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VO5 Sheer Vitality Elixir Conditioner

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Brand: VO5 / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Vitalizes,

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    6 Reviews
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      15.08.2012 19:11
      Very helpful



      A good everyday conditioner that didn't wow me

      I am not a brand-loyal customer when it comes to haircare so I am always willing to try a different product if offered at a good price. I saw some Alberto VO5 Sheer Vitality Elixir invigorating conditioner available for just £1 for 300ml in Savers so I decided to give it a go.


      On the product bottle it boasts that the conditioner is enriched with 5 different vital oils: "nutrient rich" avocado and jojoba oils; "strengthening" apricot and almond oils and "shine enhancing" grape seed oil. It also says that it has extracts of white tea in it though it does not say specifically why this might be an advantage for me! I noticed that there is also sunflower seed oil in the product, from reading the ingredients. For some reason this is not advertised along with the other oils in the main product introduction. It is described as being suitable for "normal" hair. Mine is combination, with a scalp that goes greasy quickly and drier ends. I tend to find therefore that "normal" products do the best job at keeping all parts of my hair happy. The product promises to restore my hair's natural beauty without making it greasy or weighing it down. It will also apparently leave your hair "brilliantly glossy."


      The conditioner is a thick white liquid which I do prefer to the runnier types that you lose down the plughole. It has a pleasant floral type smell which is very obvious as soon as the bottle is opened. I couldn't detect any of the individual oil scents to my surprise. Taking a deep sniff of it actually made me sneeze! Nevertheless, I didn't find it actually overpowering whilst massaging it through my hair. When I held some of the conditioner in my palm I found that it was noticebly more oily to the touch than other conditioners. This worried me a little as it seemed to contradict the promise of non greasiness on the product bottle. However the product was easy to apply and pleasant to use because of it's smell. I was instructed to work the conditioner through my mid lengths to the ends of my hair, which I did easily. After use my hair was easy to comb, with no tangles and it had a smooth look about it. It certainly felt lovely and soft. My hair was also clearly shinier than normal though not to such a degree everyone was asking me what I'd been using on my hair. Despite my earlier concerns, the conditioner did not end up making my hair look or feel greasy and as promised it did not weigh it down. The scent lasted on my hair for a few hours after I had used the conditioner but I couldn't really detect it the next day. This is a bit of a shame as I did like the scent but I think overall I would like it to be a lighter but longer lasting smell if possible.

      Over a longer period of 4 weeks of almost daily use, my hair still felt soft and looked healthy and conditioned. However, I do think the added shine benefits were much less obvious after a cople of weeks. This often happens to me and is one of the reasons I like to frequently change the products I use. I also feel that on the odd occassion that I skipped conditioning, my hair did not look especialy "revitalised", so I wonder how long the conditioning effects would last if you were not using it daily as I mostly did.


      I think that this does a reasonable job, especially at the price I paid. My hair hasn't been left any stronger, and when I ceased using it, any temporary benefits such as increased shine quickly disappeared. Therefore I don't think the conditioner offered any long term impovements to my hair health. In the short term, it did make my hair feel softer, and easier to brush and it looked smoother. I would recommend it as an everyday conditioner for that reason. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like heady scents, even though the scent isn't that apparent once you have finished applying the conditioner. Otherwise, it is worth a try at the price. I would buy it again, but it won't become my regular product, because for me, it lacks a little wow factor.

      [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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      05.07.2011 20:41
      Very helpful




      This VO5 sheer vitality elixir conditioner has been one of my favourite among my conditioners for months.
      I have been buying it for a while although for the past few months, it has been kept as a backup behind my Tresemme colour protection products.
      This conditioner contains white tea and is also infused with "5 Vital Oils". Looking into the ingredients as I was curious to which 5 'vital oils' it contained, I found;
      Grape seed.
      All sound so luxurious, but I also thought, how do we know these are even included, and why are they so important? But unfortunately, the answers aren't on the bottle.

      This conditioner can be found in most large supermarkets and even the cheaper stores such as 'pound land' and the 'pound shop', so it is very easy to get hold of and as it isn't one of the latest conditioners, it can be found cheap.
      The price if buying from a supermarket will vary and will possibly be higher but even still, I have it seen to be a considerable amount cheaper than most top of the range conditioners nowadays. The conditioner is between £1 to £2 in most stores I have seen it, but the price is usually very low when I have seen it.
      This isn't because of the quality I'm guessing, as this conditioner is fantastic. The only reason I can think of is because it is one of the somewhat older range now; especially since all of the new summer, sun protection hair range is appearing.

      VO5 is a well known, trusted brand. I own many hair products from this range and so I had much confidence in the product before I even tried it a while ago. Even so, this conditioner didn't disappoint, in fact it was even better than I expected.
      The conditioner is for 'everyday use for normal hair'. I hate this phrase on bottles, 1. Because, I don't know many people who like to wash their hair every single day. 2. Because, what is normal?.
      Turning over onto the back however, the conditioner is advertised a lot better. It is supposedly meant to 'revive and rejuvenate tired hair' and 'refresh lifeless locks without weight'.
      Is it just me, or does this completely go against the 'for normal hair' labelling? This made me question, is the conditioner for 'normal hair' or 'tired hair'?

      The bottle has a green and soft white colouration which I love; mainly because the green used is my favourite colour. The 'drip' shapes around the title gives the instinct impression that the conditioner is full of moisture and protection, which is one of the reasons I gave this conditioner a second glance in stores.


      The conditioner comes in a 300ml bottle and I have found it generally lasts a good length of time.
      A large amount isn't needed as the conditioner is very thick and spreads easily over my hair.
      When using the conditioner, the presence of 'vital oils' is very apparent as the feel of the conditioner is very silky and smooth.
      I have found that when using this conditioner, I haven't needed to use as much of the product compared to when using other conditioners. This adds to the benefit of the long lasting of the bottle and also makes the price of the bottle a whole lot better.

      This conditioner is gorgeous to use. It is intended to be used after shampooing, to put the moisture back into hair which is lost through shampooing.
      The bottle is well designed to make the liquid very easy to access. The shape and design of the bottle makes it easy to grip in your hands whilst forcing the conditioner out of the star-fish shaped opening.
      The opening design puzzles me, as I can't see of any purpose for it, but it does make the conditioner come out in a pretty pattern.
      The bottle holds a flip lid which is easy to pull open. I hate having to stand for ages trying to force open the lid to a conditioner bottle, to result into biting it open and have a disgusting soap flavour burst into your mouth!
      The lid also does a good job at staying down, I've not had any problems with the conditioner spilling or leaking in my basket in the bathroom.

      After I apply a small amount of conditioner onto my hand and rub them both softly together, the quality of the conditioner is clear straight away.
      The conditioner is thick and extremely soft. The colour of it even looks 'puffy' like a ultra soft cotton wool mixed with silk sort of colour.
      When applying the conditioner to my hair, it instantly turns my hair to silk! I apply the conditioner to previously shampooed hair which has been squeezed dry so it isn't dripping wet. This way the conditioner can fully be absorbed and soak into my hair for its full effect.
      I add to the lengths of my hair first, working my way up to the top whilst avoiding the roots.
      When using this conditioner, my hair instantly feels absolutely amazing and any knots or tangles I have simply fall away leaving my hair straight and manageable.
      I'm one of those who like to avoid putting conditioner on my roots to avoid my hair becoming or feeling greasy too quickly after washing. It's the same as not wanting to apply too much shampoo to the ends of your hair to avoid them becoming dry.

      After I have gently massaged the conditioner through my hair, focusing a little more on the areas I feel need more conditioning, I begin to rinse. I find the conditioner is quite easy to wash out, although I have on many occasions been tricked into thinking the conditioner was still present when it wasn't as my hair had become so silky soft, it was hard to tell if the conditioner has been washed out completely.
      I love this conditioner so much because it is one of very few conditioners I have tried which leaves my hair feeling gorgeous even after the conditioner has gone.
      It's all good and well having soft to touch hair when conditioner is present, but having your hair feel fabulous even after washing the product out is a great find.
      The feeling of this conditioner lasts after towel drying and blow drying my hair. Whenever I use this conditioner, my hair feels so healthy and full of moisture.

      This conditioner holds a pleasant fragrance. However I wouldn't say is it one of my favourite conditioners to sniff. It has quite a soapy smell with a slight hint of floral to it. Having said this, it is a very unique smell. I can't quite explain why, but the hint of floral fragrance to the conditioner is quite soft, adding a contrast to the 'chemical' smell of the soap side to the fragrance which gets down your throat.
      I have found the smell of this conditioner lasts, but only whilst my hair is wet. Once my hair is dried, the smell has just about disappeared. Any hint of the conditioners smell is then covered with the various other products I use such as the heat protection spray.

      I stopped using this conditioner so much when I dyed my hair and switched to the 'colour protection' products, but I personally think the shampoo you choose is more important than the conditioner for coloured hair fade protection, so I have began to use this conditioner again more and more.
      I simply can't stop! It is great to my hair and I haven't seen any difference in the colour of my hair, so I don't see any harm in using this product on dyed hair as long as you have a good enough colour fade protection shampoo.
      This conditioner is definitely one to try. The price and lasting effects makes for a perfect conditioner, suitable for everyone!
      I will certainly be on the hunt for this conditioner again next time; it is one of my favourites on a very small list of hair products.

      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao.


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        02.11.2010 21:18
        Very helpful



        A great conditioner!

        Whenever I purchase a shampoo I always purchase the matching conditioner cos I'm rather fussy like that lol.

        I recently spotted this on offer at a pound a bottle in Asda (if not on offer it will normally cost about £1.50 a bottle in all good chemists and supermarkets).

        The Bottle/Packaging:

        The Bottle is plastic and white and light green in colour and has a flip-top lid to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Alberto Vo5 Sheer Vitality Elixir Conditioner 'For normal hair' and on the back of the bottle other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the size is again stated along with the ingredients listed and contact details for Alberto-Culver are given. Nice, simple but informative, unisex looking bottle this is.

        The Conditioner Itself:

        The conditioner is white in colour with a sort of sea fresh, slightly sweet fragrance to it. It's a nice enough scent and very definitely one for both sexes to feel comfortable using in my opinion.

        It's rather gloopy but of good consistency and you don't need very much per application at all (even if hair is really long mine). It spreads and absorbs with total ease and does feel silky soft when using it. It is easy to rinse out after using it a couple of minutes and thats it job done.

        This Contains:

        Avocado and jojoba which are rich in nutrients and vitamins
        Apricot and Almond for softening and strengthening
        and Grape Seed Oil for shine and gloss

        I point this out because it is rich in oils and certainly feels like it strengthens and nourishes my hair when and after using it. My hair is left soft and manageable and detangled and the scent lingers on my hair freshly for a good few hours too. This really doesn't weight my hair down or anything like that and the gloss achieved is really nice and natural and in my opinion this is suitable for every day usage! Nice conditioner which gives nice results and works out economical in the long run to!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          11.10.2010 15:58
          Very helpful
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          A good conditioner espeicially if you don't need a lot of help with your hair.

          I used to really like the Alberto VO5 range in hair care and used their shampoos and conditioners for years - most often their Fade Defy conditioner. However after they brought out a huge new range so many V05 products flooded the hair cleansing category that I just kind of lost track of what's fully available. Although I like to vary what conditioners I use I somehow had never come across this particular product, the VO5 Sheer Vitality Elixir Conditioner, before noticing it was for sale in Asda for only 75p.

          The product comes in a large 500ml sized bottle and it is distinctive from the others in the range by it's sea-green cap and text. There are quite a few different conditioners in the 'Elixir' range and all of them have rather forgettable and confusing names (Sheer Vitality, Moisture Soak and Deep Nourishing for example). You have to read the small print to discover what hair type each conditioner is aimed at. This particular product 'Sheer Vitality' is best for normal hair and is intended for everyday use.

          Product information can be found on the back of the bottle and this includes vital statistics of the formula, directions for use and full ingredients. You can find out a little bit more about the range if you navigate to the website as highlighted on the bottle label. VO5 claim this conditioner is a blend of "non-greasy, replenishing vital oils" and an extract of white tea which will perform a number of small miracles for your hair. The special mixture of five 'vital oils' are:

          Avacado and jojoba which are rich in nutrients and vitamins
          Apricot and Almond for softening and strengthening
          and Grape Seed Oil for shine and gloss.

          All of the ingredients combined are expected to "revive and rejuvinate tired hair" and refresh hair without adding weight or greasy deposits.

          I don't wash my hair everyday but in the colder weather I tend to use more product for control and so have to wash a little bit more regularly. I'd say I wash every two or three days now and I usually use a conditioner for dry or coloured hair. I have a stripy mix of bleached and dyed hair so it needs all the help it can get! When I discovered the product I'd bought purely because it was in the sale was for normal hair I was a bit worried but I tried it anyway.

          You use this like any regular conditioner. Apply to wet or damp hair after shampooing and then rinse. There is no special time for leaving the conditioner on but I tend to wait 1-2 minutes to allow it to do it's work.

          The conditioner has a very faint fragrance that resembles cleanliness and plain white bath soaps. It's not a scent I could go wild over but it's okay. It's a fragrance that's definitely suitable for both sexes. The consistency of the conditioner is gelatinous and a bit slimy. It has a waxy off-white glycerin type sheen. To handle the conditioner is easy - it's not too runny or too stiff and it can be worked through hair easily. I do find that my hands tend to feel a bit powdery or soft after using it though - as though I've just dunked my fingers into a talc bottle.

          When rinsing the conditioner enables the hair to de-tangle and become smoother and softer in the water. At the damp hair stage when my hair must be combed through it's here I notice the difference between a conditioner for normal hair and one for dry hair. This conditioner leaves damp hair a bit more unmanagable since the coating of it on the hair shaft is so light. Since I have long hair I find this stage a little uncomfortable trying to comb my hair. I have found that leaving the hair as wet as possible after rinsing helps though (not towel drying).

          When fully dry I'm really pleased with how my hair looks and feels. It doesn't have a thick and heavy feel like my hair can assume after using conditioners for dry and damaged hair. Instead it has a really nice bounce and feels natural and healthy. It also has a great shine that makes it appear clean and well-looked after. In similar products this conditioner reminds me of the Dove Therapy Balance conditioner for normal hair in terms who the conditioner is aimed it, it's neutral fragrance and it's barely-there coating but this V05 has the edge by a long shot and is far superior. Although it's for normal hair even the driest parts of my hair look and feel better after using it. My only concern would be that by having to tug at my hair at the styling whilst damp stage would damage my hair in the long run.

          Check out the full range at:


          This review is also on Ciao!


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            27.09.2010 23:36
            Very helpful



            Fantastic conditioner from VO5.

            The conditioner that I brought last was this V05 elixir with white tea. The offer was fantastic with 4 bottles costing me just £3 (in Asda I believe) and as is typical in life I haven't found this particular product for such a cheap price again since even though I have been looking almost constantly when I do my food shopping.

            The conditioner is provided in a cream bottle with a green flip top lid and it coordinates quite well with the shampoo in this range. One thing that I like more about the conditioner is that the bottle is designed to stand on it's end so that all the thick conditioner comes down to the end of the bottle to avoid waste as much as possible. The conditioner is quite thick so it doesn't just dribble out of the bottle which is ideal as I don't like waste and only use a 50 pence piece sized blob of conditioner on my hair. I always take my time to work the conditioner through from the roots to the tips to make sure that all of my hair is covered as much as possible. I have medium length hair and I find that this is just the right amount of conditioner to give my hair just enough coverage to keep it looking sleek and shiny.

            This conditioner is nice and thick and applies very well to my hair. It is thick enough to cling to my hair without making it to weighed down or heavy after I have rinsed off the conditioner. I usually end up applying this conditioner and leaving it on my hair for a good five or ten minutes (just enough time to shave my legs!) and I find it takes a good minute to rinse this off. I always end up rubbing down my hair to make sure all the conditioner is removed and it's fairly simple to ensure that this is all rubbed out of my hair. My hair always feels clean after using the shampoo & conditioner and the results are very good considering I paid such a low price for the shampoo & conditioner.

            I am pleased with the quality of this conditioner and the shampoo that goes with it too and while I like to try lots of different products I would be willing to buy this again in the future. I probably won't because there is always something new drawing my eye in with a special offer but there you go! My hair has been left in fantastic condition after using this conditioner and the shampoo and I love how soft and smooth it's left feeling.

            If you are looking for a reasonably priced shampoo and conditioner then I would definitely recommend the VO5 Elixir because my hair is looking quite good. I have used products in the past that have cost a lot more than this and left me with disappointing results. I find that my hair stays in tip top condition for a good 2 days after using the shampoo and this conditioner and that's good enough for me. Also, the price is low enough that I wouldn't fret too much if one of my little ones decided to do their own hair and pour it all over the sink or bath which happens quite often in our house!


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            23.06.2010 11:00
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A Fantastic Conditioner For A Reasonable Price From Alberto Balsam.

            I have been using 'Dream Hair' by Charles Worthington for around 5 months but when the price stayed the same but the product got smaller I started looking for something new. I spotted these Alberto VO5 shampoo & conditioning products on buy one get one free with each one costing 300ml in Sainsburys.

            This conditioner is provided in a plastic bottle with a flat bottom designed for ease of standing up the product. There is a flip top lid on the bottom of the product and when I flip it open there is a fairly big dispenser which has a star style shape cut out of it. This means that you cut a nice even line of conditioner which is perfect for working from the roots to the tips of my hair. The conditioner is white in colour and has quite a thick, smooth consistency.

            This conditioner has more of a floral scent to it rather than the masculine scent that the matching shampoo has and I'm sure that these too scents combine to give my hair the wonderful scent that has been lasting for a good two days without washing. The conditioner is smooth and works through my hair very well. It does take a good few scrapes with my hand to ensure that all the conditioner is removed but I find that my hair is squeaky clean (literally) after using the shampoo & this conditioner.

            I am very pleased with the quality of this product as I think that this works very well with the shampoo and I like it when products work well in conjunction with one another. The smell is nice and floral without being too overpowering and I find that the combination of products is very good for the quality of my hair. My hair is left lovely and soft and smooth and I find that it is very easy to blow dry and straighten after washing without lots of knots and split ends occurring. My hair is in fantastic condition and this conditioner has not affected my sensitive scalp at all.

            I would definitely recommend this conditioner if you are looking for something that is a reasonable price yet you don't need to use half a bottle to get the desired results. My hair is in fantastic condition and I am able to go for almost 3 days without washing my hair which is great if I am in a rush as I can shower and get out the door much quicker without blow-drying and straightening every single morning like I was in the past. I will be buying this conditioner again and I still have around ½ a bottle left after a month so I am very pleased with this conditioner and don't have anything bad to say about it.


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