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Andrew Barton Super Nourish Conditioner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Andrew Barton / Type: Conditioner / What it does: Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2014 23:16
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      I received this Andrew Barton The Ultimate Blonde Super Nourish Conditioner as part of a gift set alongside The Ultimate Blonde Brightening Shampoo from the range.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The conditioner comes in a squeezable tube that sits on its black twist off cap.
      The tube is made from white plastic and the words, 'Andrew Barton The Ultimate Blonde Super Nourish Conditioner' are written across the front in black and silver lettering.
      My tube is a 50ml travel size conditioner, but the full size 400ml conditioner comes in a white bottle.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      According to the Andrew Barton website The Ultimate Blonde Collection is available exclusively at Asda.
      A regular 400ml bottle will cost £5.50 or it is currently on offer 2 for £6, but also sometimes comes up on 3 items for £10.00 deals.

      ~ In use ~
      The conditioner is white in colour and it isn't as thick in consistency as other conditioners I have used.
      Although it is quite thin, I found that I didn't have to use very much to get a good coverage and my hair is rather long.
      The back of the tube advises, 'After shampooing apply this creamy conditioner mainly to the lengths of your hair. Use a jumbo comb to spread evenly, leave for 2 minutes and rinse.'
      I used this after using The Ultimate Blonde Brightening Shampoo from the same range. I felt that I could spread the conditioner evenly without the need to use a comb.
      I left the product on my hair for 2 minutes as advised and then rinsed it off. I found that it rinsed off easily, leaving no residue behind.
      The conditioner has the same scent as the shampoo. It has a citrusy, slightly chemical scent to it, but I do quite like it. It is a pleasant scent and I don't think many people would find it offensive.
      I often find while using conditioner my hair feels really smooth even while I am still showering, but while I was using this conditioner I felt that my hair didn't feel as smooth as it does when I use other conditioners so I was concerned that this conditioner wasn't going to work well for me, but after using this conditioner I feel that it did make my hair more manageable and easier to comb through before it had dried and my hair felt lighter and softer than it does with other conditioners.
      This conditioner left my hair looking refreshed and feeling softer and more manageable. The scent lingered in my hair for a while after using this conditioner.
      I have enjoyed using this conditioner, moreso than the shampoo and I found it to be very effective.
      I would definitely consider buying this conditioner again and I would recommend it.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      At first I didn't think I was going to get on with this conditioner as my hair didn't feel as smooth as it usually does while I was conditioning it, but my hair felt softer, lighter and more manageable after using this. It also left a pleasant scent on my hair, which lasted for a while.
      The Andrew Barton shampoo I used was good, but this conditioner is really good. I think it is reasonably priced for what it is and I would definitely buy it again.


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        03.11.2011 07:47
        Very helpful
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        An above average blonde conditioner from Andrew Barton for soft smooth shiny hair!

        According to Mr Lools I go through hair care products "like they are going out of fashion", and I must admit I always seem to be buying conditioner specifically. I'm quite generous when applying conditioner hence why I always use up conditioner quicker than shampoo. So on a recent shopping trip I decided to just stock up on conditioner and purchased yet more bottles. Within my haul was Andrew Barton -The Ultimate Blonde Super Nourish Conditioner.

        ***Andrew Barton -The Ultimate Blonde Super Nourish Conditioner***
        The description of the conditioner is "Every blonde loves a friendly hair crème. Well this one is sure to be your best friend with its salon gorgeous qualities, leaving your hair soft, silky, manageable and with great radiant shine."

        The Super Nourishing Conditioner contains sunflower seeds to help maintain colour, white willow to moisturise hair leaving it cleansed smooth and soft. The conditioner is also described to contain silk proteins which are outlined to add moisture.

        Over the last 9 months my hairdresser has been adding more highlights (containing bleach) to my mid brown natural colour. My brunette hair is actually a very very light brown colour with a number or mid blonde and light blonde highlights. In fact my hairdresser now tells me I have blonde hair and not brown hair as I usually describe it! As a result of using bleach my hair at times has a tendency to have quite a dry and brittle feel and appearance to it. Anything hair product that adds moisture or has "repairing" qualities are always preferable to help improve the condition of my hair. I've always used conditioners aimed at brunette hair or those that are for generic coloured hair to add shine. However I have found that hair products I have rated as brilliant in the past have just not performed as well on blonde hair and my hair now requires more TLC. As a result I've been using products specifically designed for blonde hair, particularly for damaged coloured blonde hair.

        The Andrew Barton Super Nourishing Conditioner comes in a 400ml bottle. This is a rounded bottle with a black pop down dispenser lid.

        The Andrew Barton Super Nourishing Conditioner is available from Asda and costs £4.00 for a 400ml bottle. I bought this whilst on special offer where you could purchase 2 Andrew Barton products for £6.00 which made this slightly better value for money as it meant I could stock up on two "salon quality" conditioners at only £3 a bottle which is very good value especially considering this is a large 400ml size bottle. After a quick check on the Andrew Barton website I discovered this is an exclusive to Asda product and you can't purchase from other supermarkets or from Boots or Superdrug.

        ***Application and Results***
        The directions for use are "Apply to ends of hair, comb through ends with a wide tooth comb, leave for 2 minutes and rinse"

        The bottle is not the easiest to use in the shower in my opinion as it is bulky and heavy. Unlike tubes which are easy to grip with wet hands I find the bottle is a little too wide. You need to squeeze the bottle very slightly for the product to dispense however I do think due to the width of the bottle this is quite difficult although the plastic bottle is soft enough to squeeze.

        The conditioner is a lot thinner than many other conditioners I have used consistency wise and is a little bit more like shampoo. I find I need to take care not to waste the product as with it being quite runny it runs off my hand as I apply to my hair. Because of the runny consistency I tend to use more of this conditioner than I do with other conditioners probably a blob slightly larger than a 50p piece for my long thick hair.

        The scent of this conditioner is extremely appealing and you can smell it as soon as you open the conditioner lid. This is a sweet fruity scent which I think smells of a mix of pineapple and lime. The scent is not overly sweet like many Andrew Barton hair products and has a very clean scent to it.

        Because of the runny consistency I didn't find that when applying to my hair it felt totally covered and coated in conditioner. The conditioner did spread through my hair very easily but it did feel very light and watery and when combing through the ends of my hair it did not have the same greasy and slimy conditioner feel it has with other conditioners. After 2 minutes of it being on my hair it rinsed off my hair very easily. In fact probably a lot easier than most conditioners because it did not have an overly greasy feel to it. I could still smell the fruity scent of the conditioner however this was a very light scent.

        After blowdrying my hair I did feel that my hair felt very light and a little flyaway. Once I had tackled this problem I did feel my hair was not as bouncy and had as much volume as normal but I would not have described it as lank or limp looking. Aside from these issues I was quite impressed with the condition of my hair. Considering prior to use I felt my hair was very dry and quite damaged at the ends after the first use it felt a lot smoother and a lot softer. It also looked very smooth.

        I was also very impressed that my hair looked very shiny. Not as glossy and a mirror like shine which more expensive hair care products (i.e. the Tigi blonde range) can achieve but my hair looked very healthy and had a shine that 80% of other conditioners cannot achieve. I feel that this emphasised my blonde highlights and you could really pick out the lighter sections of hair especially because they looked brighter.

        With daily use after around a week I did feel my hair was less flyaway after use but I did not feel it had a lot of volume so I tend not to use this conditioner when I want "big hair" styles. The condition of my hair did feel considerably better and my hair did not feel as dry and the ends of my hair were a lot less coarse and brittle. The colour of my hair remained bright and I would definitely recommend this conditioner for others with highlighted blonde hair to stop colour fading and keep blonde hair bright and not dull looking. I would say for those with very fine and flyaway hair I would probably not recommend this conditioner I found my hair was more flyaway after using this product.

        After using this conditioner daily for 3 weeks I found that I had used around half of the bottle. My hair is half way down my back and thick and I do tend to use a lot of conditioner on each application. I do think this is a value for money product and at only £3 a bottle having to replace after around 6 weeks is not too bad by my standards.

        I would definitely recommend the Super Nourishing Conditioner from Andrew Barton to others with natural or dyed blonde hair. It leaves blonde hair bright, soft and smooth and helps to prolong colour keeping it bright and stopping the dull appearance which often occurs with blonde hair. I found after using the product my hair was less dry and coarse and there was a definite improvement to the condition of my hair after 1 week of daily use.

        I would say that the conditioner is not as effective and performs as well as better know salon brands such as the Tigi Dumb Blonde range but at £3 for a 400ml bottle which lasts around 6 weeks it is not a bad product for the price.

        Great for blondes just not those with fine flyaway hair!


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