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American Crew Revitalize Starter Kit

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2 Reviews

Brand: American Crew / Type: Shampoo & Conditioner / What it does: Vitalizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      21.09.2009 21:43



      Depends on what you want it to do

      So the barber said this stuff stops baldness, something about how the ingredient spilt on a cancer patients arm and a tuft of hair grew there, so Captain naive here proceeded to buy the conditioner and spray.

      Then to my shock horror the hairdresser could not get anymore from his supplier. Eventually I found a very pleasant outlet called Carter and Bond in West London who stock the above mentioned starter kit, which I have been buying for over a year now. BUT DOES IT WORK?

      I guess I would say over the past year my hair has continued to thin but equally it doesnt seem to be thinning at a rate that seems like baldness is going to happen anytime soon. The hairdresser above recommended doing a hair count, yes a hair count, so as to establish precisely how much hair is being lost but I never have and thus I dont know.

      I cannot share the same optimism as the other reviewer and go as far as to say this actually works and reduces thinning and increasing thickness, which implies a reverse process of hair growth and thus a cure for baldness. Im just not sure but I still keep buying it anyway and unless I switch to other formulas such as monoxidil or amples then I imagine i will keep using it.


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        27.03.2008 14:02
        Very helpful
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        It really works, my hair is thicker, and lower hair loss


        After trying American Crew products and learning that their products really did work I decided to invest in this kit for thinning hair. This kit is designed to help people who have thinning hair and also suffer from hair loss. After prolonged use the main goal of this product is to extend the time cycle of the hair (so it doesn't fall out) and also thicken the thinning hair.

        I purchased this from the official store for £24.99 and there is 45 days supply.

        The Kit

        You get the following items in the hair thickening kit.

        250ml Shampoo
        250ml Conditioner
        175ml Spray Solution

        Please note that there are two varieties of this kit. There is a regular box (this is the blue one) this is used for normal to oily hair. Then there is the orange box which is for dry hair.

        Let's break down the kit and review each item individually:

        Shampoo - As I've said with all my American crew products - the smell is heavenly! You just need a small amount on your hand, and apply to your wet hair. It lathers up really well, I take care not to use too much otherwise it wont last 45 days! And you might run out and have the rest of the kit lying around! The shampoo works really well in removing grease from oily hair, and leaves the scalp feeling really fresh. It washes out really easily too.

        Conditioner - again the smell is really nice. I use a small amount and apply it after rinsing off the shampoo. I leave the conditioner in my hair while I shower the rest of my body. Then rinse off the conditioner. The conditioner really does ring life back to your hair, you can feel that the hair is much healthier.

        Spray Solution - this is the main thing in the kit - this is what its all about. This solution have concentrated chemicals which you spray on to your scalp after using the shampoo and conditioner. This solution will revitalize the hair, and help prolong the life cycle of each strand, help reduce hair loss and help thicken your hair. As this is a concentrated solution you only need to mist around your head, and then I work it in with my fingers into my scalp. When you leave the bathroom - you can smell the solution on your hair, it smells like you've just left the barbers! Really nice!


        This is an amazing kit, it has everything you need, and ive noticed less hair loss in the bath, and my hair thickening. Ive been using the kit for a full 45 days and now started on another kit and will keep using it. it comes highly recommended if you supper from thinning hair and/or hair loss.


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        Kit contains shampoo, conditioner and spray solution /

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