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Andrew Collinge Thickening Solutions Moussing Gelle

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Brand: Andrew Collinge / Texture: Gel / Type: Hair Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2007 23:39
      Very helpful



      Overpriced glue, pass me the prit stick purlease its less sticky!

      Tonight was a night I had to get looking smart and not my usual sloth like self in my Pj's and my far too big dressing gown with the baked beans down the front and my favourite socks with the hole in the toe and my bag of Doritos's at my side and chill out and watch corrie.
      Tonight was a night that I had arranged to go late night shopping with my step dad , purely cos he'd said "Melanie if you come with me I'll buy you dinner" and I fell for it as a good deal!

      Anyhow that's why tonight I'm able to do yet another hair product review cos I had to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair to look presentable rather than a tied up do, I really did make the effort!

      Who is Andrew Collinge then ?....

      He started his hairdressing career in 1974 with his dad Peter in Liverpool.
      In 1976 he completed his training at the famous Michaeljohn hairdressers.
      Andrew was born to be hairdresser it ran in the family and as far as I'm aware of his grandad was a hairdresser and his dad had a small chain of salons in the 60s.
      He was a personal assistant to Michael and got into assisting him on photo shoots.
      During his 6 years at Michaeljohn's he became Artistic Director and took part in major hairdressing events.
      He met and married his wife (Liz Colllinge a make up artist and fairly famous now for her own TV career and beauty line), marrying in 1980.
      In 1985 they opened their first hair and beauty salon in Heswall on the Wirral.
      In 1988 they became a double act on 'This Morning' doing makeovers completing over 500 makeovers in total!
      They then did some freelance work in Harrods offering the service that they did on the Tv for a while cos demand was do high!
      They also presented and were the stars of a channel 4 show called 'icons' where they created the looks of Hollywood legends such as Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.
      There are now 6 Andrew Collinge salons, 2 graduate salons, a training salon,and a hairdressing academy.
      In 1993 the range of haircare was launched and in 2001 the Andrew Collinge electrical haircare range was introduced.
      Of course he has won many awards, competitions etc and he is still taking an active role in the hairdressing field mainly doing photo shoots and managing the salons.
      So there's some info on who is selling you this stuff lol

      The range...

      Consists of....

      Perfect Endings
      Simply no Frizz
      Complete Moisture
      Weightless Moisture

      The product I'm reviewing is....

      AC Solutions Styling Moussing Gelle in a 125ml tin.
      The tin itself is Satin sheen green with push down squirty plastic nosil and clear lid.
      Rather nice packaging and suitable for male and females alike to buy and have on display in their bathroom.

      What the products promises to do....

      To give texture and shine for shape and control
      without stickiness.

      On the back of the tin it reads....

      "Revolutionary styling moussing gelle transforms from gel to acreamy mousse, allowing you to first apply the product direct to the roots and then work or comb it easily through your hairs length"

      'Its dual action formula combines the strength and hold of a gel with the body and volume of a mousse.
      Containing a unique blend of moisturisers and humecyants, it will not only make your hair more supple and easier to style but also impart superb texture, definition and shine.
      It will really control your finished style and tame frizz'

      Reading that last paragraph sold me the product, so far so good. At £4.49 in Boots I did think twice but I really fancied giving my hair a boost and it also says it contains a multivitamin and UV filter complex to protect hair from heat styling and environmental damage.
      However I do realise it doesn't say it protects from heat to a certain temperature, that is not clearly stated.
      Also not impressed it gives me protection from environmental damage but it doesn't protect the environment from me, IE its not recyclable!
      Anyhow I treat myself lol


      I applied it to towel dried hair as directed I only used about a walnut sized blob in the palm of my hand.
      The product doesn't give a recommended amount to use so you have to wing it on that and use your common sense.
      It comes out in a thickish liquid form and takes a few seconds to foam.
      Its not like an ordinary tin of mousse where it shoots out in thick bubbles with a lot of noise, its a lot less dense than that and a bit flat.
      Its is very sticky on the hands and applying it to my hair it I could feel it coating my hair and making it gritty and my hair was sticking to my fingers.
      I tipped my hair upside down and blow dried it on cool.
      As i was drying my hair I ran fingers through it and my fingers were getting stuck and I felt knots and tangly bits forming.
      My hair was getting dry in more ways than one here.
      When my hair was dry I tipped it back over and I was amazed.

      Ok my hair felt knotty and a bit dried out but this product gave amazing volume! If you have straight limp hair and you don't straighten it and it just falls straight this is brilliant for giving body!
      If you have natural curls and want amazing lift this is for you also!
      For me I had more to do till I finished styling such as straightening with my straighteners.
      It made it harder for me to straighten my hair with the straighteners cos i felt like I was dragging through my hair and it was pulling and making ripping sounds.
      It took longer to achieve a decent straight look but when I had done the style stayed in place and my hair had incredible body without appearing fluffy.
      However my hair wasn't shiny and glossy as i expected it to be.

      The smell is lovely, delicately flowered and not medicinal, cheap or over perfumed at all.

      In Conclusion...

      If you want a product that visibly thickens your hair then it does.
      However if you need to straighten or curl your hair then it doesn't make it easy but once it is done then it'll stay that way but there is little movement from your locks as it sort of glue's it.
      I've walked round town all night and hair looks the same as I went out and it was cold and windy so if you an get a decent style in the first place it's great! I couldn't but hair was passable.

      If you like your hair to be glossy and to feel natural then this isn't for you there's much better and easier products on the market believe me!


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        06.08.2000 22:51
        Very helpful



        Having run out of my normal hair mousse I decided to treat myself to some Andrew Collinge Thickening Solutions Moussing Gelle. After all, he is a well known hairdresser, has often appeared on TV and I've always wanted to have my hair cut and styled by him. I was a bit disapointed. The mousse comes out as a gel which you then rub between your hands to make into a mousse, and when you apply it to your hair it feels just like a normal mousse, but when it warms up as you start blow drying your hair it starts getting sticky if your hair is not wet enough and your hair ends up quite tangled. I am trying to persevere with it as it wasn't cheap, so I will have to use it up before buying another different type of mousse but what I would say to anyone wanting to try it is: make sure your hair is damp enough when you start blow drying your hair with this product on. Obviously it will be trial and error for a while. Having said all this, the end result seems to be worth the stickiness (which disappears once your hair is dry) and my hair does feel thicker.


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