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VO5 Perfect Lengths Bodyfying Styling Mousse

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3 Reviews

Brand: VO5 / Volume / Type: Body Mousse

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    3 Reviews
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      03.06.2009 22:12



      Not so volumous :(

      Flat hair is a curse - I've had poker straight flat hair for pretty much my whole life, and finding a product that creates long lasting volume is a challenge. The last one I had was an Andrew Collinge mousse which has since been discontinued. So upon finishing that bottle, I went in search of a new product. The Vo5 mousse was the only one on the shelf for less that £10, so due to budgetary restrictions I opted for it. On application the mousse has a non-sticky texture and is easy to put into the hair. The immediate effects were about average, with some volume at the roots, however this soon fell. My hair did remain smooth and soft all day, and using the mousse with a volume spray helped gain more volume, and slightly longer lasting results, yet still not what I was promised on the can.

      Sadly, it seems when this bottle runs out, my search for volume will continue...


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      07.05.2009 21:17
      Very helpful



      A complete waste of money

      If there's one thing I always want from my hair it's more body and volume, and I spend an absolute fortune trying to find something that will give me the fuller look I'm after. The latest purchase in my quest for big hair was this VO5 Perfect Lengths Mousse, which I picked up for £2.75 in Morrisons.

      It comes in a blue can with a press top dispenser and pull-off lid. The lid is easy to pull off and it does fasten fairly securely, but not enough to withstand being knocked about in a toiletries bag. I found the dispenser very difficult to press down at first, as you have to break the seal before you can use it the first time, and this did take some considerable force. Once the seal is broken however, the dispenser is easy to use and has a smooth action.

      This is described as a bodyfying styling mousse for weightless body and shine. It's been specially formulated for longer hair, and contains a Keratin Strengthening Complex to help strengthen the hair. According to the blurb it's supposed to add body and shine, strengthen and reduce breakage, reduce frizz and static, and give long lasting hold, whilst being non-sticky and not weighing the hair down.

      The directions say to shake the can well before use, hold upright and release a ball of mousse into the palm of your hand, then apply evenly through the hair from roots to tips, lifting the hair and using your fingertips, then style as usual. For best results it should be used on damp hair.

      The mousse is easy to use, it dispenses quickly and smoothly from the can, but as with most mousses I do find it can sometimes be a little difficult not to get more than I intended out as it does dispense so fast. It's a very light mousse which feels almost watery rather than sticky to the touch, and it's easy to get an even covering through your hair, unlike some which seem to just stick whre you first put it and not spread at all. I find a tennis ball sized amount of mousse is just the right amount for my long (just past the middle of my back) hair, any more and it starts to feel sticky and heavy. It smells quite nice, slightly fruity, but very synthetic, though I can only really smell it when I'm applying it and not once it's in my hair.

      After applying this mousse and styling my hair as usual I find that it does give me a fair amount of extra body and volume. My hair doesn't feel weighed down or heavy, and it's not hard, stiff, or unnatural looking or feeling. It does look and feel very smooth, and I'd certainly agree that this stuff reduces frizz and static. Normally after I blowdry my hair it goes really static and my fringe frizzes right up, but with this there was absolutely no sign of any frizz or static whatsoever.

      However, I disagree completely with it's claims of adding shine. I found it made my hair look really dull, even more so than other mousses I've previously used. And unfortunately this product's major downfall is that the results just do not last. My hair looks full and bouncy for about 10 minutes after styling it, then begins to gradually get flatter and flatter over the next half hour until it actually looks flatter and with less body than it does without using any styling products on it. I can style my hair with it for a night out and it's already clinging to my head for dear life before I'm even out the front door, which in no way lives up to it's claims of long lasting hold.

      The results then begin to deteriorate even more and by the time a few hours have passed my roots are beginning to look greasy and my hair just feels as though it needs a good wash. Luckily it is easy to wash out and my hair can be restored to some kind of decent state after a quick shower.

      Overall this was a really disappointing purchase. The initial effects were fairly good, apart from the lack of shine, but they just don't last at all. I'm better off using no styling products at all than wasting time and money with this for 10 minutes of good hair time!


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        30.10.2008 15:30
        Very helpful



        Don't expect a miracle and you won't be disappointed!

        My hair lacks one major thing....body. For everything else I name call my hair for this is the one thing (equally with frizz) that really is disconserting to me and annoys the hell out of me.

        I have very fine hair. People get fooled by the thickness I have because I have said frizz. It appears thicker than it really is. My hair is fine and thin generally and the roots are made worse by a shiny greasy appearance. My mid-section is particularly full of frizz and then the ends always get really split even though I have regular hair cuts and my ends looks straggly and sometimes even insult me by going tangly and knotty. My hair just struggles to look 'even'. I wouldn't mind if my hair was just a full stop mess. Well no, I mean I would but some people just don't have nice hair but mine refuses to look the same all over and alot of the time I can style my hair what I deem to be almost perfectly and an hour into the night say my hair goes mental! I have been known to cut nights out short because of a hair do malfunction in the past.

        I have an obsession about hair care products and I do admit I spend a huge proportion of my cash on them. I can't resist the promises though I know it's all probably a big fat con though I'm then told no I'm not being conned it works for everyone else but me! Sound familiar? lol

        I was drawn to this product because at a pound a tin I couldn't resist the name of it quite frankly! Bodyfying mousse? Just what I needed I thought as I grabbed four tins!

        The Packaging....

        Metallic, shiny dark blue 200ml tin. Tall with a white push button dispenser situated at the top and a frosted white plastic lid that pulls on and off. On the front Im told it's Alberto VO5, Perfect Lengths (styling treatments for longer hair), Bodyfying Styling Mousse. I'm then told it's for weightless body and shine and the size is stated (as I've listed already). On the back of the tin I'm told in larger letters that once again it's Perfect Lengths Styling Treatment for longer hair and then I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, the ingredients are listed, contact details for Alberto-Culver Uk Ltd are given (the manufacturers of V05 products), given cautions and finally there is a large bar-code on there. I do like the can and it's visually appealing. The style is nice, the colour is nice and it all doesn't look cheap and there is enough information on there so you know what's what!

        About The Product...

        Specially formulated for longer hair to add weightless body and shine. Contains a keratin strengthening complex to help strengthen the hair.

        Adds body and shine.
        Long lasting hold.
        Reduces frizz and static.
        Helps strengthen and reduce breakage.
        Doesn't weight the hair down.
        Non Sticky

        Directions For Use....

        For best results use on damp hair. Hold can upright and release a ball of V05 perfect lengths bodyfying styling mousse into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly through your hair from roots to ens, lifting the hair and using your fingertips.

        Using It....

        Well it's a simple product to use I will give it that. Give the can a good hefty shake and then squirt some out onto your hand as directed. The foam comes out thick, white and smells very strongly of sweet fruits. I'm sure I can smell melon the most but it is light, fresh and clean and I'm sure men could use this as well if they wanted or needed to, it isn't particularly made for the gals in mind!

        You of course have to gauge how much you need to get styling right but it isn't rocket science and it's simple enough to see what your doing. Gently run it through combed/brushed, damp and clean hair. I always have no problem applying this evenly and it smooths over the hair brilliantly. You can feel where the product is as the hair feels smoother where you have applied it. Once I've applied it I comb/brush through once again just to make sure it is evenly distributed and then I get to work on properly styling my hair.

        I've tried everything to get results from this and sadly it all falls flat. I have rough dried my hair, teasing my roots with my fingers and sure you get a bit of body I can't deny that but nothing worth the effort you have to put in to getting it. It does give a bit of body with a bit of taming as well and I don't get any fly-aways which is unusual for me but frizz really isn't eradicated in any way shape or form and any you do get rid of comes back when your met with humidity. I'd say I have a little bit less frizz but the more you try style it with your fingers the more your provoking the frizz to put in an appearance I think. It's none sticky to work with and when dried into the hair I can feel a little dryness to it but nothing at all major or uncomfortable and the product doesn't flake or dry out my scalp.

        I find that after a rough blow dry I couldn't go out with my hair in that state so I do use ghd hair straighteners. Well that's it then. Game over as this stuff just vanishes. Any body you have achieved is killed and I don't think it's just my ghds it doesn't like I think it's any kind of heated appliance other than a hairdryer it gets the hump with!


        Easy to use it and gauge the correct amount. Smells nice and is none fussy in it's application. It's none sticky so easy to work with but dries hair a little when it is on the hair which I'm not keen on as I like a glossy feel. Creates so little body it isn't really worth mentioning but does give a nice enough shine and a little control but it isn't a marvel in a tin at preventing frizz. My hair wasn't upset by this product and my roots never went greasier and my dry patches didn't get drier but my major gripe is I got no body which is why I purchased it! If your a rough blow drier with no need for curlers/tongs or straighteners then I have no doubt you could use this and do some back combing and get some volume into hair..but me... I think it's alot of effort to go to! The smell stays lightly fragrant on the hair till you remove it through conventional washing. It washes out easily leaving no nasty residue.


        Depends on you and your hair type!

        I bought mine for £1.00 but expect to pay around £3.89 normally in all decent chemists and supermarket's and I have seen this on sale in Boots recently.


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