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Argan Oil Hair Treatment With Moroccan Oil

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4 Reviews

Brand: Argan Oil / Type: Hair Treatment

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    4 Reviews
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      14.11.2013 00:14



      A good way to get healthy looking hair

      For me, argan oil is by far the easiest, quickest and best way to get healthy looking hair.

      It was first brought to my attention by my hairdresser. I'd never heard of it before, but she recommended it. When I bought my first bottle I wasn't entirely convinced. I didn't really like the smell and when I got it on my hands it was all oily and greasy. But, I persevered. I put some through my dry hair, concentrating on the ends. I left it in overnight and then washed and conditioned my hair in the shower then next morning as normal. I noticed a difference straight away! My hair was a lot easier to dry and style and generally much more manageable. It looked shinier, glossier and generally just healthier.

      I now put it in my hair a couple of times a week and will continue to do so. It's such an easy trick but makes a huge difference. The smell and oiliness are worth putting up with for the results.


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      09.11.2013 20:44
      Very helpful



      A fab hair product that has really helped my hair.

      Past few months my hair has certainly took a turn down hill. I have very long thick hair and well has been every colour I can think of over the years. So it has pretty much taken a massive beating, so now I am set on looking after my hair!

      Argan Oil - Hair Treatment with Moroccan Argan Oil Extract:

      'Argan Oil Hair Treatment has been specially formulated using oil from the fruit of the Argan Tree and enriched with Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant to nourish and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. This concentrated formula will help protect the hair whilst adding shine and reducing frizz'

      - www.clearchemist.co.uk

      My Findings:

      I spotted this range in my local Bargain Madness store I didn't want to spend much so reading these it seemed to tick the boxes I needed so why not give it a try. After washing my hair with the matching shampoo and conditioner I used the hair treatment.

      All you need to do it apply to towel dry hair, and they recommend two to three pumps or for longer hair like mine four to five pumps. I used five pumps in total, concentrating more on the ends and working my way up.

      The oil does feel really greasy so I was worried my hair was going to look greasy once I had dried it. Luckily though it didn't as some soon oils I have used in the past have done this. The oil is rather smooth has a very light yellow tint to it and has a lovely scent.

      For me describing the fragrance is tricky its like freshly washed shampooed hair, its sweet if ever so slightly floral maybe. Either way I think it smells lovely; however you can not detect any of the scent when I've dried my hair.

      It states that this is an intensive hydrating treatment that repairs and rejuvenates, leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy. I must admit it ticks all those boxes for me, my hair gone from feeling like straw back to how it used to be.

      Nice soft, shiny manageable hair which the brush just glides through rather than getting stuck half way. So far I think this has to be one of the best products I have used on my hair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

      Comes in a brown plastic bottle with a pump lid, so far the pump has worked just fine and can be recycled once empty in around a month I've got about a quarter of the bottle left so I'm really happy how long it lasts me.

      Price and Availability:

      I have only seen this in Bargain Madness and Bodycare for £1.99! For me that is a complete bargain!


      I can not fault this product, my hair certainly feels so much better which is what I wanted, amazing value for money. I fully recommend in giving this a try, doesn't irritate me either with is another bonus!

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.


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        04.11.2013 18:42
        Very helpful



        A cheap way of trying argan oil products - and great results for the price

        I have heard a lot about the benefits of argan oil in conditioning hair, and some mixed reviews of hair products containing it so I decided to look round for a low cost way of trying it myself. My hair is of the combination type - greasy roots, drier ends, and so I was reluctant to use anything with the words "oil" in. When I saw the Argan Oil Hair Treatment for just £1.99 for a small 25ml bottle in Savers, I decided to give it a try. It is now sold for just £1 there.


        "Argan Oil Hair Treatment with Moroccan oil" isn't the most succinct or distinctive product name so I think it is worth clarifying the product I am reviewing. This is a specific product rather than a review about argan oil treatments in general, and despite what I initially thought, this is not a heavily reduced item from the very similarly packaged argan oil range available from Superdrug. The product I am reviewing has a product code of 40168 and is distributed in the UK by Xpel Marketing - although I am not sure if this is true exclusively. It comes in a bottle housed within a small brown box as pictured.

        The intensive treatment is supposed to make my hair less frizzy, smoother, shinier and repaired and protected. It is suitable for all hair types but is especially recommended for damaged, frizz prone and/or dry hair.


        The bottle is small at 25ml but I thought that as it is an intensive treatment and only a few drops are technically required, it would prove to be good value. I do think that it has proved to have been well worth what I spent on it but I have got through it faster than I thought as I needed to use a little more than suggested at first. (See below.) There is no pipette or dropper on the bottle lid which is a shame because it would be easier to dispense if that was the case. However as the oil mix is fairly thick, it does come out of the bottle slowly and there isn't much danger of you loosing half of it at once. I have used it on average once or twice a week for 8 weeks and I have more than half of the bottle left - the contents still seem fresh which is important if you are only going to use it occasionally. It could easily hang around open for a long time. (There are no guidelines as to a use by date once opened.) The other thing not mentioned is how much actual argan oil this contains. It is the fourth listed ingredient but it would be handy to know a percentage because it makes it hard to compare to other products.

        EASE OF USE

        The screw top brown glass bottle is easy to open and then it is just a case of applying the concentrated treatment to towel dried hair. I have used it on both completely towel dried hair and hair that is still a bit damp and it doesn't make much difference either way. I thought that the oil mix would feel sticky, cold and unpleasant on the hand, but it is not really worse than using other thick hair treatments I have tried. It doesn't leave my palms as greasy as I thought it would either, so it doesn't require a lengthy clean up afterwards. At first I found it difficult to use the right amount. This was because I was haphazard in my application and I couldn't tell where I had already applied it. Expecting to see more of an immediate difference, I added a few more drops to the 4-5 recommended for long hair. Experience has taught me this is excessive if you just be systematic and work across your head. I should have been pleased that I couldn't tell easily where I had used the oil, because at least my hair didn't look greasy. Nor does it feel sticky. The treatment is leave in and nothing further needs to be done once you have spread it out so it is good to use when you need an immediate hair helper. However, I think the best results become obvious the day after use as I will explain.

        The treatment has a distinctive smell, which I am not sure is from argan oil or not as it does not smell the same as other products containing it that I have since tried. To me this smells of powdery sweetness and oranges. It is not my favourite scent if I sniff the bottle but is less intense on the hair and can't be detected much at all once spread out. I can't imagine the scent combining well with a strongly perfumed shampoo so that's probably just as well.


        When first applied, the treatment immediately makes my hair look much smoother and yes, it does deal very well with frizz. The smoothness has been commented on by several people even a good 24 hours after I have used the treatment and after I have washed my hair in between so I must give it full marks there. I have long hair which has some split ends so I have been pleased that the smoothing effect disguises those brilliantly, until I get them trimmed. I didn't really expect that. It also makes the hair instantly easier to brush without it becoming slippery and difficult to style. It feels like I have just used a great conditioner in this regard - even when I have actually skipped a separate conditioner at all. Unlike a conditioner though, my hair doesn't feel that much softer. There is some improvement, possibly due to the smoothing affect but I was hoping for more.

        I couldn't see that my hair looked any shinier at first and I was a bit disappointed as a result. However, I have noticed that for some reason, it is the next day that my hair really seems to show the benefit of using the oil mix. It looks shinier and healthier in general - as though it has a bit more bounce to it. I would not say the shine is dazzling or long lasting but it contributes to a healthier look. This aspect doesn't last more than 48 hours after use for me.

        I am especially happy that my hair doesn't feel weighed down or coated and crucially, it doesn't go greasy any quicker than usual. I use the treatment on the lengths and ends, rather than the scalp area as a precaution as they are the parts of my hair most in need of help anyway.


        If you are looking for a pure argan oil, then this isn't one - the price does give that away! Otherwise, I would recommend it as a great hair boost. I use it as an alternative to the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle intensive treatment that I usually use weekly. I am a little disappointed that the Argan treatment didn't make my hair softer in the way Aussie does though, and that the shine doesn't last longer but for the price, the smoothing and frizz dealing capabilities are fantastic. This would be a good way of dabbling in argan oil products at a low price if you are cautious as I was about putting an oil mix on your head. I can't tell whether it has repaired or protected my hair but I am more than happy with the visible results!

        Also available from online sellers for £3-5 and from Poundworld, and probably the other pound shops too.


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          23.04.2013 10:06
          Very helpful



          Oil treatment for your hair, and really does work

          *.*.* INTRODUCTION *.*.*

          I got free samples of this with one of my Avon orders that I put through and was very wary about putting oil on my hair as I thought it would make my hair look and feel greasy something I didn't want at all. I was wrong very wrong my hair as never looked so healthy, and it as pleased me so much, in fact it looks like I have just had it done at the hairdressers, it looks that good, I have never been really fussed about the way hair looks I just tie it up and leave it, but just lately I have been more into wanting my hair to look soft, shiny and sexy and this is what the oil gives my hair.

          *.*.* PACKAGING *.*.*

          The oil treatment bottle comes in a small brown box, with the product name on the front written in gold. There is also a brief description of what the oil is and what it does written on the front of the box, on the back of the box you have such things as the directions of use, ingredients and address and telephone number for contact purposes.

          The oil comes in a nice small 30ml bottle which ok is not a lot, but will go a long way as it is not something you would use every day. The bottle is also brown in colour with a black screw on lid, which isn't hard to open like some bottles can be. The label on the bottle is exactly the same as the packaging the bottle comes in, with the same information on it.

          *.*.* LOOK AND FEEL OF THE OIL *.*.*

          The oil is clear in colour and as a thick consistency to it, the oil does feel very greasy in your hands when you apply it, and slides on your hair with ease, I don't tend to wash my hands after using this oil as it provides softness to my hands as well as my hair, but can easily be washed off if you need to.

          *.*.* WHAT IS ARGAN OIL TREATMENT? *.*.*

          Argan oil is a treatment that is left on your hair once your hair has been washed, and toweled dried. I was very wary about using this product as like I mentioned in my introduction I didn't want my hair to look or feel greasy when this was applied especially when I had just washed my hair, but that wasn't the case. Argan oil is formulated using the fruit from the Argan tree and with the enrichment of the vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant to nourish and keep your air looking healthy and shiny.

          This also helps with frizz and dry hair, which is great for me as I do suffer with frizzy hair when I have left it to dry, and my hair is also quite dry especially when I don't use conditioner on my hair due to my dying it quite a lot.

          *.*.* WHAT DOES IT DO? *.*.*

          The oil treatment helps with the healthiness of your hair; it keeps frizz and dry hair at bay and leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and shiny. Even when I use my straighteners on my hair my hair is still soft and silky, with no dryness to my hair which is something I am not used to when it comes to my hair. It does exactly what it says on the box, it enriches your hair with the nourishment from the vitamin E, and keeps your hair hydrated which prevents your hair drying out, it keeps your hair looking and feeling clean for longer. There is a gorgeous shine and soft feel to your hair like you have just been to the hairdressers.

          *.*.* DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO USE THE OIL *.*.*

          All I do is wash, condition and towel dry my hair, grab the small bottle of oil, tilt it until the oil pours out, because the oil is quite thick in consistency it doesn't come out so fast but still watch out if you do tilt it to much you might get more on your hands then you want. Once you have the desired amount of oil which is normally about the size of a 1p coin, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, I do tend to use a little more than that as my hair is thick and quite long, rub your palms together and then run through your hair coating your hair as equally as you can to get an even coverage, pay more attention to your ends which are normally the driest, which is the case for me.

          Dry your hair as you normally would I don't tend to use a hair dryer I let my hair dry naturally, then brush and style to how you want it, which I use my straighteners to style my hair, which I have no worries in my hair drying out now when I use them as the oil prevents that from happening, and really does work.

          *.*.* AVAILABILITY AND PRICE *.*.*

          My friend actually bought me a bottle of this for me, as I have been using the Avon sample I needed to get some for when I had ran out and just so happens my friend picked me some up. You can buy this oil from off amazon at priced at £3.90, or any beauty stores I would think would sell them too but prices will vary so shopping around is a must. It is as expensive as I thought it would be.

          *.*.* FINAL OPINION *.*.*

          I am so glad and happy that I have started to use this on my hair as it really does work and you can see a difference once your hair as dried, the lovely silky softness it provides your hair, and the shine and healthy looking of your hair, it's just brilliant and value for money. Because you don't need a lot on your hair this oil will last you a while, so no need to keep re buying it but at that price it wouldn't break the bank, I certainly be buying more when I have ran out as this is now a product I can't live without.

          I also have the mention the smell of the oil, it is quite strong when smelling it from the bottle and once you open the bottle it does tend to hit your nostrils, but once it is on your hair it smells fresh and clean and the strong smell does tend to disappear. I cannot recommend this product enough, if you have never tried it then I suggest you do and see what you think as I know you won't be disappointed.


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