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Adee Phelan Curls Just Wanna Have Fun Styler

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Brand: Adee Phelan / Type: Molding Products / Working for: curly hair

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2009 18:54
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      As Seen on There's Something About Mary

      Despite the advent of GHDs, I have neither the time nor the inclination to straighten my curls on daily basis. And so I spend what seems like a fortune on assorted mousses, sprays and gels that promise to make my hair look lusciously curly rather than tired and frizzy. So when I spotted the lime green tube of Curls Just Wanna Have Fun on the discount shelf in my local Tesco, I couldn't resist grabbing it for the pricely sum of 80 something pence. Having looked online since, it appears the RRP of is closer to the £8 mark so it would seem I got quite a bargain, or did I?

      Curls Just Wanna Have Fun is a styler from a range of products by Adee Phelan. As with the GHDs, I have neither the time nor the inclination to look up who he is, though I have a sneaky suspicion he is one of those hairdressers of some reality show or other who has attempted to achieve a modicum of success following his five minutes of fame as part of a fly on the wall documentary. Whoever he is doesn't particularly matter to me. But the product's promise to protect, condition and define my cheeky curls certainly did catch my eye and it wasn't long before I found myself giving it a go before a night out on the town.

      Initially, everything went well. The styler has a gel like consistency only slightly runnier which makes it very easy to apply. It's recommended that you squeeze the products onto your hands and then scrunch through damp hair which is exactly what I did. You can follow it by using a hairdryer but I prefer to let my hair dry naturally. And so after a couple of glasses of wine and a few outfit changes, I was ready to paint the town red and show off my 'riotous bodified curls' (in the manufacturer's words not mine!)

      The evening seemed to go well and certainly my friends cooed over my curls as they always do, despite the fact that they all choose to straighten their hair to within an inch of its life. Much fun was had by all and I headed home where I examined myself in the mirror as I always do to assess how much of a drunken fool I now looked. Fortunately my makeup was still in tact, my cleavage was still reasonably well covered but, heavens above, what was that stuff in my hair? I have not seen There's Something About Mary, but even I am familiar with the infamous 'hair gel' scene. And as I looked at my hair, I noticed it was filled with some rather worrying looking white gunk that had half dried. I had been a well behaved girl on the evening in question and could only assume that I had been involved in some horrifying incident that I had chosen to block from my memory. So I jumped in the shower to clean away the offending gunk and headed to bed.

      I chose not to think about the events of that horrifying night again until I next came to use the Curls Just Wanna Have Fun one morning before heading to work. Sure enough, as soon as my hair dried, there was the offending white gunk again. I have since tested my theory and can confirm that whilst Curls Just Wanna Have Fun, they don't wanna look like they have nasty stuff holding them in place. It's strange really since the product is clear but it dries to a horrid white semi-solid, semi-liquid finish that closely resembles one thing and one thing alone. In case there are any children reading, I shall refrain from explicitly stating what that thing is but I'm sure anyone who is familiar with the story of the birds and the bees will catch my drift.

      Needless to say, even at 80 something pence, this is a product that doesn't provide value for money and certainly doesn't leave you with the luscious locks you might hope for. It is without a doubt, a product for curly haired girls everywhere to avoid.


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