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Alberto Advanced V05 Freeze Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Alberto / Texture: Gel / Type: Hair Gel

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    4 Reviews
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      24.02.2010 18:49
      Very helpful



      try it

      This hair gel was bought for a fancy dress party originally and it was about £2 from Sainsburys. Since then it has been often pulled out of the cupboard for some extreme styling, and for when my boyfriend comes over and wants to use it. It comes in a 150ml tube thing with a flip cap at the bottom and it is one of those trianglar facing down bottles which stands facing the bottom.

      The label says it is "Ultimate hold to create spikes for gravity defying styles". I think this has held up pretty well as I have long hair but have used it to hold quiffs and other styles in place and it has lasted all night pretty much. The label also tells me that this gel won the FHM Fashion and Grooming Awards 2007.

      I usually dont like using gel too much as it reminds me of the 90s too much and i think it can make my hair look greasy, this one is pretty good though, I think a bit of this is because of the dispensing method, you only squeeze out as much as you actually need. This gel is also really easy to wash out with just a quick shampooo, and it hasnt ever left a residue on my hair which when you want to go from punked out at a haloween to normal girlie student the next morning, that is a pretty good thing. The way you get it out also means that you dont get your hands covered in gunk unlike when you get hair gel in a pot format.

      I think that this is a good product and it does, unlike lots of other products, hold up to what it says and it does keep styles looking good and not floppy after a while.

      The packaging says you should apply it evenly to damp hair but I have used it on damp and dry hair before, depending on what I was trying to do with my hair. I am also careful to apply less at the roots to avoid the greasy look!

      This is the V05 range which was advertised with the Japanese girl and boy and the good music, and I think that this is a pretty good marketing method as it is (to me) very memorable. I think it is really good and I like how it lives up to its claims and is easy to wash out. If you are looking for some good hair gel, grab a tube of this!


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      03.03.2009 23:59
      Very helpful



      Good for a vey firm hold but you'll need to like its fragrance to be happy with it.

      This is a decent enough hair gel that I sometimes use but is not my first choice when purchasing hair gel.

      It has a strong hold that lasts for a fair few hours on your hair but is quite sticky and has too strong a smell for my liking. It is not an unpleasant smell by any means but it is strong enough to partly mask any eau de toilette or after shave that you are wearing.

      I think I paid around £1.90 for the last 150 ml tube that I bought which is good value for money and definitely a lot cheaper than some of the more heavily advertised expensive brands.

      I guess its all a matter of personal choice really. There isn't much doubt that VO5 are a very good brand for hair products and this particular gel in my opinion and in my experience does what it is supposed to do and at a very reasonable price.

      I would recommend it to others and especially for people who like me have fine hair that can be difficult to control, particularly in windy conditions.

      This review is also posted on www.ciao.co.uk
      under my user name bella6789


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      29.09.2008 13:05
      Very helpful



      Not a bad product for a bargain price.

      My son has very wirey wavy hair and as soon as it gets any length to it, its looks incredibly untidy, so I am always looking for gels for him to try.

      VO5 freeze gel is in a blue container and states its to create spikes for gravity defying styles.

      You can use it on damp or dry hair, it says for structured styles apply to dry hair section by section.

      It states that what every you do it will hold all day and its easy to apply and wash out.

      I generally use it on my son when he has semi damp hair and I find when I use it on dry hair his fine hair just ends up going all sticky.

      I always rub it between my hands first to 'warm' the gel. Then apply it just to the front and top of his hair. It actually does hold his hair up, most of the gels I use on him I find they instantly flop but this one holds it like glue without looking greasy, my hands are always very sticky after use though.

      They smell is ok, a little harsh - a bit like old fashioned hair spays used to smell. But on the whole its fine for a little boy. It doesnt hold my little boys hair all day but with all his running round etc thats hardly suprising. Although I can confirm it does wash out easily. I can't remember how much it cost but I think it was near the £2 mark so great product for cheap price.


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      13.04.2006 19:49
      Very helpful



      Super sonic hold for super sonic spikes!

      Ok from the title of this review you're probably going to expect me to have bright blue hair with massive spikes!

      ...Well, sorry to disapoint you, but I have short spikey hair (look at my profile picture!), not quite like Sonic the Hedgehog, as the title of this review would suggest! I have used many brands of hair gel over the years, from the cheap 49p per pot right up to this £3.79 per tubey thing! So far I can quite safely say this one is the best… the more expensive of the cheaper range of hair gels available but well worth it!

      *** The Packaging Of VO5 Freeze Gel ***

      Freeze Gel is part of the VO5 Extreme Style range made by the Alberto company. It comes in a bluey green 150ml tube. The tube is reasonably easy to find in the shops, it will be found with hair products usually on a shelf along with the other VO5 Extreme Style products. The tube is blue at the top; this blue fades into a greeny colour and finishes off with a blue flip lid. It is clear to see which product you are buying, as there isn’t too much design to the packet, it just has the Alberto VO5 logo at the top, beneath that is the Extreme Style Logo followed by the words Freeze Gel Ultimate Hold. At the base of the tube are the words

      “to create spikes for gravity defying styles”

      I would say this sentence is a VERY accurate description for this product!

      The back of the tube contains all the information you need to use this product under four separate sections:

      What Styles? This section tells you what hairstyles this is suitable for.
      What Freeze Gel Does: This section has three bullet points about freeze gel, they are…

      * Extreme Freeze Hold
      * Ideal for spiking and twisting shorter structured styles
      * Easy to apply and wash out

      How to use: this section tells you how they would recommend you apply freeze gel for the best results
      Extra Tips: This section gives you a couple of tips about different styling techniques.

      Underneath these sections is a list of the ingredients – very helpful if you have a sensitive scalp. I’ll type the list for you just in case anyone out there does have sensitive or allergic reactions to hair products!

      Aqua, Alcohol Denat, VP/VA Copolymer, PVP, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Benzophenone-4, Polytrimonium, Hydrolyzed Soy Protien, Polytrimonium Lysine, Polytrimonium Vegatable Amino Acids, Parfum, PEG-12 Dimethicone, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG-90M, Disodium EDTA, CI 42090.

      I don’t have a clue what half of those are, but I’m sure if you’re allergic to them then you’ll know which ones to avoid!

      Underneath that list of ingredients are the contact details for Alberto:

      Alberto – Culver Co. (UK) Ltd,
      RG24 8WH

      It is also indicted on the tube that this product is made in the UK, and there is 150ml of gel in the tube.

      *** Using VO5 Freeze Gel ***

      Right then finally got all the basic stuff out the way, so on with my experience of Alberto VO5 Freeze Gel!

      As I have said before I have used many different gels in the past, but none of these really gelled with me! (Sorry very bad joke there!) I decided to try this gel because I had used another product in the Extreme Style range and liked it! At £3.79 I was hoping this was really going to be worth it.

      On getting the gel home I didn’t use it until I had finished my old stuff. When I came to use this I followed the instructions on the back, which tell you to apply the gel to damp or dry hair section by section and style as you wish.

      I applied mine to damp hair as I had just washed it. The gel is a very pale greeny blue colour and has a very slight smell; it doesn’t smell of anything in particular… just hair gel! I was careful not to put to much on in one go as I know from previous experience that if you apply too much, your hair will look really naff and greasy, if you have a longer style it will flop if you don’t do it bit at a time and you will also get a lot of residue and flaky bits… very attractive on dark clothes!

      I did find that after putting some gel on I did have to apply some more as I have very strong hair and it will just do what it wants to, I was a bit wary of putting any more on due to previous reasons mentioned, but this was fine. The gel dried within about 30 seconds to a minute to a point where it was styled enough to leave it alone, however I found you need to leave it a bit longer if you are planning on putting on any clothes over your head as this can know your style and if you are not quick to correct it you will be stuck with it! Once the gel has dried it is literally ROCK SOLID! I have received comments about how “crispy” my hair is and how I could poke someone’s eye out!

      With other hair gels I have used I have experienced a residue being left on my scalp and flaky bit falling off every time I touched my head, so this was the next big thing for this gel to get through, and get through this it did. Absolutely NO residue or flakiness came from this gel. The only time I can say I have had a problem with residue and this product would be when I have been in a rush on the occasional morning and had to apply gel on top of gel! I don’t recommend that at all!

      The other way of applying this gel is to dry hair section by section… DON’T BOTHER!! I have tried this once, and I don’t know if it is just my hair, but mine was having none of it! I put it on but found it hard to judge how much to use, as it just wasn’t taking to my hair, so I gave up and wet my hair! Much better!

      A little note to be aware of with this gel is to make sure you clean the hole where the gel comes out as after a few applications you tend to get a dried layer of gel which wont look too good on your hair! Also make sure you have a method of washing your hands or have some baby wipes handy when you apply this gel as it can leave your hands feeling quite sticky and generally yuk!

      My overall opinion of this gel is… it is fantastic! It leaves no residue or flakiness. I personally have had no irritation or allergic reactions to this gel and even though it is slightly more expensive than some other gels available it is well worth the money!


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