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Asda Mousse Weather Protect

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Brand: Asda / Type: Styling Mousse / Subcategory: Styling Products / What it does: Protects,

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    2 Reviews
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      01.10.2010 17:11
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I have used and tried lots of hair mousse products over the years and most of them are ones that I have been happy with and they have suited my hair, and I like to use mousse on my hair because I wash it most days and also dry it with my hairdryer and I like a little extra bounce and so a mousse or gel or any hair product that can give my hair some hold is what I normally like to use.

      I saw this mousse on a recent visit to Asda, I had never tried this one before and so I thought I would see how it felt on my hair, and to see how it suited it, and to see if it had some holding power, as I have quite thick hair.

      It comes in an attractive gold coloured canister, and for £1.34 it is a good sized can of 200ml, the mousse is easy for my to press from the nozzle, as sometimes I do find, some of the nozzles are quite hard to press to disperse the mousse, but this one is absolutely fine for me.

      The mousse is nice and soft and all that is needed is to shake the can and press a gold ball amount into the palm of the hand, I use it this way, as I then run a comb through the mousse and comb it into my hair, to evenly comb it into my hair, if I find it is not enough with any mousse, I just repeat the same sized ball again and it is usually enough for my thick hair, which is shorter at the moment.

      The texture of the mousse is beautifully soft, it is very smooth to comb and it does not dissolve after it is dispersed from the can, it stays in the ball shape until used on the hair, it does have a nice fragrance smell to this one, it has a nice smell of perfume, which is very nice in my opinion, and the mousse is not too sticky, it does not dry too quickly if left for a while until it is needed to be hair dried.

      Once I combed this into my hair, I held my dryer and I dried it with my usual brush and it did not take too long until it dried and left a nice hold on my hair, I am very pleased with the results this one gives for my hair, and once my hair is dry completely, it has kept the hold and shape for most of the day, and it suits my hair perfectly.

      It is specially formulated to help and protect the hair against the elements of the weather, and that includes all weathers, it has added conditioners to keep the hair nice and soft and to keep the hold at the same time, and I found this did not feel all hard once dried, it was quite smooth and soft but it gave a very good lift for my hair.

      The weather has not been too good at the moment where I live and it has been raining and windy and my hair has been fine outdoors after using this one and so I am a happy bunny, because when my hair looks nice, it tends to make me feel much better.

      The quality of this one is very good, it is very good value for the money and I think it is a good one to try for most types of hair in my opinion and it is affordable if you are on a budget.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        16.12.2009 00:25
        Very helpful



        Not bad and worth a go if your interested for this price!

        I usually buy rather expensive and/or branded hair products as a rule. However I have stopped buying them of late simply because I own so much of the stuff and can't say I need anything in all honesty however I spotted this in my local Asda store and although I already have a few cans of mousse type offerings decided that I 'needed' this one lol.

        The reason I felt I needed it was simple. I'm going away for New Year with a close mate of mine to the seaside to visit my other close mates. However this means sleeping in a field in a caravan in Dec/Jan and I'm aware of how difficult it will be to get myself looking all poshed up in a cramped space with 4 dogs and a mad mate! I feel I need this cos of the freezing walk to the pub to the parties and me, I'm having all my hair in curls and stuff and feel I do need to try to protect my hair from the elements somewhat!

        I have naughty hair as it is. Just below shoulder length and dyed black, I have layers and my hair is rather fine however I do possess rather alot of frizz too! So I need something that not tames my hair but keeps it tame too and for a good few hours to try keep me looking tip top!

        The Packaging:

        Tall 200ml gold cylinder can and on the front there is a two a tone swirly pattern in gold and light brown colours and I'm told it in brown and black writing that it is Asda Essential Care Weather Protect 'Helps To Control & Protect You Style Against The elements Whatever The Weather!' Natural Lift & Volume Mousse and I'm told that it includes a UV filter. Other information on the back of the can tells me a bit about this product, ingredients and directions for use are given, cautions and size is also stated and contact details for Asda are listed. The can in style reminds me of Elnnett due to the colour-scheme used and it doesn't look a cheap product at all. It has a plastic see-through push button dispenser to the top of it and a clear safety lid that pulls on and off with ease and all round it's a nice looking and well thought out product.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can:

        Specially formulated to help control and protect your style against the elements so that you look great all day - whatever the weather.

        Added conditioners to help your hair feel soft, strong & nourished.

        Added shine enhancers for maximum vitality whilst combating frizz.

        Added UV filter to help prevent against the sun.

        This range also includes Asda Weather Protect Hairspray.

        Me using it:

        Well I always use this on damp and freshly washed hair and although I purchased this to use for New Years Eve and after that and whilst camping I know to do a trial run first and that's what I have done to see if this is any good lol.

        All you need on the hair is a pump full of this as it dispenses out into rather thick white bubbles and expands to loads of product in front of your eyes in about a second and in the hand/s it feels really moisturising and soft.

        The smell of this is fresh and clean and sort of like a hair salon smells. It has a sweet smell of none descript flowers to it that although pleasant enough is a rather old fashioned fragrance though to be fair once it has dried the smell softens so much on the hair you can seriously barely smell anything anyway so if you fellas want to use this...feel free by all means lol.

        So you don't need much of this at all and I always smooth it into and over my freshly washed and combed/brushed through hair. It feels a little sticky as you apply it and you can sort of feel it on the hair as my hair always feels a little dried out and squeaky when this is on it and then all I do to make sure it really is evenly distributed and absorbed is comb/brush it through once again.

        To get maximum results with this you do need to blow dry your hair. Not only to rid yourself of that slight sticky feeling (which you do get rid of if you dry your hair really thoroughly) but to create maximum volume.

        However I find this to define my hair excellently and remove frizz and for the duration of time this is on my hair too and it promotes a really natural shine however when it comes to adding volume....not for me it doesn't and if anything this makes my hair a little limp as it goes so smooth and controlled looking.

        My hair certainly doesn't look thicker or fuller with this on it though about the same as usual but what does impress me with this is that it puts a sort of protective light and weightless film on my hair that stops frizz popping up at all and I do appreciate that.


        Not a bad product and it's certainly worth it's price and has a place on my head though sadly it doesn't fulfill all of it's promises. However it does do some good and my only wish is that it really did add body to my hair but oh well least this waves bye bye to frizz on the cheap and you can't have it all apparently! lol

        Only available in Asda stores costing £1.27 a can and the follow on hairspray from this is a pound a can!


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