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Asda Naturals Shampoo Henna

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Brand: Asda / Type: Hair Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2010 14:12
      Very helpful



      A cheap option that works

      I used to love this stuff. I started buying this brand when I first worked as a freelancer and my budget was very tight. I haven't used it for a while as I've switched supermarket allegiance, but would have no problems going back to it at any given point. I also used the matching henna conditioner with the shampoo.

      ====What "Flavour?"====

      I used the henna one for brunettes - either natural or dyed. I didn't have the nicest smell in the world - being quite harsh on my nose - but it did leave my hair feeling very nice and soft.

      ====Does It Work?====

      Yes. After a couple of washes, it made my hair really soft and I saw a noticeable improvement in the overall condition. After a week or so, the natural high and low lights in my hair started to show up. I got comments on the appearance of my hair, so it must have been doing something good to my hair.

      ====A Few Months On?====

      My hair is very fussy. It can start to "reject" products if I use them for longer than a month at a time. However, with this product, my hair seemed to be perfectly happy.

      ====How Long Does It Last?====

      I wash my hair every day and it only needs one shampoo. I found a little goes a long way with this product - about a 10 pence piece sized amount in the palm of your hand should do it.

      I found the bottle lasted the best part of a month, but obviously that will vary from person to person.

      ====Is It Tested on Animals?====

      Not that I could see anywhere on the bottle. There were no harmful ingredients in it either. The main ingredient is water.


      Just the usual of avoid contact with the eyes and if you do, rinse with water straight away. Being careless, I did manage to get some in my eye and it does sting - but not too badly.

      Having been asked for the price, I believe it to be around 98p, but as I've mentioned, I've not bought this for a while. It was 77p when I first bought it - quite a few years ago!

      Thanks for reading!


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        28.10.2005 20:33
        Very helpful



        A superb shampoo that is great for any budget.


        I have always had a keen eye for a bargain and when I do my toiletries shopping I would normally go to Tesco, primarily so I can buy in bulk and take advantage of all those special buy one, get on free offers they are so well renowned for.

        I would normally buy the proper brand named toiletries such as Elvive, Pantene, Dove, Fructis etc, not so much that I am a snob, but that I have a very sensitive scalp and I seem to develop allergies to the cheaper (supermarket) own brands.

        I have to say that I have never been particularly impressed with any of the brand names products (Having tried most of them). I am a long-haired, brunette woman whose hair gets very greasy. I have to wash my hair everyday and I feel that the branded products are just too harsh for my very sensitive scalp. These branded products would also leave a greasy residue behind (Yes, I can rinse my hair properly). I was in a non winning situation….

        The Dilemma

        Supermarket own brands = allergic reaction = dandruff and itchiness.

        Branded products = too harsh for sensitive scalp = greasy residue = dandruff and itchiness.

        My Decision

        So what was I to do, seeing as I am on a very tight budget and cannot afford that special 'T Gel' shampoo for sensitive scalps and that also smells of Tar.

        I really had a single option…. That was to start all over again!

        I blanked my memory of every experience I had ever had of all the shampoos on the market - both branded and supermarket own brands. My aim was to simply work through each product, brand by brand, itch after itch, to the point where I would hopefully find one that was affordable and MOST importantly suitable for my sensitive scalp.

        I knew this would take me a matter of months so was preparing myself mentally and practically for all possible outcomes. I had hats at the ready to cover up any dandruff and grease - I couldn't possibly go out with hair that bad, so would have to cover it up somehow!


        I decided to start with the Asda own brands, seeing as they are the cheapest of the supermarkets.

        Standing in the shampoo isle, I just didn't know where to start. They had all sorts of shampoos for every hair type. There were shampoos for dry/damaged hair, normal hair, coloured/frizzy hair, sensitive scalps, greasy/fine hair, light hair, dark hair, red hair you name it they had it.
        My obvious choice was to go with a type of shampoo for dark hair that gets greasy easily. So this narrowed my choice down too 2 types:

        1) Asda Shampoo - Anti Dandruff for Normal/Greasy hair. Size: 500ML, Price: 98p, Suitable for frequent use. Not tested on animals. (Supposedly the own brand equivalent of Head and Shoulders).

        2) Asda Naturals Shampoo - Enhancing Henna and Plum Shampoo for Dark & Colour treated hair. Size: 400ml, Price: 82p (20.5p per 100ml), Suitable for frequent use. Not tested on animals.

        To help me make my mind up, several factors were to come into this decision. Obvious things like how irritating it would be to my scalp were at the top of my list but there were other things such as smell, consistency, packaging and price.

        Initial Impressions

        The Anti Dandruff shampoo smelt awful, very much like a variety of chemicals, the same smell as toilet bleach - I would not recommend this to anyone!

        (Shampoo no.1)

        Smell: For an Asda own brand I was quite shocked at how bad it smelt, their own brand toiletry products are normally nice smelling.

        Packaging: The white plastic bottle along with the orange coloured label on the packaging just reminded me how cheaply made this shampoo was so back on the shelf it went.

        Consistency: I could not see how thick the consistency was due to the white plastic bottle.

        Price: Yes, the price was very fair at 98p for 500ml but I did not want my hair to smell of chemicals and I also think that obviously the more it smells of chemicals then the more it would of course irritate my scalp.

        (Shampoo no.2)

        Smell: The Henna and Plum one for dark and colour treated hair, smelt magnificent on first impressions. It reminded me of that tremendous perfume I truly adore… Thierry Mugler's - Angel. I also know that Henna is a natural ingredient to enhance your own natural dark hair colouring.

        Packaging: The packaging was of a transparent bottle with a lovely rich plum coloured label stuck to it. The label reads: Enhances colour & shine, gently cleanses and leaves hair soft & silky.

        Consistency: The consistency looked nice and thick, and it was the matching colour of the label - that deep rich reddish colour.

        Price: For a mere 82 pence for 400ml I was just hoping that with the great opinion I had just formed of it, that it would be suitable for my scalp and I would not be forced into wearing a hat for the next 3-5 days!

        Overall Decision

        My mind was made up; I went for shampoo no.2 - Asda's 'Naturals' Range, Enhancing Henna and Plum shampoo for Dark & Colour treated hair, suitable for frequent use.

        The label also states that it contains a special UV filter to protect against harsh effects of the sun and environment - so with my busy life this would really help maintain the health of my hair.

        The Wash Test

        Application: Sitting in the bath, I pour a nice sized amount of the rich, thick consistency liquid 'Henna and Plum Shampoo' into the palm of my hand. I start massaging the shampoo into my wet hair, head and scalp. Foaming up into a rich lather, gently cleansing away - Wow, the smell was sensational!

        The Rinse: I found it very quick to rinse out of my hair, much quicker than other shampoos I have used. It didn't seem to stick to my scalp. I could already feel a difference with this shampoo as my scalp didn't have that 'thick' feeling I was so used to feeling from all the branded shampoos I had used.

        Getting whiffs of that beautiful, Thierry Mugler - Angel, smell as it was rinsing out, I was so far, more than happy with this product.

        The Result: So, my hair had dried and I ran my fingers through it. I was stunned! Too my amazement, it looked like one of those adverts on the TV - each and every strand of my hair had been penetrated with this tremendously fantastic shampoo. It was not tangled or rough, but smooth and silky - the packaging really was right "Leaves hair soft & silky". It certainly enhanced my natural brunette colouring and gave it a lovely shine.

        Prolonged Use

        After a few washes - I still have that same amazing feeling of silky smooth hair, it looks, smells and feels so wonderful! My natural colouring has been enhanced, the sheen and silkiness has added new life to what was a nightmare for me, it's full of bounce and life again.
        There is no greasy residue left behind and I find myself itching considerably less and the dandruff problems I had seemed to have cleared up totally on its own.

        So to this day I still use this shampoo, on average a 400ml bottle will last me about 10 days and that is with washing my hair everyday. You can also buy the matching conditioner to compliment the shampoo. I have had compliments coming my way from every direction, people tell me how healthy it looks and how my natural colouring has 'really come to life'. I just love this shampoo as it makes my hair not only look stunning but feel stunning.


        Henna & Plum Conditioner: The shampoo label reads that best results are achieved when used with the Asda, Enhancing Henna and Plum Conditioner for Dark & Colour treated hair.
        Bottled in the same transparent sized bottle: 400ml, priced at: 82p (20.5p per 100ml), and also suitable for frequent use.

        Both the shampoo and conditioner have a shelf life of 18 months.

        Asda actually stock other shampoo/conditioner types in their Natural's range, these other types are for different hair colourings.
        They stock: Coconut, Camomile, Sea Minerals and Tea Tree, all in 400ml transparent bottles at a cost of 82p each.

        Where To Purchase

        You can buy this shampoo or any of the others I listed, in any Asda store or if you do you shopping online you can add it to your shopping list when ordering online at www.asda.com - product information is also available online.

        Overall Conclusion

        Silky soft hair which is healthy, radiant, strong, full of volume and vitality and smells just fabulous! Really well priced at 82p a bottle, I would recommend this to any person with brunette hair, especially those that suffer with sensitive scalps. Anyone on a budget who is a brunette would benefit from using this product as well. In fact, any brunette, excuse or no excuse would love this shampoo. You must give it a try.

        I feel so lucky to have found the right shampoo for me especially after all the troubles I had come across in the past. The fact that I totally started again from scratch and came so lucky to have got it right first time amazes me.

        © grown_up_girlie, October 2005.


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