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American Crew Peppermint Cleanse Shampoo

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4 Reviews

Brand: American Crew / Type: Hair Shampoo / What it does: Cleanses,

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    4 Reviews
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      30.11.2008 18:43
      Very helpful
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      great shampoo

      Introduction to the product.

      The reason why most people in England wont have heard of them before is simply because they are an American company who specialise in male grooming products.
      In fact, they are apparently one of the leading men's grooming products in America and they are usually found mainly in the men's salons and I have even seen them in a few salons over here in England too.
      They have been amongst one of the most well known in the us for about 10 years now and will probably be well known over there for quite a while to come.
      Also after doing a bit of research on them I came across an article about how there products are now coming to the UK so ill have to look out for them in stores in a few months time. I'm still unsure why they already haven't made the link to the UK as of yet but as long as they do in the near future then the future looks good for American Crew.

      How I got it.

      Before this Christmas however, American Crew was a brand I was unfamiliar with. Not only had I never used there products before, but id never even heard of the brand before.
      Upon getting the gift of a bottle of this peppermint cleanse, a bottle of there daily conditioner, a bottle of there texture cream and a pot of there classic wax the first thing I noticed, not knowing anything about the brand is how good it looked just from the packaging. I knew it must be quite an expensive salon style hair products, mainly because of how much different products they make.

      The bottle.

      The bottle is of a pretty reasonable size and lasts quite a while. I still have about half of the bottle left since when I got it at Christmas however I do use other shampoo as well as this.
      The cap on the bottle is easy to use too, it's a push down cap which reveals a hole in which the shampoo comes outs of. This is easy to open and even easier to close meaning no shampoo is accidentally wasted.
      The bottle is burnt brown in colour and is very distinctive. This is also the colour for a lot of their products and also there logo as you would probably expect is the same on all of the bottle and tubs that they do.
      It does look somewhat like a men's shampoo, which is what it is. The design of the bottle is simple and quite modern and pretty sleek in a way. The colour is quite a nice brown, not too dull and boring but not too bright and girly, and I think even if you didn't know you could easily guess that this is a men's product just by how the bottle looks.

      About the product.

      The smell of this product is one I think no one can argue with. Unless of course you don't like the smell of mints, I however love the smell and if you imagine those spearmint polo's, this shampoo smells nearly exactly like this. When the shampoo is un use the smell kind of fades away, but this is only because you get used to it and I have been reported with having a nice hint of mint to my hair with I thinks quite a nice smell. Also when I go back into the bathroom having used this is still smells like mint even half an hour later then when I actually lathered up, so this product is really good at keeping its scent.
      Its called the peppermint cleanse, well peppermint because that's what it smells like, and cleanse because it totally cleans your hair of any hair products, excessive dirt or oils and environmental pollutants. It contains peppermint, which is where that lovely smell comes from, and even contains tea tree oils which gives you that lovely shine as well as getting rid of those unwanted oils and dirt.

      Using the product.

      The consistency of the shampoo is perfect, its quite thick which is great as it doesn't run everywhere whilst your trying to put it in your hair like some shampoos that are just too weak and half of its down the plug hole before its even touched your head. Also its not too thick, its really is the perfect consistence for a shampoo. Its easy to lather up and you do get a lot of shampoo foam from just the tiniest splodge of shampoo. Also something this shampoo is meant to do is rejuvenate your scalp, and when putting this in your hair and massaging it into your scalp you do feel really refreshed and rejuvenated. This will be the tea tree oil in the shampoo which is the same as the product in most face and cleansing wipes. This is because it is well known for its cleansing and calming abilities.
      I have around medium length hair as my fringe is quite long and the sides go over my ears. I don't really use much styling products after I have washed my hair but since I got the products I have started using the wax and the texture cream which give my hair a quite different look. As far as washing out oils and dirt out of my hair is concerned this shampoo works very well and my hair feels so clean after I've used it. It also washes out the wax really well too and I can only imagine it can wash out pretty much any hair products you might use, so if you are a bit of a hair product junkie then this shampoo is almost certainly one for you. They are meant to be a company for men but I don't see any reason why women couldn't use this shampoo too, perhaps they wouldn't want too but if you did then its still a fine shampoo for anyone to use.
      After using my hair feels smooth and quite silky too, best of all though my whole head and scalp feels cleaned and I just feel so refreshed after using it.


      Now this isn't really well known over here for a reason, and that reason is why I had never heard of the stuff before I got some as a present as well. This reason is because you cant seem to buy their products anywhere. I have seen it in a hair salon I went too once so I bought another bottle from there, it wasn't however the peppermint cleanse I bought as they only had the daily shampoo style from American crew but its still good. This wasn't even a posh salon I went too so I should think that quite a lot of places in the UK do have this products in them and I'm still looking but maybe even some shops sell American crew products.
      I have looked in nearly all the supermarkets but have had no luck yet, however a specialist like boots or super drug might have the shampoos. If not there always available to order online, and would probably work out cheaper this way too so this is always a possibility if need be.
      If like I mentioned earlier in the review this does come to the UK I think it will take off very well and will be nearly, or even more popular over here than it is in America.
      It is a lot better than most shampoos on our shelf's over here however its also quite a bit dearer too, with prices going over £10 for a single bottle, but prices really do vary especially as its so hard to come by.
      Also if it was to because on sale over here in supermarkets the price of the shampoo would no doubt drop which would be even better for me, and anyone else who will buy the shampoo.

      Do I recommend it?

      Altogether American Crew seem like a nice company, they are a leading one in America and now, after using their products I under stand why. There products work, they work well and they feel nice to use too, as well as looking and feeling like professional styling products.
      Also they are a company who don't test any of their products on animals so can be used be vegans and gives piece of mind to anyone who like and doesn't believe in cruelty to animals really.
      This is one of the best shampoos I have ever used, in fact I cant think of a better shampoo at the moment but I'm not really an expert in shampoo and I haven't really used a lot of the stuff in my lifetime, I don't tend to stick to a particular brand of hair products but instead seem to look what looks all right at the time of purchase or to see what's on offer and just buy the cheapest.
      I think from now on though that I will try sticking to American Crew products in the future even though they are quite hard to get hold of.
      I advise this to any one who cares about their hair or anyone who just wants nice hair, which is really everyone isn't it?
      If you've not tried this shampoo before then if you are able to hold of some I advise giving it a try as I don't think you'll regret it and I think you'll grow to love it like I have too.


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        01.04.2008 20:09
        Very helpful



        An minty fresh flavour...for your hair

        I first tried products from the American Crew range, when my friend from America came over to stay a while ago. I then happened to notice that my hair salon also sold their products and have since ended up using the product whenever I go and stay in the states and go to the hair salon. One of the key selling features of the products and brand, is that it is 'for men'. With a market pretty much saturated with hair styling products for ladies, they occupy a nice slice of the male grooming market.

        My Experience:
        The Peppermint Cleanse drew my attention particularly when I came over to the states last year as it claims to be 'deep cleansing' and can get rid of any styling product residue in your hair...which appealed to me and my mild obsession for the brand of hair styling clay, 'Fish'. If you've ever come across 'Soho Fish's hair clay', you will know that it is virtually impossible to wash off your hands after you've applied it to your hair (seriously, fairy liquid doesn't even shift it, I can only manage it with serious wipe-age on some kitchen roll), so to get it out of your hair is another matter altogether and can take days before I'm sure it's all gone (that's not as gross as it sounds, honestly). Soooo, as usual, I used my lovely fish clay and when it came to washing my hair, I tried the Peppermint Cleanse, and well, by jove, slap me round the face with a fish, it shifted it.

        Who Are American Crew?:
        American Crew are an American company (quel surprise) who specialize in Male Grooming, as well as shampoo, they make body washes, hair styling products, shaving products...you get the idea. Their ranges run from 'Classic' (of which the 'Peppermint Cleanse' is part of), 'Citrus Mint', 'Thickening' (hmm) and 'Revitalize' as well as a special range for graying hair...to name a few. They are key players in the American Men's Grooming market, partnering with the professional salon industry. It's also important to note that they are rather PC, by not testing any of their products on animals. On to the product in question...

        The Packaging:
        The presentation of American Crew's 'Classic' Shampoo, is uniform; brown plastic bottles. The cap has a design feature that I find useful and important whilst in the shower. It's one of those where you have to click the top, so a little hole pops out at the other side. So, there's no faffing about with screwing lids on and off in the middle of your showering ritual.

        The Smell:
        I've used minty products before in the shower/bath, but I have to say, this one has my favourite smell, amongst the minters. On first whiff, it reminds me more of Spearmint chewing gum, very refreshing me thinks. So spearmint/peppermint, potato/potato, tomato/tomato (sorry, to those that don't get the reference). Once the shampoo lathers up, the scent is subtle and not too overpowering. I would also like to add, contrary to other reviews, I have never had the remotest inkling to taste it (why would you, unless you like to chow down on a bar of soap??!)

        The Viscosity and Shampoo Itself:
        There is nothing particularly, extraordinary worth mentioning about the shampoo itself. It's what you would expect from a good quality shampoo, not too thick, not too watery. It does however, create a nice lather. The shampoo is nice shade of 'diluted caramel' (translate as you feel fit). The company say that it contains Panama Bark (whatever the blinky blonky that is) and won't strip your hair of any natural oils...at the same time Wheat Protein (I don't think it matters if you are wheat intolerant ☺ ) adds shine and strength while Rosemary and Thyme extracts tone and moisturize...lovely.

        The Feeling:
        I find that the shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean (you know when you tug a bit through your fingers and it squeaks, well, it does that). It also made it feel slightly straw like (well, rougher than normal) whilst under the shower, but once my hair dried, it felt absolutely fine. Some people find the mintiness somewhat distracting, with a mild stinging sensation, which I have experienced from other menthol based shampoos, but never with this one...maybe my scalp has developed a thicker skin, but I can't recall ever having an unpleasant scrub with this.

        The Value and Availability:
        Ok, I must admit, I've never brought this stuff 'easily' in the UK. My (independent) hair salon stocks it, so I would have thought that other salons do too, especially those in cities (my salon is kinda posh and stock other brands such as Tigi and GHD, so if yours sell those, chances are you could find American Crew...if not they might be able to order it...oooo!) After a bit of online research, it would seem that you can buy it online fairly easily. In the states, I recently bought a large bottle (450ml) for $9 (billy bargain, just under a fiver). This probably means that in the UK, it will inevitably be much higher, ranging anywhere between ten and twenty quid...ouch! Although, it would appear that you can buy the stuff from eBay from as little as seven quid - nice one!

        To Conclude:
        I am a fan of American Crew products, but I wouldn't say they stand head and shoulders (ooo did you see what I did there?) above other competitors, for me the advantage of the Peppermint cleanse is that it does give you that sense of thorough cleaning. But, if you don't use a heavy styling product, I don't see the need for it. If you're someone who enjoys looking after your hair and pampering yourself on products, I believe the term is 'Metrosexual' (but I also believe the person who coined that expression should be castrated, then thrust in front of tube train, a much better description of the word, me thinks) then I would recommend you trying it. I do like having a bottle around when I'm the UK (maybe because it makes me think of being back in the states, who knows) but I could live without it. It's a shame that it isn't more widely available in supermarkets...one day perhaps.

        Other brands belonging to American Crew are Mop (www.mopproducts.com) and d:fi (www.dfihair.com)...and obviously American Crew (www.americancrew.com)

        Thanks for reading:)

        © MarcoG 2008
        (also on ciao)


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          27.02.2008 15:44
          Very helpful



          I am lucky I have any hair left to wash after using this !!

          I had an experience with this shampoo which I would rather forget but before I push it firmly to the back of my mind I will take this opportunity to warn others before they fall foul to this stuff. My experience started in Newcastle Under Lyme around three years ago where I was guest speaker at a conference discussing social issues and the current operation of the children's panel amongst other things.

          I had not expected to be staying over night but circumstances led to that being the case, I was unprepared and when I went to shower in the hotel I needed to use the free sachets of shampoo which were American Crew Peppermint Cleanse Shampoo. Having never heard of this stuff before I treaded carefully, applied a small amount rinsed and got out the shower. I was somewhat surprised by the tingly clean feeling and the silkiness of my ever greying hair so I slipped the empty sachet (and the other full one) into my brief case because I wanted to use this again and would never remember what it was called.

          On my arrival home I noticed the full sachet had burst and leaked in my case leaving a sort of minty, woody aroma in it. I showed my wife the empty sachet and allowed her to whiff the aroma then told her of my experience with the product. Being the loving wife that she is she searched online and purchased me a bottle. My first proper use of this stuff out of the bottle was where the problems started.

          Picture me in my own shower bottle in hand (no probably better you don't actually), I splodge a small amount out onto my hand and begin to lather up my silver locks, this time taking my time to enjoy my own shower and the minty scented shampoo knowing that when I got out and dried my hair I would once again feel that tingly clean feeling on my scalp and my silky smooth hair. WRONG! This time once dried my hair felt dry and lifeless and my scalp felt tender and hot (what had gone wrong)? I am left thinking that you can only use the tiniest bit of this shampoo and keep it on for the briefest of time or it will turn on you.

          I had a quick look at the back of the bottle to see what on earth actually went into this stuff, I was surprised to find out that caustic soda and acid were not mentioned anywhere. By this time my poor scalp was bright red and really starting to burn, I went back in the shower and washed with a regular brand of shampoo I had used for years and the effects started to wear off but it was a few days before I could bare to comb my hair it really was that tender.

          I left the bottle in our bathroom for some unknown reason rather than just binning it and a few weeks down the line my son and his hairdresser girlfriend came to visit. After using our toilet she returned to ask when I had started using American Crew and telling me how the salon she works in recommend it to men who use a lot of products in their hair because it is fantastic at removing all the residue left from wax and gel`s. I laughed and told her I believed her and I was sure that it would be able to remove pretty much anything it wanted (I might try it as a paint remover for our garden railings before giving them their summer coat).

          She assures me she has never heard of this reaction before and that I must have been allergic to something in the shampoo. Perhaps she is right but I have never in my 67 years had a reaction to anything else so my opinion remains that this stuff is dangerous!

          Ok to give a full review even though I have done my best to warn you off this stuff I should probably go into some detail on the product.

          THE BOTTLE

          The bottle is very manly in appearance no fancy shapes or bright colours to make it seem more appealing. It has a black lid which pops open to allow you to squeeze out the shampoo. It has the feel and look of a typical gentleman's shampoo bottle of years gone by.


          Formulated with Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils, the peppermint scent is very noticeable it has a sort of woody undertone to it and actually smells quite pleasant. It has the appearance of syrup when squeezed onto your palm and it feels somewhat thicker than an average shampoo.


          Should you still want to try this for yourself (please don't) then you can find it available for purchase in many places online including the manufacturers own website -

          http://www.americancrewshop.com/categories/product.asp?ID=78&gclid=CKXX 6O2L5JECFQ9QQgodiU3jfA

          It is also available on EBAY (isn't everything), Amazon.co.uk and many more besides. A 250ml bottle will set you back a pricey £8.25 on their own website but can be found on Amazon for £5.50 so if you really must torture your poor scalp then take the less expensive option.


          Although I had never heard of this company till I came across this shampoo they have apparently been around since the early nineties and as well as this shampoo they offer a full range of products for male grooming including conditioners, hair styling products, shaving products and shower gels (I wont be showering with anything they make anytime soon after what their shampoo done to my scalp their products wont be getting near my more sensitive areas that's for sure).

          American Crew does not test their products on animals so they do have one thing good going for them. They have recently branched into women's products also offering a large range of female grooming similar to the ones on offer for men (quite right why should we men suffer alone)?
          Ok I think I have made my feelings well and truly clear all that remains for me to say is that this is only my experience and to be fair to the company maybe my skin did take some sort of allergic reaction to the product but I would advise you to tread carefully with this stuff at the very least and if you have sensitive skin to steer well clear of it all together.

          Thanks for reading.



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            26.02.2008 12:19
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            American Crew........

            Well, this review is on one of my favourite shampoos, "American Crew Peppermint Shampoo". Now like most people I have to be honest I hadn't really heard of the product, although it has been around for some 35 years. My first encounter with this product was when my cousin visited us from Chicago; I must have been 2001 if im not wrong. He usually comes every 2 or 3 years and the best thing about his visits is that he brings so many American goodies with him, shampoos, crisps, Twinkies, aftershave you name it and he's bought it for us. Well one day, like the nosy and curious person I tend to be sometime I was going through some of his things, with his permission of course, well after rummaging in his bag for about 15 minutes I found a dark mahogany colour bottle that said America Crew on it. Their were actually several different types of bottles, all with different purposes or so I was told. He had bought over his whole American crew collection for us too try, this included the peppermint shampoo, the hair gel, shaving foam, aftershave balm, and well you get my drift.
            I sometimes read these product of the week competitions and get the distinctive feeling that people haven't seen, heard or tried the product, which is a shame because it would make the product review so much better if you could add your own true personal experiences, well im glad to say ive been using American Crew products for about 4 years now, and one of which happens to be the Shampoo. This review will hopefully give an insight into the product in question, a history about the manufacturers, its pricing, availability and information regarding packaging and so on. Enjoy the read!!!

            The American Crew Peppermint Shampoo:
            Well this section is about the actual product itself, what it feels like, smells like and the main ingredients in the product, and moreover why I use it.
            The shampoo product contains extracts of peppermint and tea tree oils, the whole idea behind this is that it helps to nourish, cleanse and treat your hair from everyday use. For instance it was very effective for me because I always use to style my hair with gel, and I found it really hard to remove it the next day, this product allowed me with ease to remove the dirt from the night before without having to scrub my head hard, which I found doing with products such as head and shoulders. To be honest the shampoo is like the teenagers version of Clearasil, the idea being removing dirt, uncloaking the pours to leave you face feeling smooth and fresh, well the same applies with your hair, all the excess dirt, oil and pollutants are washed away after using this product. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't have to be used daily, infact I only use it once a week, and that's largely due to two things, first its price, and second its effectiveness means I only need to use it every now and then. I combine this use, with the usual Pantene products, and it leaves my hair feeling smooth and dry.
            Now most people might argue why is a male so concerned about his hair, well why not, I suppose like any other part of the body, you have to treat your hair with a little bit of respect every now and then.

            The Smell:

            Well one would assume that the shampoo would smell like peppermint, well it does, but unlike other shampoos its not a strong potent sent, its more of a mind and slow one, were every now and then if you were to sniff the air you could smell it. This appealed to me; because I didn't want to give my friends the assumption that I used peppermint leaves to wash my hair, because that would just be silly.
            Peppermint can also be found in some shampoos and soaps, which give the hair a minty scent and produce a cooling sensation on the skin.

            Accidentally a few times I have managed to get the shampoo in my mouth, well isn't always pleasant, but I don't know if people have ever smelt a product that wasn't eatable but they really wanted to try it nevertheless, I get that feeling when using this product, however as always on the product it does give a strong sign "Don't consume product".

            Ok well the packaging can variety depending upon where you purchase the product, although the bottle itself is always the same, the outer packaging can either be in a mahogany colour box, or it comes sometimes just with the bottle. If purchasing with the box, the box has the companies name, the ingredients at the back and just usual info about the product and the brand.
            The shampoo comes in two different sizes, we have the standard 250ml bottle, which I usually stick with or you can have the option of buying the 1 litre product, which I have bought when I went to America and stocked up.

            Well I suppose the price is the biggest downside to buying the product, American Crew officially sells the 250ml bottle for £8.25 and the 1 litre bottle for £20.45. Now as you can see this is much more expensive than the usual product such as Pantene, however I justify buying this for two reasons, firstly I don't use it everyday, and the bottle has in some instances lasted some 3 months, and secondly if you are clever you would shop around on the internet and find a cheaper deal, most online retailers offer substantial discounts and you could end up saving £2 on the 250ml bottle.
            Retailers that sell the product:

            I thought I would include a little info about where the best places to buy this product, as you may have guessed they don't really sell in the typical supermarkets such as Asda and or Tesco. You can look around on the internet for some good deals, EBay sellers have been known to sell for low prices, however please avoid them my experiences tell me there not always the right products and seem to be pre opened and therefore could be tampered with. Instead you could either buy direct from the American Crew website, (http://www.americancrewshop.com/categories/product.asp?ID=78&catID=11&name =Peppermint+Cleanse+Shampoo) or most of the top hairdressers and salons keep bulks supplies of the product, my local one actually charges me £2.50 less than the retail price.
            One last thing, if your ever going America, like I did last year, just buy a few extra bottles for use back home, I remember paying about $3 for the 250ml bottle, and with a strong exchange rate that is really cheap, so maybe give that a try if your in the area.
            My final Thought:

            Like I was saying from the start, it is a trustable and reliable product, and for me as a frequent user of hair gel products I found it so easy to clean my hair the next day, it left it feeling soft, smooth and gentle, whilst also giving it that scientific cleaning notion as stated by the use of tea tree oils and peppermint. Its price can be a downside, however its not like this product has to be used everyday, I consider my bottle to be like a fine bottle of wine, open on special occasions and enjoy it for that one day, then put it back in the draw for another special day.

            History or American Crew Company:

            American Crew was first launched as a male grooming company in 1994. It first branched out creating products for shaving, such as shaving cream and aftershave balms, however with its huge popularity is soon ventured into hair gel and shampoo and conditioner products. American Crew, has in recent times also branched out into women's products, and now has a large range of products to offer for both the male and female clientele.

            For those of you that want to now, American Crew does not perform any type of animal testing on any of its products, it uses natural scientific ways of creating and testing there products, and therefore has a proud company slogan that has made so many Americans attracted to the product.
            Company website:


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