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Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil

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Brand: Alterna Bamboo / Type: Hair Oil / Subcategory: Hair Treatment / What it does: Smoothes / Product line: Alterna Bamboo

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 15:49
      Very helpful



      Certified Organic, Eco-Certified & Fair Trade oil for your hair

      In a few days time I am due to have my 7 week hair cut, well a trim to be honest because I quite like the style i've got my hair now and just 8 weeks ago when I had my hair cut and styled for the first time in about 4 months, I explained to my stylist Antonio that I felt my hair had become quite dry, frizzy and rather dull looking, even though I was using really good shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask every other week as suggested.

      Anyway, once my hair has been washed and head massaged, I was given a range of options to try. My main issue is that I use GHD's to straighten my hair otherwise it is a frizzy curly mess and I look a right state. I like my hair to be poker straight but with a bit of oomph rather than just sticking to my head and looking like I've over-done the straightening thing. So I tend to use products to protect my hair from splitting and being burnt by the heat of my GHD's because whilst I've only got shoulder length hair and it is quite fine, there is a lot of hair, so I do tend to find that my hair whilst greasy at the roots is also really dry and if not conditioned resembles Worzel Gummidges locks.

      The option I chose was Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil which is sold either as a spritzing spray or in the option I chose which is an oil and it is sold in a 50ml bottle and has a dropper which you use to drop the oil onto your hands and run through your hair. Now because I have greasy roots, I am always careful about what products I apply to my hair because I don't want to have to wash my hair everyday and end up with dry hair but at the same time I don't want to look like you can fry an egg on my hair. As the job I do means I am often meeting and greeting members of the public, businessmen and others, I don't want to open the door and look a bit of a mess and unkempt. However this product claims that it will:

      --> Deeply nourishes and restores hair to a healthy state
      --> Seals split ends and frays damaged by environmental factors and chemical processing
      --> Color protecting pre-styler with built-in humidity resistance
      -->Banishes frizz for sleek, glossy hair with staying power

      So as you can see, Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil is a treatment product which claims to banish your frizzy out of control hair and leave you with soft, shiney manageable locks. It can be used as the following:
      Key benefits and uses:

      --> As a pre-wash treatment: A luxurious pre-wash to prepare hair.
      --> Pre-blow-dry: Apply a couple of drops to mid-lengths and ends to nourish, protect and maximise shine.
      --> As a finishing product: Perfects the hair and reduces flyways.
      --> Re-touch: Excellent for dry and demanding hair that needs added control and nourishment during the day.
      --> Intensive conditioning: A leave-in conditioner for deep nourishment.

      Which you find written on the bottle, on the company website and be explained to you by your stylish if they recommend it to you. The main reason for purchasing it for myself was as a pre-wash treatment and as a pre-blow-dry treatment, mainly the pre-blow-dry to prevent my hair becoming any drier from using my hair dryer and GHD's and as an intensive conditioner.

      The bottle itself is easy to recognise because it is quite small containing only 50ml and is a see through which means you can see the actual oil which is similar in colour to cider but obviously as it is an oil it is much thicker. Around the bottle is a label which details the name of the product, what it is and then there is a long list of ingredients. Because it only contains 50ml of the product the bottle itself id quite small but the bit which stands out the most is the black top which contains the dropper.

      I had never heard of Alterna as a brand before using this product and unsurprisingly this product is Eco Certified, Fair Trade Compliant and certified Organic. They do however have a wide selection of products available for most hair types and as you might expect to find there is shampoo, conditioner, treatments, pre-style, style and finishing products all on offer so whether you have frizzy hair, dry or curly hair there will be something for you.

      So when it comes to using the oil I was a bit worried to begin with because it is the same texture as hair serum and if you use too much hair serum you can end up with greasy looking hair, however this product has its own 'dropper' and whether you are using it as a treatment or a finishing product the amount you use is still the same - 2 droplets. The only change in how and when to use the oil is the capacity in which you are using it. So if I was to use it as a primer I would use the 2 droplet motion into the palms of my hands and then rubbing the oil between the palms, apply it to my hair combing it through with my fingers from what is known as the mid-shaft (below the root) to the ends of my hair and then style my hair as I would normally do so as and when I need to. But if I was to use it as a treatment then I would use it once or twice a week liberally applied to dry hair which I would leave on for up to ten minutes before washing it off and then style my hair as normal. Thankfully these instructions do come with the product or you can find them online.

      This oil comes with a guarantee that your hair should look and feel better after just one application which is a mighty big claim to be making and naturally I am and was happy to take on the challenge.

      As mentioned the ingredients list is quite extensive and there are a few surprises in there such as Fennel which is used for its deep conditioning properties and for nourishing the hair from root to tip. Bamboo extract is one of the two main ingredients and Bamboo helps to strengthen the hair follicle whilst helping to maintain moisture which helps your hair to shine. Jojoba seed oil is a deep cleanses which helps remove build up of products, dirt, grime and it also hydrates the hair. Avocado oil and Olive Oil come next and they penetrate the hair shaft to nourish and moisturise from the inside out. Then finally is the other main ingredient Kendi oil which protects the hair from damage such as heat damage from hairdryers and straightening irons.

      So with all of those ingredients it isn't surprising to hear such a big claim to success has been made and having now used this product for the last 8 weeks as it is now I wont be asking for my money back but I will be throwing away all of my serums, lotions and potions or at least donating them to my Mum and instead I will just use this product because it is so versatile and does the work of 4 or 5 products and it does the job much better than all of them put together. So I am not only pleased with this product I absolutely love it and I love how soft and shiney it makes my hair and how much easier it is to style and I have tried a lot of products on my hair over the past ten years and nothing has come close to how brilliant this oil is and looking back I am wondering what I was thinking when I said how wonderful other products were because they pale into insignificance. My hair is a dream to style, I have no frizzy bit of hair sticking out or refusing to stay in place, my hair is shiney and it looks healthy, a complete contract to the straw like effect I had 8 weeks ago.

      As for the aroma, well its quite hard to describe what it smells like because whilst the list of ingredients is extensive there isn't one of them which stands out amongst the crowd, it isn't typically floral nor is there a chemical smell, it is like a sweeter Shea butter type of smell which lingers delicately on the hair and isn't too overpowering.

      So would I recommend it? Yes even though it costs just short of £20 for a 50ml bottle it is worth every penny and because you probably wont be using it every day or every other day it does last a long time. I am not yet half way through my bottle after owning it for 2 months and my next purchase will be the Bamboo Oil finishing spritz spray and possibly the accompanying shampoo and conditioner to boot.


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    • Product Details

      Alterna Bamboo Smooth Pure Treatment Oil Alterna Bamboo Smooth Pure Treatment Oil is a deeply nourishing and quickly absorbed treatment oil. It works to restore damaged hair fibre and seal split ends whilst elliminating frizz and protecting your colour from fading and also prtoects against UV rays.  The treatment oil is designed to be used two different ways. It can be used as a deep nourishing treatment - restoring and rehydrating dry damaged hair. Alternatively it can be used as a style primer and applied before styling for a sleek frizz-free finish. Designed especially for meduim-thick hair.    Directions for use: To use as a deep nourishing treatment - apply to hair and leave in for 10 minutes. Rinse and wash hair as usual.  To use as a style primer - apply to damp hair and style as usual. 

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