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Argan Oil Shampoo

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10 Reviews
  • Cheap
  • Lathers well
  • Not great ingredients
  • Doesn't Lather Up Well.
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    10 Reviews
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      11.12.2014 01:27
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The worst shampoo I have ever tried

      Oh yes it is cheap and you get what you paid for. No, that's not true. I got this the same price with a bottle of garnier ultimate blends, and it was no contest.

      I bought this shampoo, enticed with the big "Argan Oil" in the packaging, and thought it would be great to use this to give my hair a little treat. As argan oil has been the 'it' ingredients for a little while now, I suspect it would work wonder to my dry slightly damaged coloured hair. Oh it was the most expensive shampoo I have ever bought.

      How come?

      Well, I got it from Savers for one pound. The packaging looked pretty convincing, and it smells lovely, so one evening I gave it a try. I do my usual hair washing routine such as wet my hair with lukewarm water, apply the shampoo until it lathers up, and rinse with lukewarm water. Normally, with my regular shampoo, my hair would feel clean and a bit smoother.

      With this shampoo, it felt horrible. My hair felt sticky and coarse, and everything tangled up together, even after I rinsed it. I ended up re-wash my hair and put a lot of conditioner in it and it still feel coarse.

      This Argan Oil Shampoo did not work for me. I am not sure how it could work for anyone. I threw this away right after I managed to save my hair, and did not bother to give it another try because I really don't want to risk damaging my hair. One pound for one hair wash, definitely the most expensive shampoo for me.


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        19.11.2014 16:23
        Very helpful


        • "Has A Lovely Fragrance"
        • Cheap


        • "Very Runny Consistency"
        • "Doesn't Lather Up Well."

        An Inexpensive Shampoo Gem

        I often shop at Poundland and I saw this shampoo on sale for a long time before I actually bought it. Since I was not familiar with the brand my impression was that it might be a low quality product. However, rave online reviews from consumers encouraged me to try it.

        The shampoo comes in a 250ml or 8.5 fl oz sized soft bottle which stands on it's flip top lid. The packaging is a distinctive brown and green and the brand actually have a range of other Argan oil products also sold at Poundland.

        The shampoo contains extract of Argan oil which has recently become the newest sensation in hair care. It's alleged to leave hair silky and healthy after use. The brand state their shampoo is "hydrating, nourishing [and] cleansing" and say that the shampoo "moisturises" hair to leave it "shiny [and] smooth".

        The shampoo is quite runny and it immediately spurts out the large dispensing hole when the lid is opened. It's white and pearly in colour. It says in the directions for use to apply a "small amount" of shampoo to wet hair but I find I need to use an awful lot of shampoo for my long hair. The trouble is the shampoo does not lather up easily as it has quite a heavy oily base therefore it requires a lot of product, water and rubbing to create a foam thick enough to work with. I find myself actually targeting the scalp in three or four sections which takes a bit longer than usual. Once I have a good foam it feels creamy and soft and is enjoyable to rub into the hair and scalp.

        The shampoo has a nice fragrance which is like fresh apples. It actually reminds me of a shampoo range called Salon Selectives which used to be very popular a few years ago. They had an almost identical and very memorable fragrance. It's fresh, fruity, feminine and powerful. It lingers on the hair when it has been dried too.

        The shampoo is effective at cleaning hair and scalp. All debris is removed and my scalp feels refreshed and soothed. I'm really impressed by the softness of my hair after using this shampoo. It's strangely silky almost like baby's hair and it has a lovely bounce to it's shape that makes it look in great condition. The state of my hair after using the shampoo means it's easy to manage and style. It also has a beautiful texture and glossiness and therefore this boosts my confidence.

        I wish I could get away with using a little less shampoo with each wash but I'm still happy with my purchase and would buy this in the future. Finding a shampoo that deep cleans but also conditions hair so well is a great treat, especially considering the cheap price of this product. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a really good shampoo that leaves hair looking and feeling lovely.


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        15.11.2014 01:43
        Very helpful


        • "Lathers well"
        • "Lightweight packaging"


        • "I don't like this for prolonged use"

        It's Okay

        I sometimes use this shampoo and follow its use with the Argan Oil Conditioner.

        I really can’t say that it is my favourite shampoo but I do like to use it on occasion. Really, I find the conditioner to be a better purchase then the shampoo but I like to use matching shampoos and conditioners. The conditioner goes a long way and the shampoo is fairly good too in this respect.

        I think that this shampoo is very good if your hair is feeling on the dry side, maybe it has just been coloured or highlighted and needs the treatment of the Argan oil. But my hair tends to be oily and so I don’t use this often except sometimes soon after colouring my hair. Then it does give my hair that little extra moisturising treatment.

        What I will say in favour of this shampoo is that is does lather very well and when washing my hair it does feel nice and soft. It has a nice creamy texture to it which I like. But I do find that after a few washes my hair doesn't feel as good as it does with what I consider a better quality shampoo.

        It rinses off easily and teamed with the conditioner my hair is easy enough to comb out, even though my hair tends to tangle easily.

        I like the smell of this shampoo when using it and also when my hair is dry.

        It is a good one to take on holiday as the tube packaging makes it fairly light to pack in your luggage.

        I usually buy more then I need of this shampoo and conditioner as it is cheap and light, making it ideal to give to my daughter to take back to her home when she travels across London on the underground. She seems to like this shampoo.

        I buy this shampoo from pound stores or from savers. I never pay more than one pound for a 150ml tube. Often the tube includes 100ml free.

        For this price it is worth it.


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        17.07.2014 13:29
        Very helpful


        • Gentle
        • Effective
        • Moisturising
        • Cheap


        • "None for me"

        Lovely shampoo for a bargain price

        I am signed up to websites such as Groupon and Living Social and occasionally purchase a bargain. One such was a haircare package including shampoo, conditioner, protection spray and hair mask. Today I will be reviewing the shampoo.

        The packaging is brown and green which isn’t the most obviously appealing but it does fit in with the perception of argan oil as being a natural, ‘earthy’ product. What I do like about the packaging is the shape and form. It has a flip top lid, meaning that it is easy to open and close even with wet hands. The lid is actually on the bottom, meaning that even when the product is running out, gravity ensures it’s still easy to get it out of the packaging.

        The tube is a 250ml one and the shampoo contains Moroccan Argan Oil extract. Argan oil seems to be a big thing at the moment and it supposed to be really good for your hair. It is claimed that the product nourishes and moisturises the hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy.

        The shampoo is easy to use: simply apply a small amount to wet hair, lather and rinse as you would with any other. It is white and has a light, slightly mousse-y texture. It has a faint pleasant smell but this doesn’t really last on my hair.

        This shampoo does an excellent job. It cleans my hair with no issues, and doesn’t irritate my scalp. It keeps my hair moisturised without making it oily. When used alongside the matching conditioner, the results are superb. I colour my hair and have not noticed this stripping the colour at all – it is very gentle.

        Apparently this is now available in Poundland, which makes it an excellent bargain as far as I am concerned. Based on the excellent price and the high quality of the product, I definitely recommend it.


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        31.12.2013 05:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        not a miracle product

        When you read a lot of reviews on Dooyoo, then you get to hear about lots of really good products you would not normally try. One product kept coming up in reviews with users raving about it, and that was argan oil hair products. I decided I wanted to try this miracle product for myself so bought myself shampoo and conditioner from B and M for 99p each. This is the same shampoo as pictured in the listing above.

        The argan oil shampoo contains moroccan argan oil extract, although to be honest for the price of 99p I would not expect it to contain very much oil. It promises to cleanse, nourish and hydrate my hair, which is exactly what I want from a shampoo.

        The shampoo itself is a pale white colour, it is fairly runny and I don't really like the scent too much. It has a vague soapy smell combines with a slight oily smell. I am used to my highly perfumed shampoos so this was a bit of a let down for me.

        The shampoo lathers up adequately, it doesn't have a brilliant foam but it is enough to cover the hair. It washes out easily. It leaves my hair feeling cleanish but not nearly as nicely clean as most shampoos leave it feeling. I suspect that this is because of the oil contained in the shampoo that sticks to the hair, leaving it feeling less than squeaky clean.

        I found my hair looked slightly lank after using this shampoo. I also found that instead of being able to go for 2 days between washes that I wanted to wash it the next day. Because of this, I would not buy this shampoo again.

        Maybe argan oil works wonders on some peoples hair but I suspect you need to buy a better quality product than a 99p shampoo for this to happen.


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          24.10.2013 02:07
          Very helpful



          A good shampoo that works well.

          I'm reviewing my Argan Oil Shampoo.
          It cost me £1 in Poundworld.

          =WHY I BOUGHT THIS=

          There were a few reasons.
          First, it is being talked about widely because it contains Moroccan Argan Oil, which seems to be the 'must-have' ingredient of the moment for hair products.
          Second, reviews on it were mostly positive so I was reasonably reassured that it shouldn't be an awful product to use.
          Third, it popped up in a local Pound Store, so at £1 I wouldn't be losing out much if I didn't like it.

          =WHAT IT IS=

          To start with, because this shampoo is sold on the benefits of it's Argan Oil content I'm offering a VERY brief explanation of Argan Oil's origin and use.
          "Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is used for its nutritive and cosmetic properties.
          Unroasted argan oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair:
          In cosmetics, argan oil is advocated as moisturizing oil, against juvenile acne and flaking of the skin as well as for nourishing the hair. This oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns . Externally, argan oil is used for hair as brilliantine to fortify it, and in the treatment of wrinkled or scaly dry skin."

          The Argan Oil Shampoo I'm reviewing comes in a large plastic tube ,toothpaste style, rather than in a bottle.
          The tube contains a very generous 250ml and will stand out on shop shelves because it is simply a dark brown in colour, while most shampoos tend to go for bright colours to attract shoppers to them.
          The flip-top green lid is a really sensible 2" in diameter (yes, I measured it), which means the tube can be safely stored upright so that it saves space, can be stored among bottles or can be safely balanced on a shower or bath shelf ......plus it ensures that when the tube is almost finished you can get the last dregs accessible through simple gravity at work.


          This is no different to most shampoos regarding how to use it ....you squeeze the same amount that you'd normally use onto your hand, apply to wet hair, lather up and rinse in the usual way. Nothing complicated or out of the ordinary whatsoever and I personally found that my normal amount was all that was needed to get a good lather going.
          The shampoo is white and is a nice consistency to work with, not runny, yet not so thick that you need to force it from the tube. The exit hole is a sensible size.

          When I first used this about 3 months ago I wasn't very impressed at all. I found it left my hair just OK, with no noticeable improvement over other shampoos I've used, but then again I was not very well at the time and frankly no shampoo was going to make my hair look healthy while I was generally run-down...... so after using it a few times I set it aside to test run later in a more fair manner .
          I started using it again a fortnight ago and I must admit I got a much better result this time round.
          During showers my hair washing routine is wash....rinse....wash again.....rinse.....apply conditioner and leave that on while doing my body wash.....rinsing the conditioner out last thing. But to give this product a good workout I opted NOT to use any conditioner whatsoever. That way I could judge the Argan Oil Shampoo on it's own merits regarding how it left my hair feeling without help from another product .
          The result ? Really good actually.

          As I said previously, I didn't need to use any more than with other shampoos....HOWEVER....on the second wash I opted to leave the shampoo IN my hair (in the way I usually do if I use a conditioner) while I had my body wash but when I went to rinse the shampoo out it had gone 'flat'. It was most odd, the lather had simply faded away somewhat in the manner lemonade goes flat and loses it's bubbles. But to be fair,when I added just a tiny bit more shampoo from the tube it lathered back up again easily and then rinsed out nicely.
          My hair is short so it dries quickly without needing to use the hair dryer too often, so I was able to judge the results of using this product quite quickly. It left my hair feeling really healthy, soft to the touch and very clean . My hairbrush simply glided through it with ease without encountering tangles or roughness. Plus there was a healthy shine to my hair which not all conditioners or shampoos offer me. I colour my hair every two months or so, and colouring can deaden the effect of some shampoos and conditioners....but not this one. It is perfectly compatible with my coloured hair.

          So.........are there any down sides to the product ?
          Only if you are exceptionally picky re fragrance.
          In my opinion it has an odd smell to it vaguely reminding me of food extracts, or possibly an unusual nutty fruit. It isn't nasty at all, but definitely not delightful or even 'nice'.....simply OK. I'd describe it as "Earthy" and slightly similar to the smell you'd encounter walking in woodland.
          Earthy is actually a good word for this product in general. Despite the long list of ingredients which are obviously chemicals it still retains an earthy aura, and indeed the packaging also reflects the 'earthiness' with it's brown and green colours .
          Anyway, to be fair regarding the smell, whichever body wash you use will counteract the earthy fragrance within the shower environment and once my hair was dried fully there was/is no remnant of the shampoo fragrance in it at all and no lingering Argan Oil aroma in the bathroom either.


          Another plus for those into conservation and improving the lot of women is that the trees used to provide this Argan Oil are now considered valuable in a way they didn't use to be, so they are no longer being cut down and disposed of willy-nilly .They have gained a stature previously lacking and are now protected and nourished as something of more value growing in situ and producing useful kernels, rather than being randomly disposed of as far too many trees are.
          Then....BIG plus ---> "The labour-intensive nature of argan oil production has provided a steady income for many Moroccan women and their families and improved the social status of some women.
          Much of the argan oil produced today is made by a number of women's co-operatives.
          Employment in the co-operatives provides women with an income, which many have used to fund education for themselves or their children. It has also provided them with a degree of autonomy in a traditionally male-dominated society and has helped many become more aware of their rights."

          Would I recommend this Product. Yes I would, I found it easy to use, well packaged and something that gives good results in hair care. It may not suit everyone, but I'd say give it a try, especially if you see it at a bargain price.
          Worthy of a 5 star rating but in reality some people will NOT like the fact that it isn't perfumed to the nth, so I'm wavering between 4 and 5 stars.
          Well, since the review is MY experience and I found the smell perfectly acceptable.... 5 stars it is.

          Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful.~~~myloh.


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            13.07.2013 12:26
            Very helpful



            I like this shampoo

            After having read a few reviews for Argan Oil shampoo when I saw some in Home Bargains for a pound (RRP a few quid more) thought I'd try it. Sounds cheap enough but the tube is only 150ml so in comparison to other shampoos, for example my usual 400ml Alberto Balsam also a pound, it works out quite a bit dearer.

            The shampoo comes in a dark brown tube style with a flip top green coloured lid on which it stands- I like upended products as they keep the contents ready to dispense out easier. The tube has the usual product info including directions which are the same as other shampoo's- apply a small amount to wet hair and rinse thoroughly so simple enough. Argan oil shampoo has Moroccan argan oil extracts which has been 'developed to help condition and revive hair for soft, shiny results' and is suitable for all hair types.

            The shampoo is creamy white and smells lemony to me, the scent doesn't last on my hair for too long. I thought it may be greasy being an 'oil' but this isn't the case, however it does feel a tiny bit oily on my hands when massaging it in, this doesn't transfer to my hair though. I really don't need much of this to get a lather going and it does rinse out well without leaving any residue, which again I thought it might being an oil shampoo.

            On the plus side:

            I do like this shampoo it leaves my hair soft and clean, but so do other brands. It stays looking shinyish for a couple of days and (sort of) smoothes down the dry ends I have at the moment. I don't normally use conditioner and really don't need to whilst using this. What I like most is the fact that the shampoo leaves my hair looking quite full, some shampoos make my hair lank but not this one. I've had no irritation from using it.

            On the down side:

            I feel the need to wash my hair more frequently as it tends to get greasy quicker. The cost, although cheaper from Home Bargains it's still relatively expensive for the amount compared to 'normal' shampoo's.

            I would buy it again and have tried to find it but Home Bargains tend to sell out quickly so it must be popular.

            I'll give it 4 stars because even though I like it, it's not as special as I'd hoped for the RRP price.

            *I've since seen it in Poundland and Savers for £1 for a large tube.


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            12.07.2013 23:50
            Very helpful



            Good enough for me

            I spotted this shampoo in Home Bargains recently for 99p and snapped up a few tubes as I had heard good things about it and wanted to try it for myself. My hair has been horrendous since having a baby and is too dry and falling out so I thought oil might prove a good treatment for it and multi tasking via a shampoo appeals for me as a time saving trick too.

            I love the tasteful packaging of this shampoo, with great contrasting tones of 'chocolate and pistachio' or brown and green if you prefer. The tube is squeezy plastic and holds 150ml. The top is a flip top and it sits on its head so the shampoo is always ready to come out, even when you get to the last dregs.

            In use
            I found I needed to use a bit more on my hair to get a lather going and full head coverage. With better quality shampoos I find a 50p blob is enough but it was two or three times this with this shampoo. The shampoo only has a light fragrance to it and it's not really noticeable on your hair. I found it easy to rinse out in the shower and it did leave my hair soft and shiny once dry.

            My thoughts
            I suspect there is very little actual Argan oil in this product as it is an expensive ingredient so this probably means I am a sucker for buying the shampoo on that basis. But for 99p I actually think this is a really good shampoo and it does seem to strike the balance of cleaning hair and not leaving it greasy without drying it out too much. I do like the packaging and the fact that it takes up little cupboard space so it is handy if you are travelling and don't want to pack a huge bottle.

            This is quite cheap at 99p but a tube doesn't last me long as I have to use quite a lot with each shampoo.

            Final word
            I would love to try the conditioner from this range if I can find it in the future too. I think this is reasonably priced and it does leave my hair clean and less knotty. I have been happy with the performance of this shampoo especially for the price and it seems to have suited my hair, which is falling out a little less now (That's all hormonal though). I will buy this shampoo again in the future but I like to use different shampoos anyway on my hair so it doesn't get too used to one type.


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              20.06.2013 15:20
              Very helpful



              A cheap and cheerful shampoo

              Review of Argan Oil Shampoo

              **==The Product==**

              The word 'oil' seems to feature in many cosmetic and toiletry products just lately; it seems to be the latest buzz word!

              I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cosmetics and toiletries. On turning out my bathroom cupboard a few months ago, I vowed not to buy anymore until my stash of bargains, samples and 'just couldn't resist it' products had been reduced. However, back in April when packing for an extended road trip by motorhome, I realised that I didn't really have a shampoo that would fit in the limited space designated for toiletries. Anyone who has ever holidayed in a motorhome will know how limited storage can be; this really is a case where size definitely matters! With this in mind, when I came across this Argan Oil Shampoo in my local '99p Store' and noted the compact shape of the product, I decided to buy it reasoning that despite my good intentions, 99pwas not going to break the bank!

              The shampoo is presented in a tube shaped container made of recyclable plastic. The tube stand on the flip top lid and it is a practical size for the space I had available. The packaging is distinctive being a chocolate brown tube with a khaki green lid. The tube is quite 'busy' looking with the product details and instructions for use in fonts of gold, khaki and white. I feel this design of packaging makes the shampoo acceptable for both men and women to use; there is nothing girly or feminine about it!

              The shampoo is produced using Moroccan Argan oil obtained from the Argan tree. The shampoo is (according to the packaging) a cleansing, hydrating and nourishing formula suitable for all hair types. The manufacturer claims the shampoo will help to protect, condition and revive your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

              The container holds 150ml of shampoo and the makers advise the product should be used within 12 months of opening.

              I will not replicate the ingredients list here as there are rather a lot of them and I am of the opinion that this would pad out my review unnecessarily, plus I feel that as the ingredient list reads like a pharmacist's stock list, most readers wouldn't bother to read it anyway!

              **==My Experience ==**

              Just to describe my hair issues, I have waist length hair, it is quite weird hair actually, thanks to my jumbled heritage, in that it is thick with a very distinct wave, but the actual hairs are rather fine. I would describe my hair as 'normal' although the ends tend to be dry. If I put heat of any description near it, I end up with a frizzy mess so my routine is to rinse my hair after shampooing with lukewarm water and leave it to dry naturally.

              I tried the Argan Oil Shampoo at home first. The shampoo is pearly white in colour and is a fairly thick texture. The product comes out of the tube easily and it needs no heavy handed squeezing as the hole is just the right size to dispense the shampoo. It is also very easy to flip open with wet hands and the flat base means it stands securely on the little shelf in my shower cubicle.

              I found that the shampoo has an odd smell which is slightly earthy, yet soapy, luckily the fragrance did not linger on my hair after shampooing, as I really was not keen on it!

              Here in the hard water of Kent, the shampoo did not lather particularly well, but it cleansed my hair adequately and although I felt a separate conditioner was still required, it did feel soft and fresh.

              When I used the product in Scotland, the softer water produced a tremendous amount of lather from a very small application of shampoo. There was so much lather that I struggled to rinse it away! No pleasing some folk is there?

              After washing my hair in the shampoo both at home and away, I was fairly pleased with the results. The shampoo did what I expected of it, but if I'm honest, no more than that.

              My partner has also used this shampoo and he was not happy with it at all. He also has long hair, but unlike mine, his tends towards greasiness and he found the roots of his hair appeared slightly oily after a very short period of time.

              **==My Thoughts and Conclusion==**

              99p is nothing to pay for a shampoo and at that price this product would probably suit most people, as long as they do not have greasy hair. For myself, I do not think I would buy this again, as in my opinion, it is nothing wonderful. The scent of the shampoo really is not to my taste, so although it gives reasonable results, I think I will avoid this one in the future.

              As mentioned I really only purchased this for the size and shape of the container and it fitted very well in the little cubby-hole designed for bathroom products in the camper van. It was fine for the purpose it was purchased and it was 99p well spent considered from that angle.

              I would recommend this to people who wish to try an Argan Oil shampoo as it is considerably cheaper than some other ranges available.

              I am awarding Argan Oil Shampoo a 3* rating due to the odd scent.

              Thank you for reading.
              ©brittle1906 June 2012

              N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.

              Update 01/01/14

              I bought this product for a purse pleasing 99p, however I saw the exact same shampoo selling for £3.99 in a local supermarket, so if you do want to try it I suggest you hit the 99pStore or your local Pound shop!


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                15.06.2013 10:39
                Very helpful



                Cheap argan oil product but far from natural

                Although I'm not a person that stays in touch with new trends I couldn't fail to notice the popularity of hair care products made with argan oil. The ones I'd seen seemed to me quite expensive and as they weren't promising to solve any particular hair issue I have problems with, I wasn't tempted to buy any of them until I found one priced at only £1(on promotion at B&M Stores) and decided to give it a try.

                Argan oil comes from the kernels of the argan tree, which is unique to Morocco where it has long been valued for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. It's been possible to buy argan oil commercially for many years but it's only recently been used in a form that is more practical to use and it seems the time came when some bright spark realised how this very traditional product could make a lot of money by repackaging it for today's consumer.

                That argan oil cosmetic products are becoming cheaper may be attributable to the strategy of the Moroccan government to increase the production of argan oil (it is hoped annual production will be almost doubled by 2020) but also to the fact that cheaper brands are adding an argan oil range to their collection. I bought this Argan Oil Shampoo from Home Bargains; it's from a company called Xpel Marketing which operates as several different brands which are sold mainly in low cost retailers (Poundland, B&M Stores, etc) and some supermarkets such as Tesco.

                When I saw it I wasn't sure whether this was a decent brand that was being sold cheaply, or a low quality product that had been made cheaply with the intention of jumping on the argan oil bandwagon. With its matt brown and olive packaging it did look quite upmarket and, I suppose, it looked like a natural product which is probably exactly what Xpel Marketing wanted me to think. I gave the reverse of the tube a cursory glance, scanning quickly for the presence of nut derived products to which I am allergic and seeing none I ignored the huge number of ingredients (with the now controversial sodium laureth sulphate jumping out as the second ingredient) listed and stuck this in my basket. If I was willing to spend more time researching my purchases and moving from store to store to cherry pick the ethically sound, fairly traded and free of dubious ingredients items I want to buy at the best price I'd probably never buy anything containing sodium laureth sulphate*: SLES as it is also known, is derived from coconuts originally but is altered by the manufacturing process during which it is said to be contaminated with a potentially carcinogenic by-product. It's not my intention here to discuss the risks (or not) of this ingredient which is used in thousands of products) including some like toothpaste that we ingest, but as Holland & Barrett have recently announced intentions to stock only cosmetic and skincare products that do not contain SLS or SLES, I feel it's worth mentioning that this product is far from natural.

                This product is described as being suitable for all hair types and Xpel claims that it 'nourishes and moisturises leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy' and that it will 'help protect and moisturise the hair'. As I wasn't looking for a remedy for a specific problem, this sounded like a middle of the road product that would be suitable for day to day use. It is packaged in a flip cap tube (150ml) which is easy to open with wet hands. The shampoo has a very pleasant, light and fresh citrus fragrance but I find that the fragrance does not stay in the hair once it has been rinsed and dried.

                Only a small amount is needed as this shampoo froths very easily (no doubt due to the plethora of artificial ingredients). It rinses easily and leaves no noticeable residue on my hair. After rinsing my hair feels clean and only one wash is needed. My hair type is normal with a tendency to become slightly greasy from time to time. My scalp is not sensitive and I've not experienced any dryness or irritation from using this product.

                My wet hair is easy to brush through and I can dry my hair without feeling it necessary to use a conditioning product after every wash. I can't say that I think the condition of my hair has improved from using this shampoo but I haven't any complaints about its ability to cleanse effectively and the resulting condition.

                Were it not for the ingredients that I'm increasingly feeling inclined to avoid I'd happily use this shampoo but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it and I wouldn't evangelise about its special powers. It's an average shampoo that perhaps performs better than its price and heritage might suggest but it's not really anything special. With so many ingredients, and argan oil coming in at number six on the list, it's difficult to know whether the benefits of this product can be directly attributed to its inclusion.

                Looking for price details online suggests that either I got myself an absolute bargain or there are some sellers overcharging for this shampoo. Granted I bought while this was on special offer but sellers on Amazon have this listed at £3.99, reduced from £7.99 which seems crazy to me.

                The Argan oil range from Xpel includes conditioner and intensive hair treatment.

                (*Note - sodium laureth sulphate is claimed to be slightly less of a hazard to health than sodium lauryl sulphate, known sometimes as SLS).


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