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Anatomicals Young Free & Tingle

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2008 11:25
      Very helpful



      Great everyday shampoo!

      Anatomicals are a very funky brand that caught my eye due to the catchy names and quirky packaging. This is always a winner combination for me, however usually these things come at a price (ie. Benefit). So imagine my surprise when I realised that not only did I immediately want this stuff just from looking at it, it was also cheap as chips!

      Now in the past I've not given out a whole load of info about the company itself, but that's because mainly I've written about brands such as Lush and Benefit and if you don't know enough about them already then, well, frankly, you're not worth writing for(!) Only kidding of course, but it has all been said before about a lot of brands, whereas Anatomicals is one I had heard relatively little about, and it's near enough impossible to find a review about them so please allow me just a little paragraph to tell you how fantastic this company are.

      If you can go and look at the Anatomical website (www.anatomicals.net) and not fall in love with this brand then I would be surprised. Anatomical's slogan is "we only want you for your body", which fits in great with the funky image and automatically sticks in your mind and makes you smile, or at least, makes me smile! The website will give you a full sense of the brand's sense of humour, and tongue in cheek statements. It references it's "skilful marketing" which is funny because these quirky products do really get us girls thinking they're the bees knees, when it is essentially marketing, and it's lovely and refreshing to hear someone openly admit it, it makes me love the brand all the more. They give you the option to enter the site if you agree the three essentials in life are sex, going out and living your life to the full, if you don't agree then you are directed to a personality undertaker "who will bury your old personality in the hope you will find a more exciting one". I could go on and on about the site, with it's own written tongue in cheek testimonials, claiming that even if the products cost £200 they are so great they would still be underpriced, to their "philosophy" section, that gives a definition of philosophy followed by "oh, you thought we were going to spout off about the company philosophy, like other boring organisations? now, why on earth would we want to do that?" which really brought a smile to myself. Anyway, there are loads of funny bits on there, but you get the idea, they are a really humorous fun brand and I love them completely for even this alone.

      So onto the product, which in this case is their Young, Free and Tingle Shampoo. Now packaging wise there are some plus sides and negative sides. The plus side is the thing that original drew me to buying this product in the first place, which is the label is made up of text telling you that "perhaps it's time for a split (not of the ends variety)" from your current shampoo and that it will have your hair "bouncing up and down like a pair of 42DD's". The packaging is quite simple, it is clear, with one block colour label and the text printed clearly on that taking up the entire label. It's simple but modern and fun. I really like it. Now onto the downside, my bottle, (which had a LONG detour into the Royal Mail Sorting Offices, now there's a whole other story) had leaked on its way to me. I didn't lose THAT much product, probably a few uses worth but it had made a bit of a mess but thankfully it was in its own little plastic bag so it just needed a wiping down and cleaning up. It is however worth mentioning as the last thing you want if say you are taking this on holiday, is it leaking all over your belongings, and that is why Lush's solid shampoo bars are nothing short of a god send. The other slight downside to the bottle is that it has a little flip top like a lot of shampoos that you squeeze the product out of, and gosh the bottle takes some squeezing to get out a decent amount of shampoo. In summary, when you don't want any product to come out, it has leakage danger, when you do want product to come out it's a bit of a mission.

      As soon as you get the shampoo out into your hand, the strong minty aroma fills the air. The shampoo bottle contains no instructions, which in itself made me smile just because it reminded me of Jack Dee saying how he can't believe people still need instructions on shampoo! As you are lathering up the shampoo the gorgeous scent really is very strong but in a really nice way. It smells very minty and is so invigorating and could make even me (not a morning person whatsoever) wake up in the morning. It's such a pick me up and without meaning to sound like an advert I really felt like it was clearing my senses! Lovely!

      It contains Peppermint Oil and Menthol, which no doubt give it its lovely smell. As well as this Peppermint Oil is refreshing and invigorating, can help cure headaches and acts as an insect repellent. Menthol causes a cool sensation on the skin, which explains the 'tingle' aspect of the shampoo, speaking of which; I did notice a tiny tingle, but nothing unpleasant or uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend rubbing this in your eyes however, but I guess that goes without saying.

      Now, I think it can be quite hard to review shampoo, as your hair can end up a concoction of such a huge amount of products how can you really tell if it's that shampoo that made your hair shine etc unless of course you are using it with your old trusty products and have only changed that and noticed a huge change. One of the things that I do always judge shampoos on is how the hair feels when it is being rinsed out. As a rule good shampoos leave your hair feeling tangle free and smooth whilst you are washing out the shampoo, and make it really easy to apply the conditioner easily, bad shampoos leave your hair tangled and feeling well just a bit manky. This shampoo is at the good end of the scale. It is not as good as Lush's Big, but then it comes at a fraction of the price. It is however better or at the very least as good as, shampoos within it's price range. Think your regular shampoos that you get on offer (Timotei, Sunsilk, Herbal Essences etc) it is definitely on a par with these, although better than most of these sort of shampoos.

      There was a tiny tangle in my hair, but the rest was smooth and knot free which made conditioner easy to apply. Sorry I couldn't go without conditioner for the sake of this review, that is asking just a little too much, and no shampoo is going to withstand that test anyhow. So on goes the conditioner (Anatomical's The Sleek Shall Inherit the Earth) which didn't have a strong scent, and after applying the scent was still all of the shampoo. Still smelling all lovely and minty.

      After I had conditioned and rinsed, it was onto the task of drying. Now, for the purpose of the review I chose not to use any styling products as I wanted to see the true result. The hair was easy to dry, no tangles so easy to comb through etc. When the hair was dry it actually looked pretty good. It looked great, no frizz and looked healthy, but in a natural sense of the word. I'm used to having my hair very glossy and shiny, which it didn't do, nor did I expect it to (I hadn't used my glossy products) but I was surprised at how naturally good it could look with this shampoo. I decided to then straighten it, still without using any products, all in the name of research, and the end result looked good, still healthy and quite bouncy, but not shiny in a glossy way.

      When my hair is dry the scent has all but gone, so no need to worry that people will think you smell like a mint, although it's not necessarily a bad thing to smell of!

      My mum asked if I had coloured my hair, to which I replied no, she said if that's my natural colour don't ever dye it because it looks great. I mention this because this has never before been said to me, and the fact that it was just after using this shampoo means that it either enhanced my colour in some sort of way, or perhaps just stripped away any dullness away, either way, it obviously made my hair colour worth commenting on! Good stuff, compliments off people who don't know you've used anything different on your hair goes down well because obviously it has made a visible difference.

      Now onto the really good bit is the price! For a 250ml bottle it is a bargain £2.00! Now, I do still love my Lush Big considerably more, but I save that for nights out etc due to its price so I needed something for every day use, and I do believe I have found it with this! Cheap enough to use every day, and great results! I bought mine from asos.com, and it is also available through the Anatomical's website. Both websites charge around £3-£4 for delivery so it's worth waiting till you are buying a few things. I read in a magazine (on the website) that it is available in House of Fraiser and Superdrug. I had never noticed this before in the shops but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out and if it is available in Superdrug this will be a regular purchase for me.

      Great results, a fun little product and at a bargain price - what's not to like?


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      Revive your hair with peppermint oil and menthol /

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