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Andrew Barton Brunette Conditioner

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Brand: Andrew Barton / Type: Conditioner

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2012 19:39
      Very helpful



      Affordable and adequate

      Okay, here's the deal. I know that when it comes to cosmetics, I can write...a LOT. And I realise that, for all of you out there who kindly read and rate my reviews, this isn't entirely up your street, so I massively appreciate the time and effort you put it to humouring my interest in all things that, sadly, have yet to transform me overnight into the shorter, cuter version of Angelina Jolie.

      This review is for Andrew Barton's "Strictly For Brunettes" Light Reflecting Conditioner - and I'm going to keep it as snappy as I can. Why? Because - and I'm coming out with my final opinion from the outset here - this is a perfectly adequate day-to-day conditioner, but it's nothing spectacular. If I get a bit wordy in my reviews, it's usually inspired by products which have a certain something about them that is worth talking about - be they good or bad. This product? It's okay. It's fine. It's nice enough, it does its job then goes home to it's other half and 2.4 dogs or whatever we're all statistically meant to have and it pays its taxes. It's fine. It's just nothing spectacular. So here's the deal.

      ***THE PRODUCT***
      This is the latest, and possibly last, product by Andrew Barton that I've reviewed here. I love his intensive SOS Conditioning Treatment, yet I was sorely disappointed by his Gloss Boss Conditioner.

      Andrew Barton - the background of whom I illustrated on a previous review, but to condense, is a very good hairdresser, has a very expensive Covent Garden Salon, has done 'telly stuff' and is widely considered to be quite good - produces a range of haircare products that at the moment are exclusive to Asda. This product, along with most of the "daily" stuff (ie not the intensive conditioners or leave-in products) retail at £4, although Asda frequently run "2 for £6" promotions on them, which is how I came to own this when I indulged in a pot of the brilliant SOS treatment.

      It comes in a near-black tube with a flip-top lid which is also the base. This is sturdy, snaps shut tightly, and means that you don't miss out on the end of the product because gravity dictates that it will be near the dispenser.

      The product, when dispensed, is white and of average consistency - again, nothing stands out as a point worth writing about....bar one thing....the scent. This is just chemical to me. I can pick out a lot of scents and tones in most things but to me, this is just flatly chemical, and I'm afraid to say that this scent does linger on the hair after drying.

      ***MY EXPERIENCE***
      It's an okay conditioner! I rotate mine to make sure my hair doesn't want for anything, but I've never been disappointed by this - nor have I had a sudden urge to write on dooyoo raving madly about it.

      This product washes out okay. It leaves my hair shiny, it doesn't leave my ends noticeably dry (and to be fair, they need a trim at the moment), and it doesn't notably weigh my hair down after a day (I wash my hair daily). In short, it conditions hair. I can't speak for blondes, as this is a colour-specific product, but as it is white in colour itself I can't see it being a monumental disaster if you suddenly found this was the only conditioner left on earth one day despite having blonde locks. As I said, it does the job. That's it. And whilst that's ok, and it's nice to have a reliable product on your bathroom shelf, I wouldn't use this if I had a butterflies-in-stomach date or a big day at work - I'd indulge in something with that extra zing, little something extra that just makes you feel really good about your hair and yourself.

      So whilst reliable is good, I must counter that by deducting a star for the fact that this lightly chemical scent stays on my hair when I use this - I personally hate this. But I don't just hate it for this product, it is a personal bugbear, so I'm not going to rant at how terrible it is - I realise I am overly sensitive to this.

      In conclusion, it's fine. Buy it. Use it. You'll probably like it. You might not want to tweet about how phenomenally awesome it is, but you'll probably have adequately cared-for hair. Then, like I expect I will, you'll probably forget it ever existed and buy something else next time you're out, and that will be the end of that fleeting relationship. But that's ok, because it'll be at home with its feet up after the day at work, filling out its tax return or watching Coronation Street. It's a bit like dating someone you know you're not going to end up with - the company is nice, but you know you're going to drift apart. At least this looks after your hair during the interim.


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      13.08.2011 09:54
      Very helpful



      A super shiny result from Andrew Barton

      I'm a sucker for purchasing haircare bargains. I can't help myself if I'm browsing the aisles of a shop and "salon quality" hair products are on special offer. This was the case recently when I did not actually need to stock up on more hair products I just could not resist purchasing the Andrew Barton Blondes Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner.

      *** Andrew Barton Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner ***
      Although my hair is highlighted with light blonde highlights I do tend to use conditioners aimed at brunette hair as I have found they produce shiny hair on hair that is a mixture of colours which often products aimed at blonde hair does not.

      The Andrew Barton Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner comes in a 250ml tube. This is a carbon grey coloured squeezy tube with the flip lid and dispenser on the base of the tube with bright yellow font on the front of the tube.

      Andrew Barton Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner is available from Asda and costs £4.00 for a 250ml tube. I bought this whilst on special offer where you could purchase 2 Andrew Barton products for £6.00 which made this slightly better value for money. After a quick check on the Andrew Barton website I discovered this is an exclusive to Asda product and you can't purchase from other supermarkets or from Boots or Superdrug.

      The directions for use are "Apply a small amount to ends of hair, brush through then rinse"

      The tube dispensers conditioner very easily. The tube is very pliable therefore you do not have to squeeze very hard for product to come out. The conditioner is very thick in consistency and is a matt white colour. On my long hair which is mid-way down my back I only need to use an amount less than a 50p coin. The conditioner in my opinion has the scent of a "salon" conditioner. This is a very sweet fruity type scent although not specific to one fruit; more a mixture of citrus and berries. I also feel it smells very much like the scent after you have dyed your hair.

      Applying the conditioner to your hair is very easy. Although thick it has a very silky feel to it which distributes well through the ends of your hair. I do find once applied through my hair my hair feels very soft and slimy. The conditioner rinses out of hair easily but even when fully rinsed there is still a slimy feel. On the first use of this conditioner this concerned me as I was expecting greasy hair. Thankfully this was not the case.

      As I was drying my hair with my hairdryer I did find that my hair seemed to take longer to dry than normal and felt very "wet". As I was drying I did feel my wet/ damp hair had a slimy residue on it however. Once my hair was dry I was left with very smooth shiny hair. My hair is a mixture of light blonde highlights with my mid to light brown natural colour. I did feel that all over my hair there was a noticeable shine to all areas and the blonde sections which are particularly dry had a real shine to them and looked smooth.

      The shine on my hair was very noticeable and definitely reflected the light particularly in natural sunlight. I have photos of myself outside after using this shampoo and when I looked back of them my hair looked particularly healthy and shiny and clean.

      The conditioner also gives hair a real soft touch and it feels very smooth and silky. I was slightly concerned that my hair would be excessively greasy because of the shiny effects but this has not been the case. I do feel that my hair does need washed everyday after using this conditioner rather than every other day but if necessary it could be washed every other day without it looking excessively greasy. With most high shine conditioners I often find if I wash my hair on a morning by the afternoon it looks greasy and lank therefore the Andrew Barton Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner is definitely and improvement on this.

      I do think this conditioner is best for those with normal to dry hair types and those with greasy hair may find their hair goes greasy far too quickly. I would also say that this is not a conditioner that you would apply near your roots because of the silky but quite greasy feeling it gives to the hair.

      The shiny results this conditioner delivers is definitely salon quality and delivers healthy looking shiny hair whether it be brunette or lighter shades of brunette. Hair looks and feels soft and shiny but I would say those with greasy hair types may want to avoid as shiny may turn to slick.

      The price of the conditioner is reasonable for a "salon" quality conditioner but this is definitely not the cheapest of conditioners. A good conditioner just a shame its only available from one retailer.


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