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Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

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Brand: Alpecin / Type: Hair Shampoo / Contents/Size: 250ml

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    7 Reviews
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      31.08.2013 12:08
      Very helpful
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      I recently decided that I wanted to try to grow my hair and being an impatient kind of person wanted something which would at the very least make me think I was doing something positive and at best actually work!


      The product promises to stimulate hair roots directly at the roots during the washing process because it contains a patented skin activator.


      The product comes in a dark grey quite masculine looking bottle (certainly not girly) with all of the instructions and information on the back of the bottle.

      The lid is huge in comparison to the size of the 250 ml bottle, and I can see no reason for this other than the thoughts of the design team. The product is dispensed via a hole in the top of the bottle and underneath the fip up to open press down to close lid.

      When I dispense some of the product I see that it is a light blue in colour and a quick sniff of the stuff lets me know that it has a slight and not at all overpowering medicinal smell.

      It isn't an especially creamy shampoo but rather more gel like in consistency, which given that it is medicated I was actually expecting.


      The instructions on the back of the bottle give very clear written and pictorial advice on using the product, so no confusion there.

      It suggests that the product should be used daily but I tend to wash my hair every other day so haven't been using it every day. It should be used as normal shampoos by wetting the hair applying the product massaging it into the hair and scalp and then rinsing off. With this shampoo it is important to spend some time massaging into the roots because this is where hair growth is stimulated. The instructions tell me that the Caffeine in the product is detectable two minutes after applying the product and if left on for longer, then more of the Caffeine is absorbed into the scalp. The only thing I have noticed about this is that if it is left on for more than two minutes, my scalp does feel a bit tingly. Nothing unpleasant but I am assuming this is the Caffeine getting to work and doing what it is supposed to do.

      The product doesn't contain any conditioning products so hair has more grip after washing with the shampoo and this makes it really easy to rinse out of the hair.


      The product is available in chemists and costs around the £5 mark for 250ml.


      I don't know whether this has made my hair grow any quicker as I have don't know how quickly it usually grows.

      It certainly makes my hair feel really clean and because it isn't conditioning, is great for if I am having an "up do" in my hair where hair has to be less soft and fly away.

      A good shampoo for anyone wanting something not harsh but which will get hair feeling really clean.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        07.07.2013 22:31
        Very helpful



        Great Product for a balding Bloke or Bird!

        In the last year or so I have noticed I have been losing more and more hair when I brush it, and my one thick hair has become a lot thinner and almost patchy in places. As I am only in my early (ok, almost mid!) thirties, and being of the female persuasion I found this quite distressing. Having spoken to my GP, she diagnosed stress related alopecia following the death of my mum, which is apparently not helped by being a diabetic as I am apparently more prone to hair disorders (whatever that means!) The upside is I no longer have eyebrows to rival the Gallagher brothers!

        So off I went in search of something to help my ailing hair. Firstly I changed my parting to the side, following a very nasty sunburn incident which my hubbie found very amusing - Do not allow your scalp to burn, it is blooming agony!! Then I started googling hair regrowth remedy. Now the first thing I noticed was there was very little available for the ladies, and the second thing I noticed was how pricey a lot of these remedies are for very mixed results. Then I found Alpecin C1 caffeine shampoo for around a fiver, which seemed to have decent reviews, and picked up a bottle to try.

        The shampoo
        The shampoo comes in a matt grey bottle, and is definitely marketed towards men. It even states this on their website, although it says it is safe for women. It has a red lid with a flip top which is easy enough to open. The shampoo itself is bright blue, and the scent is a manly lynx type smell which I actually really like (I'm always stealing hubbies deodorant and sprays!) The shampoo contains caffeine which is meant to stimulate hair growth, and the idea is you massage it into your hair and leave it on for a minimum of two minutes to allow it to soak in. The longer you leave it the better the effect is meant to be. I tend to rub it in and then relax for ten minutes with a book. The shampoo massages into a nice lather, and it feels fresh while in your hair - almost tingly, similar to using a medicated or tea tree shampoo. The shampoo states that it does not contain any conditioning agents it gives your hair more grip straight away, and I can feel this when I rinse the shampoo out. It does not leave my hair tangled but you don't get the smoothness I get from my girlie shampoo.

        The Verdict
        I have been using Alpecin for about 4 months now and although this shampoo doesn't seem to have caused significant hair growth to the patchy bits, it certainly seems to have helped fill it out a bit. I still lose quite a lot of hair when I brush it but there have been no new patches appearing which is great. I tend to use the shampoo once or twice a week, and the lack of conditioning agents means it dries to look quite full bodied. I have avoided straightening my hair as much since I started losing it, but I have found that because this shampoo is a bit more weighty my hair doesn't kink up as much which is an added bonus.

        I have been more impressed with Alpecin than I thought I would be. At around a fiver a bottle it is significantly cheaper than other hair loss medication, and is not that much more expensive than my usual shampoo. I have only just finished my first bottle as a little goes a long way. At the moment it is available on buy one get one half price at Boots, so I will be stocking up while I can. Now I just need to find something to stop me going grey.....

        More information available from www.alpecin.co.uk


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          27.05.2013 22:52



          An all round decent shampoo if your hair is thinning a little.

          I only noticed recently that my hair was beginning to thin a little on top, not quite receding or going bald just yet, but at the age of 30 I thought I would try something out to help slow the process down.
          Results - Nothing spectacular if I'm honest but my hair definitely feels stronger and maybe slightly thicker. This shampoo certainly adds volume to your hair and I feel confident after using it for several months that I wont be thinning or losing my hair anytime soon!
          Alpecin comes in an average looking red and grey bottle and has a very fresh smelling blue fragrance to it. I've heard people say they don't like the smell but personally I think it's quite nice.
          Is it worth it? Well for me at £5 a bottle it's neither really cheap or expensive, but i suppose if you compare it to other hair loss prevention products it's pretty reasonable. One slight issue I have had is that I do get a dry scalp and a small amount of dandruff from time to time, this could be down to the shampoo being a little strong for me or it could be unrelated. Decent product.


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          19.10.2012 21:07
          Very helpful



          gives volume, life and added bounce!

          My boyfriend uses this as he's convinced his hairline is receeding and his hair is thinning - which is absolute nonsence as he is only 21! Anyway, I had ran out of shampoo one night so I borrowed a bit of his - and I was amazed.

          The shampoo comes in a black bottle with a red flip open cap. The bottle itself is not very attractive and is not something I would be attracted to buying if I saw it on the shelf. The shampoo itself is quite thick and blue and smells quite masculine with a bit of a medicated shampoo scent to it - its not particularly nice smelling but then it doesnt smell horrible either, but the scent doesnt linger in my hair after its washed out so thats fine.

          To use simply shampoo as normal and make sure you really massage it into your scalp, then leave it in your hair for 2 minutes before rinsing out. It lathers up really easily so you dont need much, which is good as the shampoo will last you a long time.

          I didnt think much to the shampoo when I was in the shower, it didnt feel very luxurious or smell particualrly great - but once I had dried my hair I was amazed! It felt so much cleaner than normal and stayed that way for a lot longer than usual. Normally after about a day my hair starts to get a bit limp and flat looking and needs washing again, but after using this shampoo my hair stayed fresh and bouncy for atleast two days. Once I had dried and styled my hair I noticed how much more life it seemed to have in it, and how much more volume it had! Not volume in terms of big and frizzy but it actually seemed to go outwards from the roots and have a lot of bounce and life to it. I cant really comment on whether it encouraged my hair to grow as my hair is quite long anyway so it would be hard to tell, but it really did seem to put some extra life into my hair.

          This shampoo isnt widely available but you can get it from good chemists such as Boots, and normally costs around £5 - which is quite a lot for a shampoo, but as I said earlier you dont need much so it will alst you a long time - and the results are simply amazing. It is better than any shampoo I have used that is supposed to add volume to my hair, including all of the premium more expensive brands such as Tony and Guy and Trevor Sorbie.

          Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone who had thin, limp, fllyaway, or heat damaged hair!


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          06.04.2012 21:23
          Very helpful



          Has made my hair healthier, but hair loss prevention results are yet to be seen

          When I first noticed I was going bald aged 16, I was obviously devastated; this was something that wasn't supposed to happen until I reached middle-age! Immediately, I grew my hair out to cover up the ever-sharper widow's peak. But as time went on, I started to research remedies and products that might ease, or even prevent, any further hair loss. Regaine, I hear, can make your scalp raw and flaky; Propecia, apparently, has the potential to make you impotent; any other products I looked into seemed to have little effect. Then I heard about Alpecin.

          According to the instructions on the bottle, Alpecin shampoo is to be used once daily. It is to be lathered into the hair and left on the scalp for two minutes and above (though anything over 2 minutes is apparently increasingly effective). This is supposed to reinvigorate the hair roots and slow the process of hair loss (I have also read that some people have found hair regrowth).

          After four months of use, I have been told that my hair now looks thicker and healthier, but I'm not sure if the 'C1 formula' is having any effect on my male pattern baldness. My hair may appear thicker, but my receding hairline still appears to be continuing its gradual decline; perhaps Alpecin is designed for use on thinning hair rather than receding hair.

          The price of a bottle is very cheap, but then I suppose its value for money depends on how well it works for you personally. I am still sceptical about the results, but then it's hard for me to say whether my hairline would be even worse without using Alpecin. Either way, my hair would appear to be thicker and healthier, I've witnessed none of the side-effects other products seem to possess and I will continue using Alpecin in the hope that it eventually shows results. I hear for many people it really does work.


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          16.02.2012 20:17
          Very helpful



          A great product that seems to work.

          Last year I had my hair styled and I was slightly concerned when I looked in the mirror. There was nothing wrong with the hairstyle that I had chosen but good gosh, I could see right through to my scalp! EEK! This was obviously a huge worry to me and I walked around wearing a very strange hat that I found in the deepest, darkest corner of a cupboard until it grew back slightly. Once my hair was slightly more publically acceptable I wandered to Tesco to pick up a bottle of this 'Alpecin Caffiene Shampoo', manufactured by Dr Wolff-Research.... I thought that It had to be worth a try but I had my doubts as to whether it would work as my hair was thinned by acne medication rather than the normal male pattern baldness. I paid roughly £4.50 for this in Tesco which initially seemed rather expensive until I started using the shampoo and realised how far a bottle goes.

          ~~~ What is 'Alpecin Shampoo?' ~~~

          Alpecin is a Shampoo made in Germany that contains a patented skin activator with caffeine to aid with hair growth and health. It stimulates hair growth at the roots to energise the hair and to prevent hair loss. Although it is not stated on the bottle I think that this shampoo is mainly aimed at men with pattern baldness and general thinning of the hair as it seems to be a big problem in the man world, this does not mean that women cannot use this product though! Anyone with thinning hair can enjoy the energising effects of this caffeine shampoo - The formula is known as C1.

          ~~~ Using the shampoo ~~~

          The shampoo comes in a very manly shaped and styled bottle that is very easy to hold, it is not slippery in the hand which prevents the usual hassle of dropping the bottle in the shower. The cap is easy to open and it feels very strong with a slight pull needed to remove the pop top after you have read the instructions on the back obviously. The recommendation is to massage into the hair and scalp and leave on the scalp for 2 minutes for the caffeine to be absorbed to experience the maximum results, there is no conditioner in this product which creates more grip after washing and I find that no conditioner is required after rinsing.

          I tend to leave this product on for a tad longer than they recommend on the back of the bottle. I read on the bottle that the longer you leave this on the scalp the more caffeine that will be absorbed, this is pretty much written on the back of the bottle so I cannot see there being any health problems if you leave it longer. I leave it on for the whole time that I stand in the shower which is a good 20 minutes and I quite enjoy the tingling feeling that I get from using this shampoo - hence why I don't wash it off for a while ;) Once I'm ready to wash the shampoo off I find that it comes out easily and that conditioner is not at all needed after washing. The first time that I used this shampoo was rather horrific and I remember having one of the worst hair days of my life - luckily after a second wash with the same shampoo my hair was once again easy to style and almost back to normal.

          ~~~ How long does it last? And various other information ~~~

          I find that with daily use the shampoo lasts me roughly 3 weeks, I only have to use a small amount to cover my whole head as the shampoo lathers up lovely and it covers my whole head with ease. I use a blob about the same size as a pound coin but I could probably get away with a bit less however I want to get the full effects from this caffeine stuff. The lather is fantastic and it feels very rich which I reckon is good on the scalp and makes the whole caffeine massaging technique that I found on the internet a lot easier to do. Once washed off my hair feels fantastic and it is very manageable.

          My favorite thing about this shampoo is the delightful smell that it gives off during use; I can only explain it as a red-bull sort of smell and I can only relate to the scent as caffeine. Maybe I'm addicted to caffeine as I cannot go a day without sniffing this stuff whenever I venture into the bathroom as the smell is so divine. I find that the scent fills the bathroom and I can clearly smell it a long while after my shower. The shampoo is blue in colour which is rather strange for a shampoo, it's almost and electric blue colour but the lather soon turns white when you rub it in. I have noticed that the product can stain the white shower bottom if it falls straight from the bottle and dries onto the shower tray, this is easily removable with a slight scrubbing but I recommend you to be careful if you have a fancy bath or something.

          ~~~ Results..... Does it work? ~~~

          Now I must admit that I was very skeptical at first, I have used this shampoo for about 3 months now and I have started to notice a difference. My hair appears to be thicker in the mirror and it feels thicker when I run my hands through it. I have since had a slightly shorter than normal hairstyle and I cannot see through to my scalp any more thank goodness! I used to experience quite a few hairs dropping out throughout the day in work and of course the dreaded awakening in the morning on a white pillow case seeing it covered with hair... Not good - I can quite honestly say that I have not noticed any hairs dropping out throughout the day after using this shampoo and my pillows are now still white in the morning! My hair looks generally healthier and my scalp feels exactly the same as before except for it being slightly tingly throughout the day - must be the caffeine!

          ~~~ My overall opinion ~~~

          I must say that I am generally impressed with this shampoo and I was wrong to have ever doubted its effectiveness, after all it is made by true scientists! The lather that it creates is fantastic and it is a very high quality feeling shampoo during use, I no longer have to use conditioner which I guess pays for this shampoo over and over again every month. I have used this for 3 months straight and I will not consider stopping.....

          I think I'm addicted!!

          Thanks for reading,


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            23.09.2011 19:27
            Very helpful



            Brilliant...I love it!

            Have you ever been to the hairdressers and you've said 'Do whatever you want really I fancy a change' or they've cut it too short and you've been left horrified? Well I sort of fit example one of what I just gave examples of. My story is simple. I split up with my boyfriend, had very long (below shoulder length black hair which I hasten to add he loved!) and I wanted to rebel in a way and get it lopped off. I had no idea what I wanted and went to a salon I had never been in before and the stylist gave me a trendy short, back and sides basically. Ok I wasn't unhappy with it, it gave me hair that was easy to style and in great condition however other peoples reactions to my do were awful. I'd just started seeing a new fella who not only told me straight out that he hated it but told our friends too, my parents, especially my step-father hated it and although I tried to convince myself it was my hair and I can do whatever I like with it I felt I had totally gone too short!

            Since having it initially cut I haven't had it cut and now its more bob length and I actually like it. Easy to keep looking nice and still in good condition I don't want my hair long again and other people can stuff it lol.

            However as I was upset at the shortness of my hair (I didn't even have enough hair left to pin it up or put it in a ponytail or anything!) I investigated into getting hair extensions but again I didn't have enough hair to bond them to either as the back was really layered and shaven! I then looked on the internet at 'miracle' grow products that I knew in my heart would simply empty my purse but not stick hairs to my head when I spotted an advert for this product on the tv saying it was sold at Boots. The advert was directed at men but from what I could see of the bottle it didn't say it was for men so I tool a look at it on Amazon and ordered me a bottle thinking that I easily spend a fiver on a shampoo usually so what the heck really...it couldn't hurt!

            The Packaging:

            The bottle the shampoo comes in is rather masculine looking really with a grey and red theme going on, on the plastic and a red flip-top opening to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the font of the bottle and in red, white and orange writing we are told that it is 'Dr-Wolff-Research' Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo 'Stimulates hair roots during washing' and that it is patented skin activator 'Pat.Nr.EP139261B1' C1 Reduces hair loss and that it is of course a hair energizer. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients and the size is stated which in this case is 250ml and contact details for DR Kurt Wolff (the manufacturer of the product) are given. The bottle to the back centre of it has a really handy finger indention point for ease of handling and its none slip due to that section having little round plastic pieces raised to it!

            A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back of The Bottle:

            'Strengthens weakened hair roots. Prevents hair loss'.

            The shampoo that stimulates hair growth directly at the roots.

            A daily hair wash with C1 immediately provides the hair roots with the activating ingredients. Alpecin caffeine is very well detectable after being left on for as little as 120 seconds. If left on for longer, more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp.

            Recommendation: Leave on the scalp for 2 minutes - from application to rinse. This shampoo does not contain any conditioning agents so your hair will immediately have more grip.

            The Shampoo Itself:

            To use this shampoo you do so as you would any shampoo basically. Wet/damp hair and use a smallish blob of the blue coloured thick gel like looking shampoo. A little of this lathers up into big thick white bubbles fast so really you don't need very much of this per application at all. I always (to make sure my hair is really clean), shampoo, rinse and repeat with this shampoo and leave it on my hair for two minutes per time before rinsing and repeating and finally rinsing it out.

            The fragrance of this is rather masculine however it is fresh and I find that although rather fragrant when in use the fragrance doesn't linger on my hair above an hour anyway. I'd describe the fragrance as ocean fresh with a hint of like an aftershave overtone to it which would be great for the fellas lol. I do think that this product is directed at men with the the fragrance of this and the packaging colouring however as I mentioned earlier there is nothing at all to say women shouldn't be using it!

            You are not meant to use a conditioner with this and I don't. I don't find that I miss not using if after this though I really thought that I would. Again though I'm sure if you wanted to use some conditioner of some kind it wouldn't hurt the process as the caffeine gets into hair and scalp and is absorbed anyway!

            This is easy to rinse out, leaves my hair smelling fresh and then thats it...I can style and so on as I want to.

            Does It Work?:

            This is a huge question. First of all lets talk about what I know this product does for me. It cleans my hair and scalp though doesn't agitate it. It has kept my greasy roots at bay for longer (I'm not using conditioner anymore which probably helps that too!) and my hair feels stronger, does have more grip to it and isn't so flyaway or frizzy any more and has a natural shine to it. All round just as a shampoo I'd use this as I think its great at cleansing my hair and leaving it feeling great.

            The big question though is does it make hair stronger, thicker, less prone to damage and does it grow faster. Well in my humble opinion....yes I believe that it does totally oddly enough, and believe me I never thought I'd be able to say that and thought this product would be a complete gimmick!

            I suffer from alot of hair loss due to an eating disorder combined with a thyroid issue. I sit in a rocking chair with cream covers on it and had to vacuum it daily because my hair used to leave itself all over the headrest section. Not anymore! I used to have to unblock my bath plug after showering and bathing daily too...not anymore! I don't even have to empty my hairbrush out as much or anything and that is the most noticeable thing about my hair. It feels and looks stronger and it even looks and feels thicker!

            My hair isn't snapping and/or breaking off all the time, my hair has a natural gloss which means I no longer have to buy spray on shine stuff which is saving me loads of money and like I mentioned earlier my hair isn't as prone to greasy roots and/or patches either and where as I used to have to wash my hair every day no matter the shampoo and conditioner I used....... now I could easily not wash my hair for four days if I didn't want to however this shampoo is meant for daily use and daily I use it!

            Does It Make The Hair Grow?:

            Once again I'm shocked at what I'm about to say. Because my hair was so very short when cut I never noticed any hair growth. I'm surprised to say that prior to using this product I dyed my hair bright red and within just 7 days of using this my roots were completely on show and hair appeared to have grown by about half an inch! Now whether that would haven happened anyway and I only noticed it because of dying my hair I don't know but after that week, two weeks on my hair is in a bob and the back of my hair (which was shaved!) now can be put into a small ponytail with the rest of my hair!

            Believe me I'm not someone easily conned into parting with my cash. However this isn't only great at stimulating hair growth but just great for giving stronger healthier hair in general. This could be great for men suffering bald patches or thinning of the hair. It certainly has been a find for me and I highly recommend this to anyone at all who just wants healthier hair!

            Me, I love it and it gets full marks and beyond!

            Expect to pay about £5.35 in all good chemists such as Boots and I paid about that on Amazon too!

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          • Product Details

            The Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo stimulates the hair growth directly at the roots / Washing your hair daily with C1 immediately provides the hair roots with the activating caffeine ingredient, which can be detected after being left on for as little as 120 seconds / If left on for longer, more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp / This shampoo does not contain any conditioning agents so your hair will immediately have more grip.

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