of your guitar as it comes into contact with the back when you sit it into the stand. As long as the guitar is placed into the stand at an evenly centred position it should stay put with no sliding about at all. There is a very small foamy lightly padded section built into the plastic part that is no more then 1 cm in depth and 3 cms across which is there to stop the back of your guitar from banging against the plastic and becoming scuffed.

          This padded section is near enough flush with the main body of the stand. Whilst this super tiny built in foamy pad can work well to a certain degree, you can if wanted give it a helping hand by placing a further piece of super slim foam padding there which can be stuck down with super glue, although you do need to make sure that the padding is no more than a few millimetres in depth as you may end up effecting how well the guitar fits and rests on the back rest when in place. These skinny padded foam type sheets are easy to source as they are often sold in craft shops etc for making cards. In my experience just one cheap slim foamy black toned sheet is enough to make additional mini sized comfort pads for a good number of guitar stands should you want them.

          ~Summary, price and rating~

          As mentioned previously the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand I have has been in use for a number of years with no issues what so ever and I have been pleased with how it works. The stand is well made from durable materials that have not suffered any ill effects at all even though the stand is in almost constant use. One thing that I ought to mention is the fact that there is a disclaimer type sticker on my stand that says parts of the stand may effect the lacquer or finish of your guitar if they come into contact with it. Having had this guitar stand in use for a number of years I am pleased to say that I have not noticed anything like that and I took the text on the sticker to mean that if you were to bang, or knock any part of your guitar against any of the rubber , plastic or metal parts of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand it may end up transferring some colour to your guitar.

          As I have not had any problems like that when using the stand, I feel that it is more a case of Stagg making you aware that you should remove your guitar from the stand with care so as to minimize the chances of any damage happening, which is fair comment. I would recommend that you take care when removing a guitar from the stand if you have placed it in with its strap in place, as the strap could catch on the cradle arms or other parts of the stand, other than that the stand is very easy to use and should provide you with many years service if you look after it. Prices for the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand are cheap as chips and I have seen the stand on sale for a little as £7.99 up to no more than £12.99, which I feel is very good value for a stand that will last for such a long time. As far as rating the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand I feel that as there have been no issues with it at all I am more than pleased with it and as such I feel it ought to get a full 5 star product rating.

          NB: This review of the Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stand is based on an opinion of a product that has worked well as a universal guitar stand. I will say that with guitars all being of different sizes, shapes and finish you may want to try your guitar out in one of these Stagg SG-A108BK Guitar Stands prior to buying, so as to check for the best fit possible. It may be that this stand won't suit your guitar although you should find something similar that will, having tried this stand out with both acoustic and electric guitars it has performed well when I have used it which is why I have rated it with 5 stars.


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